Men’s Sports Coat


From small but revered boutiques to popular luxury retailers, these are our absolute favorite mens sport coats and blazers out right now. We've poured over a countless number of websites to find the most stylish and best in every price range.

Naturally,  we begin with the first two coming from world renowned Italian clothier Kiton.  The name Kiton comes from “chitone”, the ceremonial garment worn by ancient greek aristocracy. This is a symbol of classicism, quality and social distinction.

And distinct, they are. But they are not the only clothier making high quality, luxurious blazers and sport coats right now. We’re talking about the kind of blazers/sportscoat that when you put them on…….. you feel like a million bucks.

Our final 49 include clothiers Brioni, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Brunello Cucinelli, Lardini, Brooks Brothers, Ledbury, Patrick James, Jack Victor, Isaia, Robert Graham, Charles Tyrwhitt, Hugo Boss, Suit Supply, Cifonelli, Canali, Stefano Ricci, Ralph Lauren, Bonobos, Tasso Elba, Paul Fredrick, Peter Millar, Hackett, Todd Snyder, Calvin Klein, Hawes & Curtis and John Varvatos.

But no matter what your budget is, we have you covered.


Men’s Windowpane Cashmere Sport Coat


Men’s Plaid Wool Sport Coat

Tom Ford

O’Conner Textured Wool/Line Jacket


Cutaway Single-Breasted Twill


Siena Soft Classic Fit Silk Sport Coat


Men’s Heathered Cashmere 2-Button Jacket

Was $3,595!

Brooks Brothers

Regent Fit Two-Button Cashmere Sport Coat

Ermenegildo Zegna

Plaid Wool-Silk Sport Coat

Was $2,395!

Ralph Lauren

The RL67 Herringbone Jacket


Men’s Plaid Linen/Wool Sport Coat

Was $1,495!


The Olivine Walker Sport Coat

Was $625!

Patrick James

Reserve Glen Plaid Sport Coat

Was $795!


Two Button Blazer

Patrick James

Reserve Tic Weave Bamboo Sport Coat

Was $695!


The Cornflower Arley Sport Coat

Was $695!


Algebra Boatblue Blazer

Hawes & Curtis

Brown & Blue Herringbone Plaid Harris Tweed


Two Button Blazer

Was $420!


Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer

Charles Tyrwhitt

Light Blue Italian Wool Blazer

Was $399!

Peter Millar

Multi-Season Traveler Sport Coat

Was $545!

Paul Fredrick

Wool Plaid Sport Coat

Was $425!

Robert Graham

Clark Sport Coat

Was $698!

Tasso Elba

Linen 2-Button Blazer

Was $119!

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Check 3 Button Sport Coat Neiman Marcus

We all love Fridays. After plowing through another week of making things happen, Fridays are the passageway to a couple days of a little rest and relaxation. Just as there are many ways to do one’s weekend, there are many ways to do Fridays. And in particular there many ways one could dress on casual Fridays.

In this modern era, it’s acceptable, even sometimes “cool” to dress down. Many are given a free pass to wear as far as jeans and t-shirt on this last work day of the week. But just because something is acceptable doesn’t mean that’s it’s proper.

I would submit to you that as a gentlemen, one must not miss opportunities to set themselves apart from the ordinary. I would submit to you that Fridays are a deciphering mechanism separating ordinary men from gentleman.

Remember, you are a gentleman who never compromises style. You are on point in every way, all five days of the work week! Four out of five days – unacceptable. Matter of fact – day FIVE, Friday- is your time to shine!

Here are 4 Key Components to wearing a casual, comfortable style on Friday’s while still leaving a good impression.

1. Blazer or Sports Coat

Having a strong blazer/sport coat wardrobe is essential. But that doesn’t mean you have to own a large one.  With a blue blazer alone, you can create a huge variety of outfits for all manner of occasions, which is why they have been hugging the shoulders of dapper men for centuries. Add one or two tweed or herringbone jackets, and you could be ready for just about anything, including casual Fridays. Check out the7Gents Top 49 Sportcoats & Blazers for a quick source to our favorite picks.

Tip: Avoid putting anything in your jacket’s outside pockets as it tends to throw its drape askew.


Hackett This London based clothing house has some of the most beautiful sports coats and blazers you can find. They have strong presence in our Top 49 Sportscoat & Blazer picks.

Neiman Marcus NM is a one stop shop for high end blazers.  Kiton, Stefano Ricci, Brioni, Tom Ford, Brunello Cucinelli, and Isaia (which I highly recommend you check out, if you haven’t already). Here’s a snippet of the blazers/sports coats available at NM. 


Multi-Check Cashmere Sports Coat



Heathered Silk Blazer


Ermenegildo Zegna

Cashmere/Silk Plaid Sports Coat 


Great Buys

Peter Millar Certainly not a big name, Peter Millar line embraces a classic, old-world style resplendent in sharp detail and good prices. Most of their sports coats range from $450-$1,000.

Century21Stores- Not to be mistaken for the real estate firm, this 13 store retailer is primarlily based in the northeastern United States. If you’re looking to get started with something in the $100-$500 range, check out Century 21. And these are often names like Ralph Lauren, DKNY, and Calvin Klein.

2. Pocket Squares

Details matter. It’s what makes understated elegance, understated elegance. Take a moment and really think about that. And pocket squares are a perfect testament to a gentleman’s attention to detail.

The evolution of the pocket squares has unfolded in use since its original purpose as a means to wipe dust and sweat from the faces of Ancient Egyptians. Immensely popular throughout most the 20th century, towards the end they became all but obsolete. That is, gratefully, until its latest resurgence.

If you’re in need of a few good resources for pocket squares, here are a few options for you. Also we’ve picked out some of the best we could find if you don’t wan’t to visit each site.  See 7Gents Top Pocket Square Picks for more options.


Mr. Porter’s The cream of the crop……. Turnball & Asser, Dolce & Gabbana, Brunello Cucinelli, Kingsman, Alexander McQueen.

Dolce & Gabbana

Polka-Dot Silk-Twill



Drake’s Silk 


Turnbull & Asser

Printed Silk-Twill



Printed Silk-Twill 


Rampley & Co If you are a history buff, allow me to introduce you to Rampley & Co. This London based Men’s accessory company makes pocket squares that are truly works of art. The kind of pocket square you will never be hesitant to unfold.

Rampley & Co

The City of New York


Rampley & Co

Sampson and Delilah


Rampley & Co

La Gourmandise


Rampley & Co

The Lion Hunt


Great Buys

Barney’s A great selection from Givenchy, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, and others.

Nordstrom Terrific styles especially considering their $20-$75 price range.

TheTieBar 673 pocket squares as of the time of this writing. And as far as we can tell, they all appear to be only $10!

Tips: Avoid matching. Complimenting your other accessories is key. Secondly, ensure it’s not bulging. Your jacket pocket should remain relatively flat.

3. Dress Shirts

Here is where you can have some fun with your Friday attire. And unlike the blazer, your dress shirt stays on all day, so make sure it’s comfortable as well.

When it comes to looking your best, a standard dress shirt simply isn’t going to cut it. When it comes to luxury shirts, the selection of exquisite textiles and fabrics and the craftsmanship and methods used to construct them, results in a dress shirt that when used as a foundation to your attire properly, reeks perfection.

Since there are so many variables that go into picking the right shirt (like seasons, work place environment, position, which blazer/sports coat you plan on wearing, and even your mood), it’s wise to keep a generous variety on hangers.

Looking to break out of your go-to’s, try:

Stone Rose You’ve probably have never heard of them, but they have some pretty remarkable shirts worth perusing.

Eton Again, another designer you may not be familiar with, but any shirtmaker that sews each shirt with over 12,000 stitches using 45 different parts deserves our attention.

Proper ClothA shirtmaker that has received a lot of notoriety as of late, prides itself on making it simple for men to buy custom dress shirts. Not a huge selection, but use the business casual section to find something quick.

Or if you want to stick to the tried and true: 

Brooks Brothers The oldest men’s clothier in the United States. An extra shirt from Brooks Brother’s is never going to hurt you.

Neiman Marcus Everything from $800 to $1,000 dress shirts like Stefano Ricci’s and Kiton to 150 shirts under $150. How can you go wrong?

Charles Tyrwhitt With stores on the world-famous Jermyn Street in London, New York, Paris, Washington DC, and Chicago, there is no doubt why this British clothier is so popular- exceptional quality and reasonably priced. (Mix and match any 4 of their exceptional shirts and receive deep discounts.)

Tip: Always keep in mind that you should be more business than casual, so only wear a shirt if the collar can stand up without a tie.

4. Trousers

A pair of solid navy, grey or even charcoal dress pants pleated or flat front are the perfect choice for business casual wear.

When we talk about the pants, chinos fit the bill, especially for casual Fridays. Named after the country they were made in, China, this is a version for casual and classy variants. Chinos have a narrow cut and are straight with the leg. Made of cotton, and therefore very pleasant to wear they are more likely to be worn in the summer and autumn. Although, in the right climate and the right color, can be worn any time of the year.

Three brands to consider for pants are:

Isaia- For the ultimate pair of chinos, go for an ultra-luxurious pair from Isaia. The impeccable tailoring that the brand is known for is still present in the more casual pant. Perfect for a casual day at the office.

Ralph Lauren-  The brand’s take on the staple is a fail safe for sure, ensuring that whatever pair you pick up will have a place in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Tip: There’s a fine line between skinny and slim, don’t cross it.


Tropical Wool-Cashmere



Sharkskin Wool Flat-Front



Men’s Solid Travel Trousers



Men’s Wool Straight-Leg Trousers


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