Brown Oxfords That Kick Ass

Time to upgrade your oxfords? Here are our Top 7 men’s brown oxfords in every price range that we love right now.

The great thing about brown oxfords, the most formal and elegant of the shoe types, is that they look great with just about anything.

The Oxford distinguishes itself by a closed lace system. The eyelets for the shoe laces are generally located on the quarters — that part of the shoe uppers that wrap around the heel and meet the vamp.

Whether you’re a gentleman on the rise looking for your first pair of oxfords or an established man of stature looking to add to a new pair to your existing dress shoe collection, here are a few dark browns worthy of any man’s consideration.


Santoni brown oxfords shoes


Founded in 1975, Santoni doesn’t have the steep history than many of its counterparts has.  But that’s not always a bad thing. Santoni has become highly regarded in the luxury shoe fashion world by designing beautiful mens oxfords that draw attention without being too flashy or giving the impression that the person wearing the accessories is trying too hard. Instead, when wearing Santoni shoes, self-assurance comes naturally as the brand’s high quality offerings speak for themselves.

For the sartorial gentleman, they pair well with a navy suit – on occasions that demand a dash of flair. Cap the look off with a silk pocket square. 

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo brown oxfords men


A native of Naples, Italy, Salvatore Ferragamo was a teenaged shoe apprentice before moving to California and becoming known as the shoemaker to the stars. Ferragamo returned to Italy in 1927, where he officially launched his own collection. Today the Ferragamo line encompasses not only exquisitely made shoes for men and women, but also infinitely stylish handbags and fragrances. Furthermore, the company is still family owned and operated in Florence, where you’ll also find the Ferragamo Museum. Home to thousands of shoes (including the famous invisible sandal, cage shoe, and wedge heel)- it’s a must see when visiting Florence.

These Tristano leather brown oxford shoes feature soft leather lining on the inside and burnished leather detailing on the outside. Topped off with a beautiful Salvatore Ferragamo logo on the vamp. 

A standard-bearer of their kind during the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1950’s, Salvatore Ferragamo’s still remain an icon of style today.


Magnanni shoes mens brown oxfords dress


It doesn’t get much finer than this. 

Since we already covered a little about Magnanni’s history, let’s talk about their process.

From the outset, each Magnanni shoe is a work of art that perfectly combines comfort and style. The leathers used are carefully inspected and chosen for their quality and beauty (most are from tanneries in France, Italy, and Spain). They are then finished and colored by hand to create a unique, rich color. Once the leather is ready, each shoe is last by hand. This labor-intensive procedure of fitting the leather over a form ensures superior comfort and flexibility. Also the lasts themselves (the forms on which the shoes are shaped) are all made by Magnanni to ensure that the finished shoe fits well and offers the design, comfort, and support for which Magnanni is renowned.

These Maganni dress oxfords with custom sole stitch detail only look better when seeing them on your own feet.

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds oxfords brown mens style


Founded in Belgium, Wisconsin, Allen Edmonds employs a 212-step manufacturing process that is the basis for handcrafting Allen Edmonds Goodyear welted shoes since 1922.

This shoe’s style dates back hundreds of years, yet still looks as timeless and stylish as ever. Allen Edmonds shoes are made with real leather and lined with premium calfskin. The attention to detail and classic craftsmanship are perfect for business meetings, dinner with family, or a day out. 

George Cleverley

George Cleverely shoes men brown oxfords dress


Founded in 1958, George Cleverley quickly became known as the go-to shoemaker to some of the most illustrious names in high society, a tradition that continues to this day. 

Now, when it’s time to put your best foot forward, it can be in an unmistakable George Clevereley dark brown oxford.

We found this elegant pair of five hole brown oxfords exclusively through TheRake.


Magnanni shoes brown oxfords men


Magnanni was one of the very first shoemakers to take natural leather shoes and dye them by hand to achieve what is now known as patina. 

Handmade in La Mancha, Spain, which remains mostly untouched by the modern world, Magnanni shoes only sources the highest grade leather and does a remarkable job at meticulously refining every detail. 

Such as this richly colored leather Spanish oxford built with Bologna construction for a fully flexible, glove-like fit. Visit Nordstrom, and zoom in to truly appreciate the artisanship of these handsome brown oxfords.

Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams mens brown oxfords designer dress shoes


Founded in 1875 in Brockton, Massachusetts by William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams, the Stacy Adams Shoe Company has been through the test of time.  As a result of combining comfort and style thru the roaring 20’s, post-war boom, prohibition, jazz era, and decades thereafter, they have earned a reputation as a popular menswear brand.

Stacy Adams builds a collection of time-honored oxfords that are fine looking shoes and ideal for those who are budget conscious. 

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