Top 49 Designer Pocket Squares

If you're looking for the best pocket squares out right now, look no further.

It’s no secret within the fashion industry that pocket squares (or handkerchiefs as they were previously know as) have made a comeback! Not only do they create an avenue for men to express their creativity but they also add so much elegance and style to a gentleman’s look. Take any sportscoat or blazer, add the right designer pocket square, use the right fold, and “voila!” You have transformed what otherwise might have been a good looking outfit, into an exquisite masterpiece. Why any man would spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on suits and shoes and not have a respectable treasure trove of men’s pocket squares which cost roughly $100 – I may never understand. 

For those looking to enhance a look – there has never been a better time to buy pocket squares – ever! Although relatively new companies like Rampley & Co and Eleventy have become standouts in the crowded pocket square arena,  storied powerhouses like Turnbull & Asser, Canali, and Eton continue to prove why they are pinnacle’s of men’s luxury clothing. But these modern pocket squares’ fascinatating complexity is simply eye catching.

But before we dive into the these works of art, if you’re looking for:

Info On How to Wear a Pocket Square

No reason to recreate the wheel here. We would advise visiting Rampley & Co who has put together probably the best info on all things pocket squares. Their Pocket Square Rules & Etiquette in 2019 covers general pocket square rules, when to wear one, matching pocket squares and ties, and even how to wear them conservatively and flamboyantly –  if your looking to produce a little flair to a look.

RAMPLEY & CO  Ι  $90

This beautiful repeat pattern has been inspired by the stunning Palazzo Colonna in Rome, one of the oldest and largest private palaces in the city and one consistently compared in style and artistic brilliance to that of Versailles. This particular pattern takes inspiration from the Hall of the Fountain and the designs and frescoes that adorn the wall and ceilings and we think it works exceptionally well when printed onto our high-quality silk pocket squares.

Works equally well as a subtle addition to a darker suit or worn more flamboyantly.

white and black pocket square Ralph Lauren
white and black pocket square Ralph Lauren


Synonymous with Americana style since 1967, Ralph Lauren started with one item—the necktie—under the name Polo. The house has since stood for the epitome of refined dressing for men. This dapper monogrammed pocket square in fresh linen with contrast tipping makes a classic statement.

Perfect for formal events.

Achilles Slays Hector silk pocket square rampley and co
Achilles Slays Hector

RAMPLEY & CO  Ι  $90

This bold pocket square displays the famous story of Achilles defeating Hector. Achilles, desperate to revenge his best friend Patrocles, receives weapons from the fire god Vulcan, and subsequently throws himself into battle with Hector.

With the help of the goddess Minerva, he manages to beat him, as can be seen in this beautiful painting by Rubens, the sixth in a series of eight, in which he illustrated the life of Achilles. On the left and right are statues of Hercules and Mars. Hercules was the first to plunder Troy and Mars was the protector of Troy, but is seen here to turn his face from it.

ETON  Ι  $65

Printed on a fine linen, we love the drink glasses on this playful yet sophisticated pocket square. With four different micro prints, fold it in order to expose which ever pattern you choose. Perfect for a light summer suit.


Stuffed casually into a ticket pocket or folded neatly to reveal the contrasting piping, this pocket square by Turnbull & Asser adds flair to any jacket. Crafted from fine silk in England.


Having worked in the fashion industry for prestigious luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Oxford, Edward Armah has earned quite the reputation. His pocket squares are a testament to why he has lasted in the high-turnover industry for more than 20 years. Definitely worth checking out. 

This teal pocket square is one of our favorites.

Girls From Dalarna Having a Bath Pocket Square Rampley and Co
Girls From Dalarna Having a Bath Pocket Square

RAMPLEY & CO  Ι  $101

Anders Zorn was renowned for his portrait work, but another genre he had significant success was his painting of nudes. Most of his works were outdoor nudes, so this painting being set indoors is quite unusual for the artist. What is most striking about Zorn’s work, as he often used a very limited number of colours in his art, yet managed to create scenes of depth.  

RAMPLEY & CO  Ι  $90

This Rampley square is decorated with a piece of modern art: Spark by Fab Gorjian. “A simple request, one morning, for a light begins a trio of pieces telling the brief story of a sunlit romance. Captured here are the sparks, in the moment just before the flame,” says the artist. This pocket square was handmade in England from pure silk.


A black and white coral pines & scallop border pocket square that has a lot of character, you just can’t go wrong wearing this silk beauty.


Simmonot Godard has a history of producing elegant menswear that dates back more than two centuries. When it comes to adding a cotton pocket square to your collection, this multicolor check pattern pocket square hand rolled in France is about as good as it comes.

Silk Designer pocket square cocktails
Designer pocket square cocktails


This is why The Rake is one, if not the best place to shop for pocket squares! 

Pure italian silk, a vibrant 1970s-esque print, colorful cocktails……… this designer pocket square is amazing!

Yellow Blue Paisley Pocket Squares Rampley and Co
Yellow Blue Paisley Pocket Square

RAMPLEY & CO  Ι  $65

This Yellow and Blue Paisley Silk Pocket Square is hand printed in Britain and the bright yellow really jumps out while the blue blends perfectly with a navy jacket. Our favourite folds are using either the puff fold, or a more complicated Dunaway fold. 

ETON  Ι  $65

Wear this silk blue tie with a white shirt and a blue blazer, and enjoy looking absolutely dashing. 100% silk.

Note: As of 1/21, on sale for $26!


The border of each Turnbull & Asser pocket square is carefully considered during the design process to allow for more display options when tucked or folded. Woven from silk-twill, this one has been made in England and hand-printed with paisleys in the centre and butterflies around the edges.

License to Chill Tom Astin Pocket Squares
License to Chill Tom Astin Pocket Square


Plane or a bird, shaken or stirred, half full or half empty… This deep heaven blue martini patterned pocket square does indeed stir up a lot of questions. One thing no one is questioning is the lift it will bring to your look. And guess what – that little twist is for your eyes only.

KITON   Ι  $215

This beautiful Kiton pocket square made exclusively for Neiman Marcus can be worn with a host of different attire combinations. Check out the 7Gents 49 Sportcoats & Blazers – Best of The Best for a few ideas.

Brioni Paisley Silk Pocket Square
Brioni Paisley Silk Pocket Square

BRIONI   Ι  $140

Opulent paisley print lends artful elegance to this pocket square. The wide solid border allows you to create a wide array of design folds. 

Dolce Gabbana Printed Silk Twill Pocket Square
Dolce Gabbana Printed Silk Twill Pocket Square


Dolce & Gabbana‘s black and white silk-twill pocket square is printed with a combination of Art Deco-style fans and small floral neats that give it a really smart feel. Tuck it into your best evening jacket.

Eleventy Wool Cotton Pocket Square
Eleventy Wool Cotton Pocket Square


Crafted in Italy of dark yellow wool-cotton twill, Eleventy’s pocket square is finished with dark grey rolled edges. 

Eton persian pocket square
Eton persian pocket square

ETON Ι  $65

This elegant pocket square with a print inspired from the Persian paintings adds a stylish touch to your outfit. The versatile design and the soft colors make it work for any occasion – from formal business wear to more relaxed styles. Wear it with sharp tailoring for a day at the office or with an unlined blazer for a night out with friends.

Brooks Brothers Geo Rose Pocket Square
Brooks Brothers Geo Rose Pocket Square


Sometimes you need a nice conservative pocket square to add a delicate touch to an attire. This is a good one to have in your repertoire for those occasions.

Signature Tartan Pocket Square
Signature Tartan Pocket Square


Take a glance at the stylish fold of this patterned pocket square on Brooks Brothers site. Pretty sharp and well priced at only $45.

Eton Four in One Silk Pocket Square
Eton Four in One Silk Pocket Square

ETON Ι  $65

A handsome, medallion print silk square gives you four different color arrangements to adorn the chest pocket—it’s all in how you fold it.


Brunello Cucinelli’s beige pocket square makes a debonair final flourish to refined suiting. It’s crafted in Italy from whisper-weight silk faille that’s accented with an ornate tile-inspired pattern and finished with hand-rolled edges. Slip it into a chest pocket fashioned to a presidential fold for a classic finish.


Blue silk-cotton blend contrast stitching pocket square from Brunello Cucinelli featuring finished edges and a lightweight construction.

Paul Smith Indian Shop Pocket Square
Paul Smith Indian Shop Pocket Square


Perfect for adding a touch of detail to your formal wear, this ecru pocket square is crafted from lightweight cotton and features a vibrant ‘Indian Shop’ print on the front.

This piece is finished with rolled, stitched edges, an ecru border and Paul Smith signature in the corner and multi-coloured stitching details.

Golden Fleece Dot and Paisley Pocket Square
Golden Fleece Dot and Paisley Pocket Square


The teal and orange paisley on the reverse side, along with brown edges form beautiful accents for the right blazer or sportscoat. Crafted from 100% double-face wool printed and made in Italy.

Brioni Crosshatch Silk Twill Pocket Square
Brioni Crosshatch Silk Twill Pocket Square

BRIONI Ι  $125

Detailed with pick-stitched hand-rolled edges, Brioni’s teal silk twill pocket square showcases a light grey crosshatch print. Crafted in Italy, this style highlights the storied brand’s commitment to sartorial elegance.


Title of Work draws inspiration from art to create experimental accessories, such as this black and white pocket square. Handmade in Italy, it’s crafted with an element of linen and features an abstract doodle-inspired print, then is accented with a beaded orange disc. 


The classics never go out of style, but they do get expertly reworked into Corneliani‘s old-meets-new Italian crafted accessories. Cut from pure linen and framed within a rolled hem, this lightweight pocket square is decorated with a floral print that drifts on the wind and lands directly in your jacket pocket.


Ideal for formalware. Revered for it’s modern take on men’s wardrobe, Ralph Lauren created its Purple Label line with enduring style and elegance in mind. This white linen pocket square is a perfect example and ideal for formalwear.

RAMPLEY & CO Ι  $99.50

The elegant design of this pocket square has been adapted from a colorful fashion plate in the V&A collection by the artist George Barbier (1882–1932) who created beautiful illustrations in the Art Deco style. Barbier’s graphic aesthetic was perfectly suited to the couture fashions of the day and the lavish lifestyles of those who wore them. Fall head over heels for this charming pocket square, depicting a doting dandy and his equally well-dressed sweetheart, surrounded by love doves.

KITON Ι  $215

Known for luxurious, flawlessly tailored men’s apparel, Kiton is a mainstay in classic Neapolitan tailoring. Put this eye popping light blue beauty in your sportcoat or blazer and watch the head turns. 


Turnbull & Asser silk pocket squares are hand- and digitally-printed in Cheshire, England, using an age-old process which sources water from the workroom’s own reservoir. Once the pocket squares have dried following screen-printing, they are given hand-rolled edges for a refined finish. This red and navy is a perfect pocket square to take you from morning to evening, 


Eleventy’s pocket square is crafted in Italy of light brown and orange wool-cotton twill. This elegant style reverses from a floral-medallion pattern to a dot print.

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