The Best Cigar Cutters 2024 (Luxury & Affordable)

Whether you’re looking for the best cigar cutter for style, price, durability, or luxury…. here are the best cigar cutters in each category right now. 

When you first begin your entry into the enjoyable, close-knit community of cigar smokers and smoke that first cigar,  if you were anything like me – you  had no idea about anything related to cigars. You most likely received recommendations from the car shop owner or friends, learned about the sizes and brands, and then borrowed a cigar cutter and lighter to get it going.

But there comes a point when you want a few fine cigar accessories of your own. Like a cigar cutter. And then as you become more and more of a seasoned cigar smoker you’ll want to upgrade or add to your collection.

Instead of going through 18 different sites looking for the best cigar cutter, we’ve combed through them all to find the best cigar cutters out right now.

Categories include:

  • Most Stylish Cigar Cutter
  • Luxury Cigar Cutters
  • Best Cigar Punch Cutter
  • Best Price Cigar Cutter
  • Best Cigar Cutter and Lighter Combo

Most Stylish Cigar Cutters

I have a friend that I met at the local cigar shop that I go to regularly. His name is Tony From Chicago. And whenever Tony From Chicago comes in, he always has a stylish cigar cutter and lighter with him. And they are not always the same. You can also tell they are not cheap. They are nice. And it says a lot about him.

If you’re looking for a cool cigar cutter that will make the other guys look on with envy – these would be hard to beat.

They also make for nice gifts to fathers, husbands, brothers, leaders, colleagues, and business partners. Heck, they are even great to give yourself. 

Best Lotus Cigar cutter gold


Normally $34.95 on, now listed as $29.99. Lowest price we could find for this good looking gold cutter. Also available in chrome & gold, and black.

rocky patel limited edition black and gold best cigar cutter


Black and gold is always a nice color combination. Sophisticated, sleek and adorned with one of the biggest names in the cigar business – Rocky Patel, this is cigar cutter you can be proud of.

xicar cutter redwood


Often used to build decks and outdoor furniture, Redwood makes this cigar cutter mother natures gift to cigar smokers. As anyone who’s been in the cigar world for any length of time knows, Xikar is a premium cigar cutter brand.

Best Cigar Cutter on Amazon black

Luxury Cigar Cutters

Xikar Xi3 Mammoth Cigar Cutter (Limited Edition!)

xikar xi3 cutter mammoth


Made with actual 10,000 year old mammoth tusk!! I can promise you, you will never hear the words “I have that same cutter.” 

On the contrary, the only words you will ever hear will be down the lines of – “Wow.”

Each mammoth ivory cigar cutter is unique, individually numbered and enclosed in an elegant gift box with certificate of authenticity. 

The cheapest we found this unbelievable cutter is at for $472.99. 

Xikar Xi1 Cutter – Havana Red Collection (Limited!)

xikar cutter havana collection red


If your looking for a cigar cutter that has a story –  this it.

To create each unique, handmade work of art the Parisian artist begins by fashioning handles of French maple wood to fit the Xi3 body. He then spends a considerable amount of time carefully hand painting the vibrant colors that helps make this cutter stand out.

Once the base is complete, he meticulously tears pieces of actual cigar bands and arranges them in place using a pair of tweezers. By purposely varying the collage pattern, whoever purchases these unique cigar cutters can be assured there is not one cutter in the world exactly like it. 

The cutters beauty is then forever sealed with several coats of clear varnished, handles lightly sanded and polished and places in a genuine, exotic Stingray leather sheath that elegantly protects the cutter for a lifetime.

Olt luxury cigar cutter gold amazon

The exquisite flower pattern carved body make this luxury cigar cutter absolutely fascinating. 

xikar xo cutter blue with black blades


Best Cigar Punch Cutter

If you’re the kind of guy that favors a good punch cutter, here are some of our favorites.

Affordable Punch Cutters for $10

Best Cigar Punch Cutter Silver


Xikar 9mm Cigar Punch Cutter

xikar best punch cigar cutter


Best Price Cigar Cutters

Sure you can find cheap cigar cutters for under $5, but if they can’t cut a cheese stick or feel like a piece of plastic, what’s the point.

Here are several cool cigar cutters that look decent and are very reasonably priced.

Best Cheap Cigar Cutters (Some are under $10!)

best cigar cutters silver amazon

Best Cigar Prices: $7.99

best cigar cutters

Thompson: $5.50

Best Cigar Cutter and Lighter

colibri cigar cutter and lighter combo boss triple torch white and black best

MIKE’S CIGARS: $125.95

Mike’s Cigars had the best price for the Colibri Boss Triple Torch Lighter and Cutter. Everywhere else is around $150. What we love about this combo is you don’t have to carry a cutter and a lighter. It’s all-in-one.

Best Cigar Cutter and lighter combo set silver amazon

This is a pretty damn good looking lighter and cutter for only $18. Really don’t see how one could go wrong trying this one out. Was $26.99!

What’s Changed?

We updated this guide in January 2024 to reflect the most recent pricing information.