Our Mission

Becoming a Gent is about deciding that certain things actually matter.

We’re here to help you level up your game, and become the best version of yourself. We’re your expert insider to fast-track you to being the best Gentleman you can be.

Our goal is to help a million young gents become more confident, perspicacious, stylish, healthy, and wealthy. We create content around style, grooming, lifestyle and more, to help you achieve your life’s mission. And we also like to write on the finer things in life – as any accomplished Gent should allow themselves to enjoy.

Wherever you are on your journey, our mission is to help you reach the next level, learn the key information you need to dress better, navigate new surroundings, and enrich your life.

The road to becoming your best You is not a straightforward one. It requires hard work, but also curiosity. And if you’ve reached us, then you’re curious enough to seek how you can improve. So join our community of ambitious Gentlemen and infuse yourself with the knowledge and support to level up today.

The 7Gents manifesto contains 7 key areas you need to master:

The Physical



Health and Fitness

The Personal




And last but not least…


So, pull up a chair, light a cigar, and get ready to become the man you were always destined to be.