1 Million Cologne Review – Does it Still Stack Up?

Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million is a club-banger fragrance that gets results. A couple of sprays will make you feel like a low-key celebrity. There’s something different about you that people can’t quite put their finger on, but they know they like it. 

It’s the perfect complement for a younger Gent who is still finding his feet and is looking for a fragrance to elevate his aura in social settings.

Women love this scent, but in that regard, it might have become a victim of its own success. Almost everybody seems to have a story about an Ex who used to wear 1 Million, so it’s hardly the most unique frag out there.

But that said, if she liked it once upon a time, it’s probably not a stretch to think she likes it now. 

paco rabanne one million

1 Million – Paco Rabanne

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Exuberant and vibrant fragrance for youthful revelry.

Girls seem to absolutely love 1 Million – it’s a thing.

Lasts 8 – 10 hours, which will get you through the whole day.


A bit cliched when it comes to party-guy fragrances.

The pricing strategy really favors buying larger bottles, which might not suit you.

First Impressions of 1 Million

Right off the bat, the standard bottle design is bold. Like, literal gold brick grandiose bold. My sampler was a little more subdued, and I found it handy to keep on me in case I needed to reapply (spoiler: I didn’t, but more on that later). 

Paco Rabanne 1 Million
The standard 1 Million bottle
paco rabanne one million
My 2 ml decant

Like the scent itself, the standard bottle is bold, enticing, and a little bit obnoxious. It looks expensive, it smells expensive – this is no time of subtlety in that regard.

This is a fragrance that screams youth and revelry and alludes to the spontaneity that comes as a consequence of disposable income, stylishly disposed of. 

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What Does 1 Million by Paco Rabanne Smell Like?

One Million is all about sweet, energetic energy. This gourmand blend of citrus and spice is lively and engaging and will raise your game along with the moods of those you encounter.

The opening is a bustling blend of juicy citrus fruits. Blood orange and grapefruit and both sweet and bright, waking you up.

paco rabanne one million
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Then, things start to warm up a little. Flecks of spiced cinnamon enter the scene and conjure a homely, rich sense of freshly baked pastries. It’s a comforting sense that stays on the right side of “sickly sweet”.

It’s held together on top of a bed of amber and woodsy notes that lend One Million its necessary bite. Despite the sweetness in the top notes, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. This cologne, at its core, is an exercise in masculinity and sensuality, rooted in the primal. 

Girls love it, and with good reason. 

Top Notes:Grapefruit, Mint and Blood Mandarin
Middle Notes:Cinnamon, Spicy Notes and Rose
Base Notes:Patchouli, Woodsy Notes, Leather and Amber
One Million (Paco Rabanne) Fragrance Notes

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How Long Does One Million by Paco Rabanne Last?

One Million by Paco Rabanne are notorious for being a bit of a performance monster. The longevity and projection are impeccable.

paco rabanne one million
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I found that a couple of sprays at the start of the day were plenty to get me through a full day, and I’d only feel the need to touch up later on if I was going somewhere particularly crowded like a busy bar or club. You’ll get 8 – 10 hours of longevity with a solid couple of meters projection for the first half of that lifecycle. 

So, like all powerful forces, handle them with care. One Million is liable to draw attention if sprayed mindlessly.

It’s one of those that you can become nose blind to, and risk smashing everyone in the face every time you walk into a new room. Sometimes, less is more. 

For a top-tier energizer with the power to match, 1 million hits the jackpot. 

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When Should You Wear One Million?

I’d have One Million earmarked as a scent for colder weather. That cinnamon accord is a pretty dominant taste of the holidays, similar to Victor and Rolf’s Spicebomb. Spiced Christmas Cookies, but sexy. Trust me, it’s not as weird as it sounds.

paco rabanne one million
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Can You Wear One Million to Work?

You could wear One Million to work – provided you heed the advice about its firepower. To be honest, you might only need one spray for an enclosed office environment; that’s how powerful it is.

It would suit younger professionals best (think age 20 – 26) best because of its energetic and vivacious profile. I’d be tempted to roll it on a casual Friday when I knew there were some post-work drinks scheduled.

How Much Does 1 Million Cost?

1 Million costs between $70 and $100, depending on what size bottle you buy and which retailer you go through.

Keep in mind that you can make significant savings by buying a larger bottle. You can get twice the cologne for an extra 20 bucks.

Check out the pricing table below for a cost breakdown (prices courtesy of Nordstrom and Amazon)

Bottle SizeRRPCost per Ounce
1.7 oz$74$43.52
3.4 oz$89.99$26.47
Invictus Victory Price/Value Breakdown

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Where to Buy Paco Rabanne 1 Million

I’ve used Nordstrom for a couple of years, and they’re my favorite. I enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that everything is taken care off; the product is authentic and will show up when I expect it to, for a fair price. 

1 Million is a crowd-pleasing scent that you’re probably going to love – but in the worst case, Nordstrom offers the most flexible returns policy I’ve come across when buying colognes online.
They’re perfectly happy for you to try your order and send it back if it’s not for you. As long as you haven’t used half the bottle, that is.

Failing that, you can always go through Amazon. They’re probably the most stocked place to buy colognes online, and I love that the reviews for each vendor are public so I know exactly what I’m getting.

Also, Amazon has got shipping down to a fine art. If you order a cologne available with Prime delivery on a Thursday, there’s a good chance it will be in your hands by the weekend. It’s that rapid. 

paco rabanne one million

1 Million – Paco Rabanne

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dylan blue

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The amber in the base of One Million really reminds me of Dylan Blue. The interplay between revivifying, juicy citrus and warming base is a strong parallel that connects these two scents for me. 

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