Whether you’re looking for the best cigar cutter for style, price, durability, or luxury…. here are the best cigar cutters in each category right now. 

When you first begin your entry into the enjoyable, close-knit community of cigar smokers and smoke that first cigar,  if you were anything like me – you  had no idea about anything related to cigars. You most likely received recommendations from the car shop owner or friends, learned about the sizes and brands, and then borrowed a cigar cutter and lighter to get it going.

But there comes a point when you want a few fine cigar accessories of your own. Like a cigar cutter. And then as you become more and more of a seasoned cigar smoker you’ll want to upgrade or add to your collection.

Instead of going through 18 different sites looking for the best cigar cutter, we’ve combed through them all to find the best cigar cutters out right now.

Categories include:

Most Stylish Cigar Cutters

I have a friend that I met at the local cigar shop that I go to regularly. His name is Tony From Chicago. And whenever Tony From Chicago comes in, he always has a stylish cigar cutter and lighter with him. And they are not always the same. You can also tell they are not cheap. They are nice. And it says a lot about him.

If you’re looking for a cool cigar cutter that will make the other guys look on with envy – these would be hard to beat.

They also make for nice gifts to fathers, husbands, brothers, leaders, colleagues, and business partners. Heck, they are even great to give yourself. 

Best Lotus Cigar cutter gold

Normally $34.95 on, now listed as $29.99. Lowest price we could find for this good looking gold cutter. Also available in chrome & gold, and black.

rocky patel limited edition black and gold best cigar cutter

Black and gold is always a nice color combination. Sophisticated, sleek and adorned with one of the biggest names in the cigar business – Rocky Patel, this is cigar cutter you can be proud of.

xicar cutter redwood

Often used to build decks and outdoor furniture, Redwood makes this cigar cutter mother natures gift to cigar smokers. As anyone who’s been in the cigar world for any length of time knows, Xikar is a premium cigar cutter brand.

Best Cigar Cutter on Amazon black

Luxury Cigar Cutters

Xikar Xi3 Mammoth Cigar Cutter (Limited Edition!)

xikar xi3 cutter mammoth

Made with actual 10,000 year old mammoth tusk!! I can promise you, you will never hear the words “I have that same cutter.” 

On the contrary, the only words you will ever hear will be down the lines of – “Wow.”

Each mammoth ivory cigar cutter is unique, individually numbered and enclosed in an elegant gift box with certificate of authenticity. 

The cheapest we found this unbelievable cutter is at for $472.99. 

Xikar Xi1 Cutter - Havana Red Collection (Limited!)

xikar cutter havana collection red

If your looking for a cigar cutter that has a story –  this it.

To create each unique, handmade work of art the Parisian artist begins by fashioning handles of French maple wood to fit the Xi3 body. He then spends a considerable amount of time carefully hand painting the vibrant colors that helps make this cutter stand out.

Once the base is complete, he meticulously tears pieces of actual cigar bands and arranges them in place using a pair of tweezers. By purposely varying the collage pattern, whoever purchases these unique cigar cutters can be assured there is not one cutter in the world exactly like it. 

The cutters beauty is then forever sealed with several coats of clear varnished, handles lightly sanded and polished and places in a genuine, exotic Stingray leather sheath that elegantly protects the cutter for a lifetime.

Olt luxury cigar cutter gold amazon

The exquisite flower pattern carved body make this luxury cigar cutter absolutely fascinating. 

xikar xo cutter blue with black blades

Best Cigar Punch Cutter

If you’re the kind of guy that favors a good punch cutter, here are some of our favorites.

Affordable Punch Cutters for $10

Best Cigar Punch Cutter Silver

Xikar 9mm Cigar Punch Cutter

xikar best punch cigar cutter

Best Price Cigar Cutters

Sure you can find cheap cigar cutters for under $5, but if they can’t cut a cheese stick or feel like a piece of plastic, what’s the point.

Here are several cool cigar cutters that look decent and are very reasonably priced.

Best Cheap Cigar Cutters (Some are under $10!)

best cigar cutters silver amazon
best cigar cutters

Best Cigar Cutter and Lighter

colibri cigar cutter and lighter combo boss triple torch white and black best

Mike’s Cigars had the best price for the Colibri Boss Triple Torch Lighter and Cutter. Everywhere else is around $150. What we love about this combo is you don’t have to carry a cutter and a lighter. It’s all-in-one.

Best Cigar Cutter and lighter combo set silver amazon

This is a pretty damn good looking lighter and cutter for only $18. Really don’t see how one could go wrong trying this one out. Was $26.99!

xikar cutter havana collection red

A review of the Islay single malt whisky king, Lagavulin 16 Year Old. 


My friend Vince once told me about the first cigar he ever smoked. While most people tend to grab a lighter, “lower level” cigar, Vince went for the Padron 1926 Anniversio. In other words, when he started smoking cigars – he did it right! 

If you want to begin your journey into the world of Islay whisky “the right way”, a Lagavulin 16 year old is the way to go. It may not be the most gracious or the easiest of introductions, but it’s one of the best.


First Impression

Lagavulin 16 year old review single malt price
My First Lagavulin 16 Year Old

Upon withdrawing the bottle from the box, the first thing I noticed was the deep amber gold color and the old style whisky label. Which together, makes for one elegant bottle of whisky – not a bad looking bottle to have sitting on the counter.

Tasting Notes

Nose – Can definitely pick up this is an older, sophisticated whisky. Peat, smoke, black tea, and a slight sweet tobacco.

Palate – There’s a mild, restrained sweetness of citrus, a touch of spice and wood, and a dominate peak smoke.

Finish – Most would say it has a long lasting finish, I found it to be somewhat short,  (Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) although some sweetness lingers.

Laguviln's History

Lagavulin Distillery 16 year old review single malt

One of the oldest distilleries on Islay, Laguvlin (pronounced laga-Voo-lin) has been producing high quality whisky for over 200 years. Situated between Ardbeg and Laphroaig, picturesque Lagavulin is known as “the king of Islay”. Revered by connoisseurs and experts, the famous 16 year old has consistently received extremely high scores.  It is considered a fundamental part of Islay’s whisky heritage. 

Legally founded in 1816 by notable local, John Johnston,  however, illicit distilling on the site has been recorded as early as 1742. 

Today, the importance of Lagavulin 16 cannot be understated. Not only because of it’s history, but also because of the legions of people who’s eyes have been opened to the world of a peated dram thanks to Lagavulin 16 year old. 

Widely available and reasonable priced at around $100 for a single malt aged in oak casks for 16 years. 


There is nothing ordinary about Magnanni shoes. Learn about the highly esteemed mens designer shoe company and check out some of their best mens shoes out right now.

Magnanni's Heritage

The backdrop in which Magnanni became one of the most desired men’s designer shoes in the world, is almost as beautiful as the shoes themselves.

Every Magnanni shoe is handmade in La Mancha, Spain. The still but fertile region has remained mostly untouched by the modern world and is famous for the delicious food and wine produced there. It’s a region where the people pride themselves on meticulously refining every detail of their work. Everyone- craftsman, farmers, wineries, and the legendary shoemakers of Magnanni shoes.


Magnanni shoes review mens designer
Magnanni shoes review

Pascual Blanco Martinez learned shoemaking from his grandfather at a young age. It is an exacting craft not suited for the impatient. He thrived on its precise nature and the satisfaction of turning a sketch into a gentleman’s favorite pair of shoes.

Having been the driving force of growth since the start of the company in 1954, the father of Magnanni continues to emphasis the meticulous attention to detail to his children who now head every department within the company.

What makes Magnanni's so iconic?

There are two distinguishing traits that make Magnanni’s stand out. 

First is the Artesano Stitch which is a noticeable statement created by linking the sole to the upper with double-needle threading. The technique uses a waxed thread to close the seam securely by hand along the edge fo the sole’s ‘wing’. Consideration is painstakingly given as to what Artesano type pairs perfectly with each shoe. 

The second is the patina distinction. Each hand-painted stroke of every shoes is subtly different leaving no two pairs identical in their texture, patina, and antiquing. 


Magnanni mens designer shoes
magnanni mens shoes designer

Best Magnanni's Out Right Now


Hand-Dyed Italian calfskin, charming tassels, cushioned footbed, and Super Flex Moccasin construction that results in one of the most comfortable, flexible mens designer shoe you can buy. It’s truly luxury delivered at every turn.


Over three generations, Magnanni has perfected Bologna construction which completely wraps the foot in a leather lining to create a feeling of a glove. Between the resulting unrivaled comfort, the stunning hand-painted cuero upper with complimenting textiles and a burnished toe, and caramel sole, it would be hard to find a finer classic wingtip. This combination of exquisite detail and style is what makes Magnanni shoes, well……. Magnanni shoes. 


If you’re unaccustomed to people complimenting on your sneakers, this pair of Magnanni sneakers will change everything. Unable to resist commenting on the lambskin lining, hand-stitched leather toe, and handprinted cuero hue….. all I can say is, this is Magnanni you don’t want to read about. You want to see it! See it. Hold it. Wear it. 

Absolutely a work of art.


Made from genuine Teju lizard and featuring Magnanni’s Linea Flex construction, each pair is stripped of all pigment and then hand-painted to achieve a rich and lustrous patina. 


When it comes to black dress shoes, does it get any finer than this?! 

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the feeling of walking the red carpet of a major event, then the Óscar Black is the Oxford for you. A mix of soft nappa and patent leathers create a refined formal silhouette. The Óscar features Magnanni’s famous double Artesano sole, where the sole is wrapped onto the upper on both the inner and outer arch and then hand-stitched by their master artisans. To add a dramatic effect, the sole has been hand-painted in their Grana colorway that will not go unnoticed.


We all know how important it is to have a nice pair of oxfords on hand in your shoe collection. The Segovia Cap Toe Oxfords from Magnanni is like having a Bentley in your car collection, it’s always a treat taking them out for a night. 

From the Linea Flex Collection, the classic cap toe design is polished off with a beautiful Brooklyn Curri finish. 

Sure there's a million black t shirts to choose from. But if you want a buy a nice black t-shirt that's soft, looks nice, and isn't ordinary - here's what's trending.

There are several benefits to having a nice black t-shirt in your wardrobe. 

The main reason why black t-shirts for men are popular is because of how versatile they are. You can wear them while running errands during the day. You can wear in with a  pair of jeans while hanging out with some buddies. Or wear in with a suit or under a blazer for a dinner night out. They give you so many options, no matter what you’re dressing for.

Yet some men have yet to add the staple item to their wardrobe. But it’s one of those things where – once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Another benefit of having the right black t-shirt is that they tend to make the body look more slimmer. If you’re one of those guys who have a body fat under 10%, then just wear them for the style (while knowing the rest of us hate you. lol.)

Again, you can buy a black t-shirt almost anywhere. But for those who want something above average – here are the hottest black t-shirts out right now. 

Urban Outfitters plain black t shirt men
Urban Outfitters plain black t shirt men


Made from 100% organic soft cotton, what we love most about this black t-shirt are the details. Like the notched slit and decorative hems. If you’re looking for something with a little character, this is a good option. 

X RAY  Ι  $17

All the guys looking for a slim fit black t-shirt, this is one you have to try. Perfect for wearing under a blazer or with a pair of jeans, is comfortable and stylish. And for only under $20 can you really go wrong??

John Varvatos plain black t shirt for men
Plain black t shirt for men by John Varvatos


Most of the cotton that you buy comes from Upland cotton. Like to the tune of around 90%. The other 10% comes from two luxurious cottons – Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton.

So naturally when a mens luxury brand like John Varvatos decided to make a black t-shirt, they used only the best cotton available.

Extraordinarily smooth, it may become your new favorite t-shirt.


Impeccably detailed, this is Giorgio Armani’s diffusion line of fine-tailored clothing, stylish sportswear, eveningwear, outerwear and accessories for professionals. It embodies Giorgio Armani’s signature elements: clean lines and subtle coloration, exclusive fabrics, exceptional attention to detail, fit and finish.

Giorgio Armani black t shirt men plain
Giorgio Armani black t shirt men plain


An emblem of essential elegance and always understated, this T-shirt displays the iconic Giorgio Armani style through its simplicity. A favorite among celebrities, this black t-shirt is a great option to wear underneath a high end custom suit or blazer.

Ralph Lauren plain black t shirt men
Ralph Lauren plain black t shirt men


What we love about this Ralph Lauren black t-shirt, is the ability to create your own. You can pick which logo and monogram, which color you would like them,  what to put on the right hem and can even put your name or a number on back.

ASOS plain black tshirt men
ASOS plain black tshirt men

ASOS  Ι  $6.65

If you’re environmental-conscius, this is the shirt for you. A stylish black t-shirt made from organic cotton and less water. Even if your not necessarily a big environmental guy – this is still a great black t-shirt for under $10. 

RAG & BONE   Ι  $95

When Rag & Bone co-founder Marcus Wainright had an idea to make a unique pair of men’s jeans, he infamously spent over 18 months working with a factory in Kentucky to perfect his product. 

It’s this spirit of excellence and attention to detail that has driven Rag & Bone to  becoming one of top urban style brands as of late.

The small white Rag & Bone logo on the back at the bottom adds a nice touch.

Here are the best mens toiletry bags, Dopp kits, travel kits...... whatever you choose to call them, out right now.

It really doesn’t matter where you love/plan to travel to. It could be a beach in Miami, a remote island, or Mexico. Or maybe it’s to a history rich country like England, Budapest, or Africa. 

What does matter is, that you enjoy the journey and the people you’re with. Aaand…… that you travel in style. 🙂 

Finding the right mens toiletry bag is often overlooked. 

I don’t care if you’re traveling with your girlfriend, wife, or even a buddy on a weekend getaway, no one wants to look at an ugly, grungy Dopp Kit. 

If it’s time to step up your travel game, here are the most stylish designer mens toiletry bags you can find. In every price range.



 Color: Blue

Whenever I think of Bugatchi, I think of their designer shirts that are in my opinion – some of the best men’s shirts money can buy. 

But it can be easy to forget that they make so many more stylish, luxury products. 

This stylish, night blue toiletry bag is a perfect example. A fun, yet elegant dopp kit has it all with the embossed logo, rear pocket, inner slips, and touches of silver.


 Color: Black

When Ilan Chetrite, son of the founder of Sandro began to break out of his role of Finance Manager and worked his way into the studio, some may have questioned wheather he had the eye for design that his parents had. 

Those doubts disappeared quickly. Ilan’s leaning towards modernized vintages styles has contributed to the already popular boutique Paris brand. And can be seen in this striking mens toiletry bag.  

If you’re looking for a designer Dopp Kit without the major top brand price tag, and looks great…. this may be a great option.


 Color: Navy Blue

f you’re looking for a handsome, designer dopp kit for under $50 – here you go. Click to see the beautiful red and white interior lining. Also makes for a fantastic gift.


 Color: Blue & Brown

If one of the primary purposes of your next trip is to get a little sand in between the toes, taking a Tommy Bahama mens toiletry case is absolutely ideal. 

The fact that it’s only $70 and you get some cologne along with it…… you’re winning even before you get to the beach!


 Color: Black

This versatile men’s toiletry bag fits everything you need and keeps it well organized. Designed to hang from towel racks of sit on flat surface, it features an easy-access U-zip opening to the main compartment and two convenient exterior size-zip pockets, as well as an antibacterial lining.


 Color: Brown

If you’re a baller on a budget and about to do some traveling, here is a leather dopp kit on Amazon that is hard to beat price-wise. 

Featuring two large interior storage compartments that is more than ample to house shaving cream and just about any other toiletry item you can imagine, it’s actually a  very high functioning dopp kit for only $23.


 Color: Dark Charcoal

Although Peter Millar is known as for their designer sport coats, they have some pretty nice accessories as well. If you own any of their clothing, why not add a Peter Millar shave kit?

Cotton with a water-resistant pack cloth lining, three interior pouch pockets, and priced at only $79…….. not a bad dopp kit to have when you travel. 



 Color: Dark Charcoal

For all the Burberry fans out there, why not add a fancy Burberry Dopp Kit to top off your next travel adventure? One interior zip pocket, two interior slip pockets, hand painted edges….. it’s the complete package.


9. Bally

 Color: Black

One of the world’s longstanding luxury brands, Bally was born in Switzerland in 1851.

As with all Bally products, they tend to use clean lines and signature  edges, which is perfect for a sleek black toiletry bag. Add the logo plaque and you have one fine looking dopp kit.


 Color: Walnut

When one of the most celebrated designers of our era makes a toiletry bag….. he makes a toiletry bag. This is the Rolls-Royce of mens toiletry bags.

You’ve probably have noticed more and more mens crossbody bags, and for good reason.

Although men have been carrying bags for ages, we have evolved into the latest mens crossbody bag trend. And due to the fact that it’s so much more easier than carrying the weight of a bag in your hands and that we as men as a whole have become more confident in terms of what we wear, it’s a style that’s going to be around for a long time.

And with its surge in popularity, there are a flood of men’s crossbody bags coming into the market. Average, cheap crossbody bags are dime a dozen. If you’re looking for a designer mens crossbody bag that is stylish and raises the bar, the bags below are some of the hottest out right now!

Versace Crossbody Bag

We begin with a crossbody bag from one of the most well known luxury brands in the world – Versace. If you’re looking for practicality and style….. this is your bag. Every inch of this bag is gorgeous!

Calvin Klein Crossbody Bag

Detailed with solid trim and an allover monogram logo motif, this modern crossbody bag features a soft and sleek hand. Finished with an adjustable crossbody strap, a top zip closure, a front mag snap pocket, interior storage and a full lining.

Burberry Crossbody Bag

Most people choose the infamous Burberry pattern, which is why we love this designer crossbody bag topped with just the name. You will be hard pressed to find someone else carrying this badass accessory.

As2ov Crossbody Bag

In case you’re unfamiliar with As2ov, they are a relatively new brand that’s worth getting to know. 

Founded in 2013 by designer Taichi Fujimatsu who left another famous Japanese brand Master-Piece, As2ov (assobu) has been crushing it in the men’s bag space. And for good reason. A host of small details make this mens crossbody bag with an urban feel, perfect for those looking for something unique. And it’s a great value at only $83.

Note: Was $102!

Smythson Crossbody Bag

If you’re going to buy a black leather crossbody bag, why not buy it from one of the most esteemed leather makers in the world? With a history of making high end luxury goods dating all the way back to the early 1900’s, owning any Smythson product is something to be proud of. 

Crafted in Italy, this durable crossgrain leather is perfect for men on the move.

Ted Baker Crossbody Bag

Known for having an unswerving focus on quality and choosing not to advertise, Ted Baker is no ordinary designer. 

Take this sleek olive green mens crossbody bag for example. Debossed with Ted’s own branding, the roomy interior is more than enough to comfortably carry what you will. 

Note: Originally $189!

Gucci Crossbody Bag

For all of our Gucci fans out there, this 100% nylon mens crossbody bag is a must have. Stroll around town with your belongings stored in bag that says very simply –   style.

Louis Vuitton Crossbody Bag

Our favorite Louis Vuitton crossbody bag out right now….. by far. The contrasting blues made in deep-dyed Tiaga leather is hard to take your eyes off of. Can be a marvelous accessory for the right outfit. 

Coach Crossbody Bag

Most women I know love Coach bags.  Some might find a stylish guy with a great looking Coach Crossbody bag, a perfect match.

Note: Was $165 just a couple of months ago.

Burberry Crossbody Bag

There’s nothing to say here. Burberry is Burberry. Beautiful crossbody bag. 

Lacoste Crossbody Bag

Store your phone, keys, wallet, and etc inside this beautiful peacoat blue leather crossbody bag by Lacoste. Fantastic buy for those looking to buy their first designer crossbody bag for around $100. 

Looking to add a Burberry tie to your wardrobe?  When it comes to mens designer ties, no one can make a silk tie like the iconic luxury brand Burberry.

Thanks to it’s trademark check pattern, Burberry is one of the most distinctive and iconic brands of all time. Founded by 21 year old entrepreneur, Thomas Burberry in 1857, the brand began as out outdoor attire company. 

What many people may not know, is that the trench coat as we know it today, was pioneered by Burberry. Of course, the prestigious brand has come along way since revolutionizing outdoor gear and trench coats. Today, the Burberry check pattern (officially known as the Haymarket Check after the street where the first London Burberry store was opened) is a coveted status symbol that is hard to beat.

These Burberry ties are the best of what’s out right now. Some are newly released designs, others are splendid Burberry ties that are becoming harder and harder to find. 

Photo credit: @bartforrester

1. Burberry Tie - Vintage

Color: Archive Beige

We begin with a signature check Burberry tie that simply – just makes a statement. As with most Burberry ties, this instantly recognizable pattern is made from 100% Mulberry silk. You will receive compliments wearing this beut. 

2. Burberry Tie - Classic Cut

Color: Multiple

You should never compromise on finishing touches. So when your next formal event comes around, opt for nothing less than a designer tie from Burberry. Instantly recognizable.

3. Burberry Tie - Vintage

Color: Birch Brown

Updating classic styles with design flair and exquisite attention to detail is a hallmark of the Burberry brand. 

Crafted from Italian silk, the Classic Cut Check Jacquard Tie is a must have accessory for casual day or evening wear. Featuring iconic Burberry vintage check, a pointed tip and an adjustable fastening.

4. Burberry Tie - London Regent

Color: Blue

Charming lines touch up a handsome Italian tie cut from pure silk. There’s a lot you can do with a blue Burberry tie. No longer available through Burberry, only a limited number remain in stock thru Ssence. 

5. Burberry - Classic Cut

Color: Navy

Can you really go wrong with a blue Burberry tie?! Absolutely not. A splendid addition to any tie collection. 

6. Burberry Tie - Modern Cut

Color: Charcoal Grey

Wearing a beautiful grey Burberry tie is about as stylish as you can get, whether you’re wearing it with a suit or a pair of jeans. And since most women love Burberry….  it can sometimes make for a great conversation starter.

7. Burberry Tie - Toned Logo

Color: Blue

Having defined elegance and class for decades, Burberry continues the tradition with this dashing blue silk tie. Another one of those ties that steps up so many different attire’s. 

You could go with a basic blue tie…. or you could go with a blue Burberry tie.

8. Burberry Tie - Giant Check

Color: Multi

Smarten up in Burberry style. Surely, when 21 year old founder Thomas Burberry founded the iconic company in 1857 as a outdoor gear company, he had no idea that over a hundred years later his company would be making some of the most sought out designer ties in the world. Like this red and charcoal tie, that is the perfect finishing touch for a night out on the town.

9. Burberry Tie - Skinny Check

Color: Multi Grey

Pull your outfit together, literally and figuratively, with this sophisticated Burberry tie made from 100% silk. 

10. Burberry Tie - Heritage

Color: Multi-color

This is one of the most vibrant Burberry ties you’ll find anywhere. And believe me, we’ve looked at our share of Burberry ties. 

With just a few left, snatch this beauty up while you can and wear with a pair of jeans for work or a night out.

Note: One of the rare instances where you can buy a Burberry tie for around $100.

Looking for the best Louis Vuitton mens wallet out right now? Here’s what hot.

When you buy mens designer wallets adorned with one of the most enviable symbols in the world, that of Louis Vuitton, you know you’re buying something truly extraordinary. 

These top 10 Louis Vuitton mens wallets and card holders are the hottest styles out right now. As you browse this list in search for the perfect LV that fits your taste, keep in mind a few interesting facts:

  • LV was founded as a box maker in 1854, over 150 years ago!
  • LV actually has a wallet with a $10,300 sticker price! For those willing to empty out their wallet for a  wallet,  the Zippy Wallet Vertical was made just for you.
  • Due to the fact that despite advances in technology, Louis Vuitton only allows the humble sewing machine to touch it’s products and that it actually suspends production when they hit their target numbers – Louis Vuitton products maintain a high resale value should you ever want to sell.

For more top designer wallets for men, check out “Best Mens Designer Wallets”.

1. LV Wallet Men

Material: Taiga Leather

When you’re wearing a sport jacket or a blazer, this is the designer mens wallet you want to pull out. The elegant and instantly recognizable design makes every transaction enjoyable, no matter how big or small. 

Out of only two Louis Vuitton long wallets mens on this list, this blue beauty perhaps stands out the most.

2. Louis Vuitton Wallet

Material: Taurillion Leather

A part of the Spring-Summer 2021 Collection, this bold black pocket organizer from LV is already available. 

Made from Taurillion Leather, one of the most understated of the Louis Vuitton leathers, the LV logo stamp gives this new designer wallet a one-of-a-kind look. 

3. Louis Vuitton Multiple Wallet

Material: Damier Graphite Canvas

The Damier Graphite canvas is as about as tough as it gets. Subtle, yet bold, it comfortably fits in most in most pockets.  For those wanting a Louis Vuitton mens wallet that just looks tough and without a lot of flare, this may be your wallet.

4. Brazza Zippy Organizer

Material: Taiga leather

Used for just Louis Vuitton mens wallets and products, Taiga leather is a corrected grain leather. Meaning, it has been sanded and buffed to remove imperfections and then imprinted with a new grain. 

You have to love the sleek, elegant look to this LV wallet. Any man carrying this in his hand is doing alright.

5. LV Pocket Organizer Wallet

Material: Damier Graphite

This stunning compact all-in-one wallet is a thing of beauty. Paying homage to Louis Vuitton’s classic Damier motif, this LV mens wallet features a Ska-inspired checkerboard pattern in black and white topped off with a beautiful LV symbol.

This is one cool wallet you can be proud of. Unfortunately, this one is in such high demand, you have to be patient as the availability is in and out.

6. Louis Vuitton Wallet

Material: Double-tone Taiga Leather

This navy blue multiple wallet version of the one above is perfect for fashionable men who like to keep their wallet in their back pocket, yet love to see the look on people’s faces when you pull it out and they notice that even your wallet is impeccable.

Crafted from the House’s embossed, double-tone Taiga leather, those seeking their first Louis Vuitton mens wallet will find the silver-tone LV initials add a discreet signature touch to the piece.

7. Louis Vuitton Zipped Pouch

Material: Damier Graphite

Have a night out on the town and want to showcase some style? Bring your Louis Vuitton slimline pouch with a new take on the House’s classic checked pattern, and it’ll be a brilliant accessory to the right attire. 

8. LV Compact Wallet

Material: Monogrammed Eclipse Canvas

Sometimes you just need something small when you go out. This is ideal if you’re looking a Louis Vuitton mens wallet that you could put a couple credit cards and/or some cash in and put in any pocket.

9. Brazza Wallet

Material: Taiga Leather

This fun Louis Vuitton mens wallet includes 16 credit-card slots, a large zipped compartment for coins or receipts, and four inside flat compartments for bills. Fits perfectly into most jacket pockets.

This is another one of Louis Vuitton’s men’s goods that is a head-turner.

10. Louis Vuitton Card Holder

Material: Damier Ebene

We couldn’t conclude this list without including this simple, yet classic Louis Vuitton’s card holder wallet.

At only $220, it’s a great entry point to own your first LV wallet mens.


Here are the best Father's Day gifts on Amazon 2021. A men's wish list that includes whiskey glasses, top mens designer wallets, and the trendy Marvis Toothpaste to name a few.

Buying a Father’s Day gift is never easy. Many people grapple with finding something meaningful and unique for honoring their dad on this special day. 

If you’re looking for something truly remarkable, something that he won’t forget – here is a treasure trove of great ideas. We defy you to find a better list of impressive,  Amazon Father’s Day gifts.  If your looking for cookie-cutter gift ideas, keep searching – this isn’t the place. This is the best of the best – for the best fathers. Cheers!

1. A Vintage-style Turntable

Victrola vinyl record player
Victrola Vinyl Record Player
Victrola vinyl record player
Victrola Classic Record Player
crosley vinyl turntable best amazon father's day gifts
Crosley Portable Turntable

Now how cool would this Father’s Day gift be? If he’s a music lover, it may be just a question of how long it takes for him to race up to the attic to find his old vinyls. Throw in 2 or 3 old-school records that you think he would like and you’re set. 

2. Upscale Grooming Products

As a man, getting some of the latest & greatest men’s products never gets old. This artisan men’s cologne from John Varvatos is as good as it gets. Not only will he love the way it smells, he’ll also love how it looks in his bathroom. It’s the little things. 

Now this is a fun one. Get him the trendy men’s Marvis Toothpaste Flavor Collection Gift Set and not only will he get a good laugh in, but also every year after when he says “Remember that year you got me TOOTHPASTE?!” 

Oh, and he’ll enjoy trying all the really good flavors every day!

Note: Be sure to follow up a week or two later and ask him which one is his favorite. Because he will have a favorite! (I personally love the black Amarelli Licorice.

The great thing about getting your father this badass Maison Lambert Shaving Kit Set is he’ll get to use it everyday and think of you!

3. Whiskey Glasses

Is your dad a whisky or scotch kinda guy? Then here’s an idea. Most men who drink whiskey, scotch or bourbon would be thrilled to get a new set of really nice glasses for their drink of choice. If you really want to impress, maybe buy him his favorite brown to go with it. 

We especially love these unique whiskey glasses (which of course applies to scotch and bourbon) that features a mountain range design that runs along the side of the glasses.  And at $29.95 for a set of 4, it’s perfect for those who would like to be in the $50 and under price range.

If your father is into vintage style, a set of Marquis scotch glasses made by Waterford will feel wonderful in his hands. This is one of the best mens gifts you can buy for someone who is really into scotch or whiskey.

4. A Fine Handmade Men's Wallet

I think a nice wallet gets overlooked as a gift option sometimes because “he already has one” right? But maybe your dad has had the same wallet for a few years now and it’s worn. Or maybe it’s just time to change it up. 

Now when it comes to getting your father a wallet for Father’s Day – there are wallets and then there are wallets. And when I say wallets I mean your traditional men’s wallets, money clips, and card holders. 

Take this Coach men’s leather wallet for example. Made from the finest calf leather available. And you can find it on Amazon for less than $100! It was actually on Amazon for $104 just a couple months ago. Now just $90.

Another option would be this mens leather card holder from the esteemed luxury maker, Ettinger. Not very men are going to dislike a sleek, black card holder with  hand-turned edges….. it’s about as fine of a wallet as you can find.

 Ok, so maybe a wallet like this isn’t for every dad, but there are those dads who would be pleasantly surprised receiving a gift like this.  

If you’re feeling the wallet idea, you may want to check out the “Best Mens Wallet, Card Holders & Money Clips”  for some other options. The list includes some of the finest handmade wallet makers in the world: Berluti, Mulberry, Louis Vuitton and Tom Ford.

5. A Subscription to a Men's Magazine

Okay, so you probably don’t know what magazine subscriptions your father gets. Heck you may not know if he gets any all. But it probably wouldn’t take a whole lot to find out. 

If your father is one who appreciates the finer things in life, don’t be afraid to venture into the wonderful world of men’s luxury magazines. 

Tip: Order the subscription in advance, then stop by a Barnes & Noble or local bookstore for a current magazine to take him on Father’s Day, all of which you can do under 20 minutes!

Or if you think he would enjoy the Cigar Aficionado subscription, buy a few stogies to go along with it. See our “Best Places to Buy Cigars Online” to order cigars online.

A couple more ideas (although they’re not found on Amazon): If your dad isn’t into cigars, whiskey or wine, check out for great deals on some of the most popular men’s magazines like Men’s Health, GQ, Field & Stream, Forbes, and Golf. Most are under $30.

And if your father is one who appreciates the finer things in life, and none of these tickle your fancy, try one of the hottest men’s magazines out right now –  The Rake Magazine. I can almost guarantee you that if your father likes nice clothes, watches, and other accessories – then he will love The Rake! Get a one-year print edition subscription for $70.

6. A Pair of Brown Oxfords

Magnanni  /  Spain

Salvatore Ferragamo  /  Italy

Mezlan Republic / Spain 

Allen Edmonds  /  USA

For those wanting to go big  for their special dad or if your looking for a gift from all the kids – this may be the way to go. Again this is predicated on your father falling into the “likes to enjoy the finer things category.” And it’s not a typical Amazon Father’s Day gift idea.

If he does, he might salivate when he sees a pair of handcrafted brown oxfords from one of these posh shoe brands . For more information on the shoemakers or for more ideas, see “Brown Oxfords That Kick Ass”.

7. A Luxury Pen

A fine pen might not be one of the first things you think of when deciding what to get your dad for Father’s Day. Which is why it’s on this list. It’s a little different. But the right pen can make for an incredible gift. If you have siblings, it could even be something you all go in on.

A fine ballpoint pen from Visconti’s Rembrandt Collection may be a good starting point. Accented with a steel nib with a magnetic lock, it contains a variegated resin in a cartridge filling system. 

While most of Montblanc pens are priced from hundreds to thousands of dollars, those who own them appreciate their beauty and their easy writing capabilities. And the same is true for their Pix Ballpoint Pen shown below. While certainly on the lower end of the price range for a Montblanc pen, the place precious resin cap and barrel with elegant platinum-coated details makes for one of the finest Father’s Day gift a man can get.

8. Smartphone Sanitizer

Here’s a Father’s Day gift that was a big hit last year, and is expected to be a top Amazon Fathers Day Gift again this year.  Sleek, safe and fast, this smartphone sterilizing box isn’t the cheapest or the most expensive. But it does have some of the best reviews and is one of the best looking. 

Keep your dad safe with this Father’s Day gift that kills cold and flu viruses, all while using no liquid, no heat, and no chemicals.

Your father can also throw in his watch, keys, glasses and even toothbrushes to sanitize.

9. Grill Set

If your celebrating Father’s Day with a barbecue, be sure to hand him this present before he starts grilling. 

Who wouldn’t enjoy doing a little barbecuing with a fine grill set like this? When it comes to Amazon father’s day gifts, this is always a top choice.

10. Gift Package from BroBasket

We’ll conclude with one Father’s Day gift idea that unfortunately you can’t buy on Amazon,  but is such a hot men’s gift idea, that it’s worth mentioning. 

The BroBasket.

The BroBasket makes it almost too easy to give your dad a great gift. In case you’re unfamiliar with the BroBasket, they are one of the hottest men’s gift companies out right now. And for good reason. As discussed in “BroBasket – Best Men’s Gift Ever”, it’s the presentation, the contents, the packaging – it all comes together perfectly for a perfect gift.

One of the best parts about their site is the ability to search for a gift based on your father’s preferences.

Is your dad a golfer? The Golfer’s Delight ($179.95) has everything a golfer could ever want – black golf towel with bag clip, golf tee holders, granola snacks, 3-pack of Galloway golf balls, beef jerky, Johnny Walker Black, appropriate glasses, coasters, Nicaraguan cigars, spanish cedar cigar case, lighter, and much more! 

Dad not a drinker? Check out the Serious Golfer Gift Package ($89.95).

Is your dad a fitness guy? Into craft beer? Coffee junkie? Loves to BBQ? Big wine guy?  It’s why people love BroBaskets – they have something for everyone. And something in every price range.

Is your dad a “scotch kinda-guy?”  Then you’re in luck because any man who appreciates a fine scotch will enjoy any one of the scotch themed gift box’s from BroBasket. One of our favorites is the Glenmorangie- The Pioneering Collection ($79.95).

Check out the best mens designer wallets, money clips, and card holders out right now. A Gucci wallet, Tom Ford money clip, and a Prada card holder made the list.

Elevate your everyday transactions with some of the hottest men’s designer wallets on the market. 

We’ve scoured the globe to find the absolute best men’s designer wallets and card holders that money can buy. Your wallet not only holds valuable items like credit cards, drivers license, and cash but it’s also is a reflection of a man’s attention to detail. 

You may be on point through every aspect of a fine dinner but pull out an old, dingy wallet at the end…… and it may be the last impression you leave.

Buy any of these mens designer wallets and you’ll never have to worry about what your wallet says about you.

1. Mulberry Wallet

Mandarin Orange Heavy Grain

Roger Saul founded Mulberry in 1971 at a kitchen table with a $500 loan from his mother. The instantly recognizable tree logo comes from the trees he would pass on his way to school. Designed by his sister, the logo represents a love of nature, importance of family, and the growth of this leading British lifestyle brand. 

This gorgeous Mulberry wallet features nine credit or business card slots, one clear ID window, one cash sleeve, and two hidden compartments that can be used for receipts or notes.

2. Berluti Wallet

Scritto Leather Billfold

No legitimate piece on top mens designer wallets would be complete without including a Berluti wallet.

Although known first and foremost as one of the world’s most luxurious men’s shoe brands for more than a 120 years, Berlutti’s mastery of fine leather has expanded beyond just shoes. 

Expertly made in Italy from the house’s signature Venezia leather, it is about as fine of a wallet as any man could wish for.  It’s the epitome of what a men’s wallet should be.

3. Gucci Wallet Men

Leather Wallet with Gold Signature Stamp

There’s no need to comment on how synonymous Gucci is with luxury fashion, innovation and Italian craftsmanship. Simply put, this simple yet elegant smooth black leather wallet has a slender construction which makes it ideal for slipping into a back pocket, features eight card slots and two bill compartments, and is set off with the house’s infamous logo print.

A perfect way to elevate your everyday transactions. Gucci wallets for men aren’t exactly easy to come by, which makes it even more enticing. 

4. Ettinger

Sterling Collection, Black & Turquoise

Over its storied history, Ettinger has proved itself time and time again as a master of traditional leather goods. Founded in 1934 by Gerry Ettinger, the brand swiftly found an audience as one of Britain’s finest suitcase and wallet makers. Today the brand is still shepherded by Gerry’s son Robert, and is recognized as one of the last great British leather goods companies. Ettinger’s intelligent, understated design and meticulous attention to craft and construction earned it a royal warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales. Famous for supple calfskin and, especially, rich yet tough bridle hide leather, Ettinger offers both uncompromising British quality and unimpeachable sophistication.

One of the great things about owning an Ettinger wallet is when someone comments on your eye-catching mens luxury wallet, you can reply back with a “thank you” and few interesting facts about the highly esteemed luxury brand.

5. Burberry Card Holder

Black & Beige E-Canvas

The contrast between the instantly recognizable signature check pattern and buffed calfskin makes this Burberry card holder a dandy to own. When it comes to mens designer wallets, you can’t go wrong with this one.

No longer available on, we don’t expect supplies to last much longer on Ssense. 

6. Louis Vuitton Mens Wallet

Brazza Long Wallet

When Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 on Rue Nueve des Capucines in Paris, France, the city had yet to unfold as a fashion and design capital. While it began as a luggage maker and has since expanded into various travel accessories including handbags and wallets, it has always maintained the ultimate symbol of sophistication and luxury. For both far-flung adventures and everyday commutes.

Energized with bold contrasting edges and a streamlined design, two words come to mind when you see it – modern & stylish. This long wallet for men is as impressive as it gets.

If a Louis Vuitton mens wallet is up your alley, see the  “Top 10 Louis Vuitton Mens Wallet Out Right Now” for more options.

7. Tom Ford Money Clip

Leather Money Clip

Yes, Tom Ford has held the helm at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. And yes, he has done (and we mean- DONE) filmaking, directing, and fashion photography. But his ability to produce quality, high end men’s accessories like this glossy alligator skin card holder should not go unnoticed.

One of the best luxury mens wallets on the market, this Italian crafted has it all – eight card slots, glimmering gold-tone hardware, and logo detailing embossed on the front. Truly a black mens wallet to be proud of.

This Tom Ford wallet is no joke!

8. Salvatore Ferragamo Wallet

Red Revival Leather Bifold

Know as the “shoemaker to the stars” going back as far as the 1920’s,  today Salvatore Ferragamo makes just as beautiful wallets as they do shoes. The same craftsmanship you find in an impressive pair of their highly sought after shoes, you can find in a seldomly seen Salvatore Ferragamo mens wallet.

Pull out this fun red wallet and you will definitely get some love.

9. Hentley Bifold

Manhattan Classic Wallet

With a classic, timeless design, the Manhattan delivers on both storage and sophistication making it perfect for all tastes and ages. Six card slots, one large note sleeve, whisky Italian leather, and light contrast stitching, all make this beauty one of the top mens designer wallets out right now.

10. Coach Wallet

Sport Leather Slim Wallet

When we found this black Coach wallet for men on Amazon for under $100, we had to include it on this list. Made from Coach’s signature crossgrain leather and featuring credit card and bill compartments, this is one of the best mens designer wallets you can find at this price point. 

11. Caracalla 1947 Wallet

Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

For those unfamiliar with Caracalla, they are one Florence’s finest designers. What stands out the most about this beautiful black leather wallet made from expert Italian craftsmanship is the contrast yellow stitching. 

We found this beut exclusively at the Rake for under $80. We don’t expect this to last long. 

Note: Now 50% off! Originally $155, now only $78!


12. Allen Edmonds Wallet

Horween Leather Cardholder

It is true, most guys know Allen Edmond for their shoes. But they also make some pretty damn fine accessories. Belts, sunglasses, bags, and mens wallets. 

Like this handsome 4 card slot with mitered edge, made with natural Horween leather made in the USA. 

Add in the RFID blocking protection, and you have about as a secure, good looking wallet as you can get.

Note: Originally $129, now only $98!


Hentley wallet gift box best designer mens wallet