12 Best Colognes For Men in 2024 (For Each Occasion)

I’ve written over 100 articles covering men’s fragrance and cologne for 7Gents, as well as contributed my thoughts on men’s colognes for dozens of national press and online magazines, including Bustle, EliteDaily, BestLife, and many more.

Based on all my testing, as well as the scent versus the cost, here are my top 12.

Overall, Cool Water by Davidoff is still the best cologne for men overall, for the price.

It stands out due to its clean, fresh aroma reminiscent of a summer breeze, making it ideal for everyday wear. Its blend of powdery oakmoss and fresh aquatic notes creates a sophisticated and masculine scent that never goes out of style.

  • Bright citrus and musky vanilla combine to create a serial compliment-collector.
  • Perfect as an alternative to Creed Aventus for Gents on a budget
  • Dry, woodsy Sandalwood for hot days.
  • Retro masculinity that feels mature and energetic.
  • Warming winter spice that lasts a lifetime.
  • Projects well in the cold weather.
  • Bright citrus and musky vanilla combine to create a serial compliment-collector.
  • Perfect as an alternative to Creed Aventus for Gents on a budget
  • Dry, woodsy Sandalwood for hot days.
  • Retro masculinity that feels mature and energetic.
  • Warming winter spice that lasts a lifetime.
  • Projects well in the cold weather.
07/23/2024 06:23 am GMT

Another excellent option is Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf. This fragrance is best suited if you’re looking for a winter cologne that balances office appropriateness along with enough personality to make an impression in social settings. Its warm and spicy notes make it perfect for colder months and evening wear.

Armaf’s Club De Nuit Intense is a fantastic alternative for those who want a cologne that stands out. Known for its longevity and high compliment factor, this fragrance is perfect for making a lasting impression and is suitable for both day and night wear.

Davidoff Cool Water has a fresh aquatic scent. Photo taken by Joe Manktelow-Pimm. Copyright: 7Gents ©

Here’s my full recommendations below I’ll cover their note profiles, longevity, projection, value for money, and suitable occasions to help you choose your perfect scent.

Best Fragrances For Men in 2024

1. Davidoff Cool Water- Best Summer Cologne

Best Summer Cologne
Davidoff | Cool Water EDT Spray for Men

A mature sandalwood cologne with an aquatic, clean and fresh feeling.

Touches of lavender and rosemary help round out the bitter, dry sandalwood for a well-balanced fragrance.

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07/23/2024 09:23 am GMT

Cool Water by Davidoff is a classic Summer cologne, perfect for a more mature Gent looking for something refined and masculine. This dry, sandalwood woody aroma exudes confidence in a way that feels energetic and fresh.

The clean, laundry-detergent fresh effect is perfect for everyday wear, with powdery oakmoss masculinity in the base. Touches of herbs like lavender and rosemary provide a little green vitality throughout the dry-down, resulting in a retro masterclass.

If you’re new to fragrances, Davidoff Cool Water really is a must-try. It’s one of the most popular Eau de Toilette of all time and could be your new signature scent if you’re a Sandalwood-aficionado.

Cool Water EDT Fragrance Notes
Top NotesSea water, Lavender, Mint, Green Notes, Rosemary, Calone, and Coriander
Middle NotesSandalwood, Neroli, Geranium, and Jasmine
Base NotesMusk, Tobacco, Oakmoss, Cedar, and Amber

2. Spicebomb Extreme – Best Winter Cologne

Best Winter Cologne
Viktor & Rolf | Spicebomb Extreme Eau de Parfum

Longevity: It lasts for 8 to 10 hours.

Impression: On chilly days the smell feels like a cozy embrace.

Smell: A mix of the alluring scent of pepper, sweet spices, and woody undertones.

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07/23/2024 09:21 am GMT

Spicebomb is synonymous with Winter fragrance, using warming notes of cinnamon and pink pepper to keep you toasty during the winter nights. 

These tingly aromatics rest on top of a stiff masculine base of tobacco, leather, and vetiver. They’re very well balanced, providing just enough darkness to exude masculinity without detracting from the main event: the spice.  

I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a winter cologne that is sensible enough for the office, but with enough personality to intrigue over a mulled wine after work.

The flankers are also well worth checking out, too. My favorite, Spicebomb Infrared, swaps out some of the harsher fragrance notes with tart red berries, producing a sweet, date-friendly fragrance.  

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb ExtremeFragrance Notes
Base NotesMusk, Tobacco, Oakmoss, Cedar, and Amber
Middle notesCinnamon, Saffron, and Paprika
Base notesTobacco, Leather, and Vetiver

3. Armaf Club De Nuit Man Intense – Best Cheap Cologne

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Men
$34.49 $31.54

Incredibly similar to Aventus. I'd say 90% identical.

One of the most complimented fragrances in my collection.

Amazon Here Full Review Here
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07/23/2024 06:23 am GMT

If you’re looking for a cologne that punches above its weight, Club De Nuit Man Intense is for you. It’s one of the most complimented fragrances in my collection. It picks up plenty of female attention and lasts a full 10-hour day – what more could you want?

There’s a strong blast of citrus in the opening, which gradually mellows out into more moderated accords of musk, patchouli, and vanilla in the base. This is a masculine cologne at its core, but it still cares about the finer details and subtle inflections.

If you’ve ever tried Aventus by Creed, that will give you a good sense of Club De Nuit. It’s a very similar Aventus alternative, which is pretty impressive considering the difference in price. Armaf Club De Nuit Man Intense can really hold its own against colognes that cost ten times as much. 

This is the sort of cologne that tells people you’re serious and are capable of handling business. I’d recommend it to any young professional trying to add some gravitas to their outfit without blowing their entire paycheck.

Club De Nuit Intense for MenFragrance Notes
Top Notes Lemon, Pineapple, Bergamot, Blackcurrant, and Apple
Middle Notes Birch, Jasmine, and Rose
Base Notes Musk, Ambergris, Patchouli, and Vanilla

4. Ombré Leather – Best Leather Cologne

Tom Ford | Ombre Leather Eau de Parfum Spray
$225.00 $150.91

This deep and alluring fragrance exudes masculine sensuality.

A special introduction to high-end fragrance. A great place to start with the designer houses.

Best for evenings when you want to make an impression.

  • A dreamy scent of butter-soft leather with hints of sensual flowers.
  • The scent is incredibly on point; akin to a really beautiful, velvety black leather jacket.
Amazon Here Nordstrom Here
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07/22/2024 06:54 pm GMT

Full disclosure: Tom Ford is my favorite house for luxury fragrances. Their attention to detail and high-quality ingredients set them apart from the crowd, and you just can’t help but feel more important when you’re wearing their Eau de Parfums.

And the best of that bunch is Ombré Leather. If you’re looking for confidence in a bottle, this is it. The leather here is deep and clean, unlike a lot of other more rugged leather fragrances I’ve tried. For me it’s got more of a “new supercar” sense than a “dirty biker” feeling, incorporating warm amber to produce a scent that is tempting and alluring.

It provides the sort of confidence that a CEO would want a public engagement. It’s clean and confident, but with enough of a brooding sense to point to a tamed monster within. Flickers of cardamom and vanilla also creep in to provide a little texture to an otherwise uncomplicated palate.

Ombré Leather
Ombré Leather by Tom FordFragrance Notes
Top Notes Vanilla and Cardamom
Middle NotesJasmine and Leather
Base Notes Moss, Patchouli, and Amber

5. Aventus by Creed – Best Cologne For Longevity

Best Cologne For Longevity
Creed Aventus - Eau de Parfum

One of the most popular colognes in the world - this is unbridled confidence, masculinity, and class.

Smokey pineapple on a woodsy base strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sultry.

  • The fragrance combines notes of wood and fruit.
  • A totally versatile scent that you can wear to clubs, date night or in professional settings.
  • Excellent longevity and projection.
  • The bottle design is worthy of being a collector's item.
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07/23/2024 09:21 am GMT

Aventus is often heralded as the best cologne on the planet. When people think of high-end fragrances, it’s never far from their thoughts. I think everyone should try it at least once, even if only as a reference point to compare other colognes against. 

This is a masculine and versatile scent that would do very well in situations that demand a suit. The workplace, a formal dinner – basically anywhere that you want to let people know that you’re a man in control. 

The iconic element of Aventus is the crisp pineapple in the opening. Paired with juicy blackcurrant, it’s an idiosyncratic combination that is undeniably Creed. This takes center stage for the first 2 or 3 hours, before making room for stacks of patchouli and sensual musk.

Aventus is also known as a performance beast, lasting 10 to 11 hours with no problem and projecting a considerable scent trail for the first 5 or 6. It’s one of the many reasons people are able to justify that hefty price tag. Per spray, you’re actually getting quite a lot of bang for your buck. 

With that in mind, this is one of those fragrances that you’ll want to apply with care. Any more than 2 – 3 spritzes in the morning might find you dominating attention when you walk into a room. This is a cologne to be applied subtly for best results. 

If there’s one drawback with Aventus, it’s that it has slightly become a victim of its own success. Because it’s so good, many people have selected it as their signature fragrance. In any given boardroom, 2 or 3 other people might be wearing it.

They say “if you can’t beat them, join them”, but if you’re looking for something novel that you will never encounter in the wild, you’re going to want to look elsewhere. 

If you like the sound of Aventus but don’t quite have the budget, check out our guide to the best Creed Aventus alternatives.

Creed Aventus EDPFragrance Notes
Top NotesBlackcurrant, Apple, Bergamot, and Pineapple
Middle NotesRose, Patchouli, Jasmine, and Birch
Base Notes Vanilla, Oakmoss, and Musk

6. Versace Eros – Best Cologne to Attract Women

Best Cologne to Attract Women
Versace | Eros Eau de Toilette
$98.00 $59.99

A vibrant, youthful party-banger cologne that women can't resist.

Masculine woodiness in the base (cedar) paired with sweet fruits and mint.

Beast mode performance- will last a full 8-hour day with no problems.

  • More attention-grabbing than the EDP, and better for a party atmosphere.
  • Not as expensive as the EDP – about 60 – 70 % of the price.
Amazon Here FragranceX Here
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07/23/2024 08:20 am GMT

If you’re a Gent in your twenties, it’s pretty much mandatory to have a bottle of Eros in your rotation. 

Versace Eros is a masculine club-banger, all about youthful exuberance. It’s a mass appeal fragrance that is pretty much guaranteed to pick up compliments from girls

Perfectly balanced woods and fruits combine in a sensual fragrance that is creamy, rich, and perfectly sweet. Bright notes of green apple and Italian lemon zest are paired against tonka bean and vanilla to remarkable effect here. 

There are also fresh notes from a spearmint accord that adds a bit of greenery to an otherwise fairly gourmand palate. To my nose, the result is similar to a luxury mint ice cream. Top-tier.

Versace Eros EDT is great for daily use. Photo taken by Joe Manktelow-Pimm. Copyright: 7Gents ©
Eros by VersaceFragrance Notes
Top NotesMint, Green Apple, and Lemon
Middle NotesTonka Bean, Ambroxan, and Geranium
Base NotesVanilla, Cedar, Vetiver, and Oakmoss

7. Boss Bottled Eau de Parfum – Best Hugo Cologne for the Office

Best Hugo Cologne for the Office
Boss Bottled EDT

Fresh apple rounded out with a touch of cinnamon and spiced cloves.

Top-tier 10-hour longevity lends itself to those on a budget. You get a lot from just a couple of sprays

  • Long-Lasting Fragrance: Provides up to 10 hours of wear with consistent scent projection, ideal for all-day events.
  • Versatile Scent Profile: Balances fresh top notes of apple and citrus with warm heart notes of geranium and cinnamon, making it suitable for various occasions and seasons.
  • Potentially Overpowering in Warm Weather: The intensity of its spicy and woody notes may be overwhelming in hot and humid conditions.
  • Not Ideal for Casual, Everyday Use: Its sophisticated and bold character might be too much for casual or minimalistic style preferences.
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07/23/2024 09:08 am GMT

If you’re trying a Hugo Boss cologne, it’s worth picking one that relies on the accord they’re known for – apple. In Boss Bottled, juicy green apple pairs with cinnamon and spice cloves to produce a hot apple pie effect. 

It sits on top of aromatic woods like sandalwood and cedar, maintaining a masculine streak that would be ideal for young professionals looking for a confident and energetic workplace fragrance. It’s a versatile scent that you can wear all year round, apart from on very sunny days where I fear the apple sweetness may become a little cloying.

Like the other Hugo Boss colognes I’ve tried, Boss Bottled delivers impressive longevity and performance – particularly for a midrange Eau de Parfum. You’ll leave an 8-hour day at the office still harnessing a light skin scent.

If you’re looking for something that will make you feel empowered to speak your mind and assert yourself, Boss Bottled can provide exactly that sort of confidence.

Boss Bottled
Boss Bottled ParfumFragrance Notes
Top notesApple, Mandarin, Cinnamon 
Middle notesPatchouli, Rosemary, Lavender 
Base notesOlivewood, Sandalwood

8. Stronger With You – Best Vanilla Cologne

Stronger With You by Armani
$110.00 $77.50
Amazon Here
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07/23/2024 03:32 am GMT

When you’re looking for a vanilla fragrance, you want something that feels like comfort in a bottle. Stronger with You does exactly that, combining sweet gourmand vanilla with a warmer heart of cardamom and chestnut to represent a refined and gentlemanly brand of masculinity. 

It moderates the vanilla sense with just enough warm spice to prevent itself from ever becoming “too safe”. It’s a hazy, cozy blend that would be perfect for a winter walk or nestling by an open fire with your girlfriend.

As the fragrance develops, a nuttier sense begins to express itself through the dry down. It’s almost a little holiday season a homely, baked goods sort of way. By this point, at around hour 5, the projection is reduced, becoming an amber-heavy skin scent more suited for intimacy than turning heads.  

Stronger With You
Stronger With You by Giorgio Armani Fragrance Notes
Top NotesCardamom, Pink Pepper, Violet Leaf, and Mint
Middle NotesPineapple, Cinnamon, Melon, Clary Sage, and Lavender
Base NotesVanilla, Chestnut, Amberwood, Cedar, and Guaiac Wood

9. Dior Homme – Best Dior Cologne

Homme EDT Spray by Christian Dior

Contemporary and subtle masculinity. A modernization of classic woodsy tones.

Natural, clean-smelling blend that offers versatility that supports your personality rather than stealing the show.

Amazon Here Nordstrom Here
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07/23/2024 09:09 am GMT

Dior Homme is an exercise in classic masculine scents, calling upon traditional notes to produce a fragrance that still feels relevant today.

It has that great ability to last a long time but at a consistent pleasant level, rather than overpowering in the first instance and being hard to detect by the end. 

It’s a relatively light scent, but with enough woods in the base that there’s certainly a masculine sense. It is not a deep, brooding, alpha-male effort – but it does have a refined gentlemanly quality.

Dior Homme is a powdery and refined, sophisticated scent that embodies contemporary masculinity rather than blind bravado. Vetiver and musk do enough in the base to entice rather than overpower.

Dior Homme EDT SprayFragrance Notes
Top notesBergamot, Black Pepper and Elemi
Middle notesCashmere Wood, Atlas Cedar, and Patchouli
Base notesIso E Super, Haitian Vetiver, and White Musk.

10. YSL La Nuit De L’Homme – Best YSL Cologne

YSL La Nuit De L'Homme
$95.07 $72.97

Subtle and sophisticated, destined to catch the attention of ladies.

This dark, gloomy fragrance is perfect for evenings at the bar or classy parties.

Amazon Here FragranceX Here
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07/23/2024 03:00 am GMT

If you’re after something casual for the evening, La Nuit De L’Homme is a great choice. It’s the perfect scent for a night at the bar where you’re still suited, but maybe you’ve taken off your tie and undone a button or two. 

This mysterious fragrance has stood the test of time and it’s not difficult to understand why.

You’ll project a masculine combination of cardamom and woodsy vetiver and cedar which will attract attention without being overbearing. 

Accords like cumin, which I find to be criminally underused by other houses, make a pleasant appearance and bring something new to the table. This is not a generic scent, but it’s not a disruptive one, either. 

La Nuit De L’Homme is worth checking out if you need a cologne for a date night in the city – and particularly if you’re conscious of wearing something relatively unique as your signature scent.  

YSL La Nuit De L’Homme
La Nuit De L’Homme by YSLFragrance Notes
Top noteCardamom
Middle notesFloral Notes, Virginia Cedar, and Bergamot
Base notesVetiver and Caraway.

11. 1 Million Eau de Parfum – Best Paco Rabanne Cologne

1 Million is a right of passage for every young man in terms of cologne. This is pure club-banger energy, designed to attract attention through a juicy blast of citrus and cinnamon. This bold and bright cologne is all about youth, revelry, and making an impression.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million
$78.00 $71.31

Exuberant and vibrant fragrance for youthful revelry.

Girls seem to absolutely love 1 Million - it's a thing.

Lasts 8 - 10 hours, which will get you through the whole day.

Amazon Here Full Review Here
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07/23/2024 07:54 am GMT

This Paco Rabanne cologne is perfect for a Gent in his early twenties to express bustling, lively energy. As a bonus, girls seem to absolutely love this stuff.

Just be aware, that once those fruits fade, the cinnamon does become pretty powerful. It’s sort of like spiced Christmas Cookies. Plenty of sweetness but bags of spice. If you’re not a fan of cinnamon scents, it’s probably best to give this one a miss.

In the base, there are amber and woodsy accords to provide some masculine bite and prevent 1 million from wandering off into sickly-sweet territory. 

Longevity is similarly hefty at a solid day’s use of 10+ hours. 1 Million will carry you through a busy day and well into the evening entertainment.

For a top-tier energizer with the power to match, 1 million hits the jackpot. 

1 Million EDTFragrance Notes
Top Notes Grapefruit, Mint, and Blood Mandarin
Middle Notes Cinnamon, Spicy Notes, and Rose
Base Notes Patchouli, Woodsy Notes, Leather, and Amber

12. Burberry London – Best Burberry Cologne

This is an ideal cologne for winter, with warming notes of cinnamon and tobacco flower combined with deep woods and aromatic lavender. If you’re looking for a fragrance with crowd-pleasing qualities that still smells unique, it’s a great option.

This is not the sort of Eau de Parfum that’s going to fill the room when you walk in or command immediate respect and deference from your enemies. But it is a fragrance that will put those around you at ease, and leave them with an impression of you as a refined and tasteful individual.

It’s in the midrange of pricing, but to be honest it smells like it could be a luxury scent. This excellent cologne from Burberry is perfect for holiday season events where you’re not looking to blow anyone away, but still want to feel like the man.

London by Burberry is a niche-like fragrance. Photo taken by Joe Manktelow-Pimm. Copyright: 7Gents ©
Burberry London For MenFragrance Notes
Top notes Cinnamon, Lavender, and Bergamot
Middle notes Leather and Mimosa
Base notes Tobacco Leaf, Opoponax, Guaiac Wood, and Oakmoss

What to Look For in a Men’s Cologne

Colognes are an extension of your style and are a fairly subjective experience. Part of the fun of discovering what works best for you.

So when you’re choosing a new cologne, what sorts of things should you be considering?

Scent Profile and Seasonality

Do you want a cologne that is intended for a certain season, or something more versatile that you can wear across a variety of situations? 

Warmer weather causes fragrances to project more heavily, meaning that particularly sweet fragrances have to potential to become overly cloying in the heat. Similarly, a lighter fragrance designed for summer is going to lack the necessary firepower to cut through the cold air if used in winter. 

Lighter colognes will rely on brighter notes of citrus, light greenery, or aquatics, while you’re heavier fragrances will employ stiffer accords of leather and spice. 

Performance/ Longevity

Generally speaking, the longer a cologne lasts, the better. It really depends on what your schedule is like, but in an ideal world, you’d be able to apply your fragrance before you leave the house, and still be projecting by the time you get home. 

For the standard office worker, that means you’ll need at least 8 hours of meaningful performance.

As a general rule of thumb, you’d hope for at least five hours of performance from any budget cologne to consider it a decent buy. In the mid-range, the best colognes will provide around 8 hours of active fragrance, while the top-tier designer colognes can stack up to 10 – 12 hours if they’re particularly potent. 

You can make cologne last longer by spraying it on your clothes, but be aware that it has the potential to damage your fabric.

If you enjoyed reading our take on the best colognes for men, check out the guides below to find out how to get the most from your new favorite fragrance:

What’s Changed?

We updated this guide in January 2024 to reflect the most recent pricing information.

24th June 2024: This guide was overhauled with changes to our recommendations, latest reviews, and was re-fact checked to make sure our reviews are as up to date as possible.

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