7 Best Cigar Travel Cases (Portable Humidors)

Almost every serious smoker I know has their own humidor at home, but most drop the ball when taking their stogies into the wild. They just let them rattle around in their pocket, drying out and exposed to damage.

If you’re the kind of gent who wants to truly enjoy a smoke on the road, you should consider a travel humidor or cigar case.

First and foremost, all the best cigar travel cases will keep your cigars in pristine condition.

The seal needs to be tight, and ideally there will be a way to gauge the humidity – either through a built-in hygrometer, or there had better be enough space to install your own.

You want to pick something that suits your storage needs, too.

Vaultek LifePod Humidor Cigar Lock Box

Vaultek LifePod

Ultimate security with a fingerprint scanner.
Bluetooth connectivity to monitor the condition of your cigars.
Available at:
Xikar 10 Count Cigar Humidor

Xikar 10 Count

Virtually indestructible with a super-tight seal.
Holds plenty of cigars but is still portable enough for travel.
Available at:
Amancy 3 Finger Leather Cigar Case

Amancy 3-Finger Leather

A super portable solution for daily use.
High-quality leather that will suit a gentlemanly aesthetic.
Available at:

If you’re taking off for a month, you’ll want to load up a larger box like the Xikar 50-80 Count to get you through the trip.

But for a round of golf or a night at the bar, you’ll want something stylish to slip into your suit pocket. Check out the Crocodile Humidor tube or Fortune Nexus Steel Cigar Tube for some classy, hyper-portable options.

And if you’re smoking expensive stogies, you’ll want proper security.

The Xikar count boxes have enough space to install a padlock, but you can take things to the next level with the biometric, fingerprint-scanning VaultTek LifePod. You’d have to be a hacker to crack this humidor open.

I’ve tried to cover something for everyone in this guide – so let’s get into it.


Best Cigar Travel Cases

Xikar 10 Count Cigar Humidor: Best Travel Humidor Overall

Vaultek LifePod Humidor Cigar Lock Box: Best Travel Case for Expensive Cigars

Amancy 3 Finger Leather Cigar Case: Most Stylish Cigar Travel Case

Humi Jar: Best Budget Travel Humidor

Fortune Nexus Steel Cigar Tube: Best for Single Cigar Travel Case

Xikar 50 – 80 Count Cigar Humidor: Largest Cigar Travel Case

3 Cigar Crocodile Humidor Tube: Most Stylish Cigar Case 

Best Travel Humidors in 2024

Xikar 10 Count Cigar Humidor – Travel Humidor Overall

Xikar 10 Count Cigar Humidor

This is exactly what you’re looking for in terms of a quick and easy travel humidor. The Xikar 10 count is my top pick because it’s the perfect balance between holding a good amount and sticks and not being too cumbersome to travel with.

You can pack 10 away in this box and easily fit it in a rucksack or under your car seat. In fact, if you stick it on a shelf or in a drawer, most people won’t even notice what it is.

It makes your smokes virtually indestructible, too. The box has a super tight moisture seal and thick foam padding.

When I throw a Boveda pack in there, this case keeps my cigars perfectly fresh for up to a week – perfect for a getaway trip.

Vaultek LifePod Humidor Cigar Lock Box – Best Travel Case for Expensive Cigars

Vaultek LifePod Humidor Cigar Lock Box

This is the pick for aficionados with high-value stogies that you need to keep safe. Stealing from the Valtek LifePod is like breaking into a vault.

It has a biometric lock system that can store up to 20 fingerprints, as well as a numerical keypad if you want to keep things a little less sci-fi.

Inside the case, you’ve got space for up to 15 cigars in the Spanish cedar tray, as well as a leather lid organizer with space for your lighters and cutters.

You can control the LifePod’s humidity via Bluetooth from your phone, and there’s an audible alarm in the case that will let you know if anything falls out of line.

The box itself is strong and drop-tested, and can really take a beating. It’s also waterproofed with an inner rubber gasket and floats in the water – if James Bond had a travel humidor, this would be his pick.

Just be aware that it’s a pretty sizeable case – definitely larger than I expected. It’s a little weighty, and not exactly something I’d want to carry around with me all day. Set it down in your hotel room or cigar lounge instead, and run occasional restock runs.

Amancy 3-Finger Leather Cigar Case – Most Stylish Cigar Travel Case

Amancy 3 Finger Leather Cigar Case

This leather sleeve is the perfect option for carrying a few smokes around the golf course.

It’s beautifully made and will keep up your gentlemanly appearance, but it’s not all about style. This Amancy sleeve also has a strong construction, meaning you’ll never worry about crushing your smokes.

This is a great daily-use cigar case for the money that will house 3 smokes nice and snugly. It’s cedar lined, so if you stick a boveda pack inside you’ll keep your cigars nice and fresh all day, whatever the weather.

It comes with a compartment for your cutter, but just be aware that the one it comes with is pretty feeble. It’s fine as a backup cutter, but I replaced mine with something a little more substantial.

Humi Jar – Best Budget Travel Humidor

Humi Jar

If you’re looking for something reliable at a low price, this is the pick for you.

The Humi Jar will keep up to 20 sticks fresh, safe and flavorful. You can’t say much fairer than that.

It’s a stylish and modern-looking travel humidor with a sturdy, hard shell case and a vacuum seal. So you can rest easy knowing your stogies are properly protected.

This was one of my first travel humidors when I didn’t have much cash, and it served me perfectly well. Well worth considering if you’re a rookie who doesn’t want to throw down a load of cash.

Fortune Nexus Steel Cigar Tube – Best for Single Cigar Travel Case

Fortune Nexus Steel Cigar Tube

This is my emergency stogie tube. It’s a slender tube that stores a single cigar that you can whip out when the moment is right.

You can store smokes up to a 52-ring gauge and 6.8 inches, which covers the majority of bases for most smokers.

The Fortune Nexus tube is strong and airtight, meaning you can carry your secret weapon around all day without worrying you’ll cause it any damage.

It’s also smell-proof, which is great if you start a cigar but want to save it later and keep it fresh. I never like to waste a quality stogie, but sometimes life can get in the way and force you to cut it short.

Xikar 50 – 80 Count Cigar Humidor – Largest Cigar Travel Case

Xikar 50 - 80 Count Cigar Humidor

The Xikar 50-80 Count is the cigar case for you if you regularly take longer trips away. It’s basically the same as Xikar 10 count – just bigger.

This is a great, sturdy case that will really hold 50 sticks if you smoke standard-size stogies like me.  It’s advertised as a 50 – 80 count humidor, but I don’t really see 80 happening unless you’re smoking the smaller ring gauges.

There’s a humidifier pre-installed under the lid, but I removed it and replaced it with the Xikar Round Digital Hygrometer. I use boveda packs to regulate the humidity, and the hygrometer helps me ensure that the proper humidity and temperature are maintained.

I also decided to install a lock in the front two slots by the front latches. That reduces my capacity by a few smokes, but it’s worth it for the added security if you’re carrying a bunch of valuable cigars.

Check out Famous Smoke shop for the best deals – at the moment, they’re running a 15% off deal.

3 Cigar Crocodile Humidor Tube – Most Stylish Cigar Case 

3 Cigar Crocodile Humidor Tube

This is the cigar case I take with me on nights in the town. This case has a black, crocodile leather pattern and just looks darn cool.

The strong tube keeps up to 3 Churchill-sized smokes safe from bends and crumples even if I’m having a pretty wild one.

It has a built-in hygrometer and humidifier to keep my smokes fresh – when I pull one out it has the perfect amount of moisture.

The seal definitely does its job for evenings or weekend trips, but just be aware that this case probably isn’t designed to retain your cigars for much longer than 3 – 4 days. It’s good, but it’s not magic.

FAQs About Cigar Travel Humidors

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