GDPR Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation(“GDPR”), which came into effect as of May 25, 2018, is an iteration of the existing data protection laws defined and enforced by the European Union.

7Gents, a subsidiary of Sourced Digital Ltd (“company”, “we”), is committed to ensuring that its services comply with the GDPR, and that its clients can continue to use its services.

Company has for months designated an internal team, which are accompanied by the Company’s legal consultants and other professional and expert consultants, for the sole purpose of ensuring all required actions are taken in order to achieve GDPR compliance. Please see below a general overview which details the Company’s compliance with GDPR.

For additional information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at:

Data Processing

The Company processes personal data only as required and in compliance with relevant privacy regulations, including the GDPR.

The Company has confirmed a valid legal foundation for every processing activity involving EEA data subjects’ Personal Data. Moreover, the Company has verified that all necessary legal documents, such as agreements and the privacy policy, align with GDPR standards.

Technological Organizational A& Security Standards

The Company has conducted a comprehensive data review, detailing every piece of Personal Data and associated data sets it handles. Additionally, it has outlined the technical and organizational security strategies implemented to ensure the safety of this data.


The Company continuously provides training to its staff and workers about GDPR, the Company’s data handling procedures, and the significance of safeguarding data.

User Rights

Under the GDPR guidelines, individuals have the ability to: (i) ask for access to their Personal Data; (ii) seek corrections to their Personal Data; (iii) ask for their Personal Data to be deleted; (iv) request limitations on the processing of their Personal Data; (v) oppose the handling of their Personal Data; (vi) ask to enact their right to transfer data; (vii) have the right to lodge a grievance with a regulatory body; and (viii) have the right to retract permission (where relevant).



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