The Best Place To Buy Cologne Online – Updated 2022

If you’re looking for the best place to buy cologne online, here’s the rundown of the top cologne stores including Nordstrom, FragranceX, Microperfumes, and more. 

You’re going to find the widest selection and best deals online, rather than traveling to a local store. Leverage the power of the internet to compare prices across retailers and make some major savings.

I always think back to my trip to Parma a few years ago. When I arrived, I thought I’d pick up some Acqua di Parma to really get into the spirit of things.

But I must have come in the midst of a Parma panic-buy.

I was keeping a lookout for anywhere that looked like it might sell it. No dice. I ended up paying RRP for a cologne I didn’t want in the first place.

Since then I’ve always bought my scents online. It’s the best way to get deals, and I regularly pick up fragrances at (no exaggeration) 80 – 90% off RRP.

When you’re buying a cologne, you don’t want to compromise. Have you ever gone to a store to buy cologne only to find the one you had your heart set on is out of stock? 

Best Service and Overall Experience – Nordstrom

Ordering Nordstrom Online
Easy filtering for colognes available today (!) and useful chat support with quick responses

Nordstrom’s return policy CAN NOT be beaten. You can basically take anything back, at any point, for any reason.

It’s as close to risk-free as I’ve ever seen. I returned colognes a year later without any fuss. 

“We’ll always do our best to take care of customers—our philosophy is to deal with them fairly and reasonably. We have long believed that when we treat our customers fairly, they in turn are fair with us.”

Nordstrom- Customer Service – Returns and Exchanges

Nordstrom is where I make my investment purchases. I’ve never received a shoddy cologne from them, but if I ever did I’d feel secure knowing that they’d refund me without question. 

Their website is super easy to navigate, and online support is available and useful.

Shipping is free and speedy. I receive most of my purchases within a couple of days. They make returns easy as well, offering curbside pickups as well exchanges in their physical stores. 

The staff is happy to offer intelligent suggestions or any queries without being pushy salespeople. The whole experience just makes you feel like everything is taken care of, and there’s no need to worry. Customer service is on point. 

They have an awesome selection of high-quality colognes at reasonable prices. It’s mostly well-known brands, but with a couple of interesting smaller lines thrown in on rotation. There’s also the Nordstrom “house” brands – a range of basic, budget fragrances “inspired by” some of the most popular designer colognes.


Nordstrom7Gents Verdict
Returns PolicyUnlimited – Case by Case Basis
ShippingFree Shipping and Store Pick-Up
Customer SupportBrilliant – 24/7 Customer Care Line and Nationwide In-Store Support
Our Score9.5/10
Nordstrom Need to Know

Best Prices for Colognes Online – FragranceX

Some of the discounts here are insane – and there’s usually always 15% off with a code

When I buy colognes online, I want to make sure I’m getting a good deal. But that doesn’t mean compromising on quality – I just want discount designer fragrances. There are online cologne stores where you can save a little on standard colognes, but when they arrive they’re knockoffs or imitations.

Some of the colognes at FragranceX are so cheap you’ll wonder if it’s legit. I’ve bought designer fragrances for 70% off RRP – it’s wild. 

If you want to save even more, you can shop in their “unboxed” section. These are colognes where the box has been damaged a little or in-store testers that were unused and sold as surplus. 

Types of cologne on FragranceX
Save around 30% buying unboxed/tester colognes

I’ve purchased two unboxed Parfum De Marlys through FragranceX, and both of them smelt and performed how they should. The only difference was the bottle was a slightly older design, which didn’t bother me.

Normally, unboxed cologne would be a red flag. But FragranceX is a genuine service, and I’d recommend them. 

Delivery is also super speedy at 2-3 days. You can order on Wednesday and have your new cologne in time for the weekend.

The 30 day refund policy is great, too. They’re happy to let you try out the cologne and send it back, with a full refund provided the cologne is not ”used in excess”.

Tip: FragX almost always has some sort of 15% off discount code running. Sign up to their email list or just Google “FragranceX discount codes” before you check out.

Check out our full FragranceX review here

FragranceX7Gents Verdict
Returns Policy30 Days Full Refund
ShippingFree in 2-5 Business Days
Customer SupportHelpline Open from 7am – 4pm Eastern Time
Trust Pilot Score8.5/10
FragranceX Need to Know

Best for Ordering Cologne Samples – Microperfumes

I’ve ordered from Microperfumes a few times as a way to try a range of colognes for reviews on 7gents, and am yet to be disappointed.

Aventus cologne sizes
Aventus for $7.39? Yes please.

I’ll tend to order 10 or so samples, with a couple that I already have amongst them to compare against the originals. 

Some sample perfumers have been known to water down their decants with cheaper products. So far, everything I’ve ordered from Microperfumes stacks up in terms of note profile and potency.

Because most of these colognes are new to me, I’ll sometimes throw in 1 or 2 colognes I’ve already tried, just to make sure my samples smell like they’re supposed to. So far, everything has come back as genuine. 

Regular shipping usually takes 2 days and the sample vials come safely stowed in a bubble mailer. 

Plus, every weekend they lower their free shipping threshold to $10, meaning you can order just one or two samples without even paying postage.

Like Fragrance X, there’s almost always some sort of promotion running which makes your samples even cheaper. If you’re ordering a bag of ten or samples, saving 15% is 1 – 2 extra colognes for free!

Micro perfumes 15% off
Don’t mind if I do…

Samples are a great way for you to build the number of colognes at your disposal without breaking the bank. It’s a great feeling to be able to pick the perfect cologne for your day, rather than settle for beginner’s “one cologne fits all” energy.

Once you’ve explored and worked out a few signature fragrances, you can invest in a full-sized bottle through Nordstrom.

P.S A lot of people I know have recommended LuckyScent as the best place to buy cologne samples online. I haven’t ordered from them myself, but I would say they seem to offer more range in terms of niche Fragrances. Microperfumes have a more thorough designer range, however.

Check out our full MicroPerfumes review here

Microperfumes7Gents Verdict
Returns Policy30 Days if Unopened
Shipping2 – 8 Business Days
Customer SupportSupport Ticket Answered Within 24 Hours
Trust Pilot Score8/10
Microperfumes Need to Know

Runners Up

These two didn’t quite make the cut, but are worth being aware of in case what you’re looking for is out of stock elsewhere. It’s good to have backup plans.

Fragrance Net – If FragranceX is Lacking

I tend to price check between Fragrance X and Fragrance Net – FrangranceX is super fast delivery, 2-3 days, so I’ll tend to go with them even if it’s $5 – 10 dollars more than fragrance net. 

Fragrance Net buys real fragrances from other global markets where they are priced lower and then resells them in the US. Some call it the grey market, I call it good business. I’ve bought several bottles from them and they’re all legit. You’re way more likely to find fakes and bad bottles from Amazon, but more on that in a second… 

FragranceNet prices
Some examples of the deals on FragranceNet…

When it comes to buying colognes online, individual cologne prices will differ from shop to shop. For every 5 colognes that are cheaper on FragranceX, there will be 3 that are cheaper on FragranceNet. 

While FragranceX has an edge overall, that’s not to say that they have the lowest prices on every cologne. You should check out FragranceNet before placing your order, for sure.

Check out our full FragranceNet review here

FragranceNet7Gents Verdict
Returns Policy30 Days if Unopened
Shipping5-7 Days
Customer SupportCustomer Care lIne and Live Chat 9am – 5pm Eastern Time
7Gents Score 7.5/10
FragranceNet Need to Know

Amazon – Best Delivery Times and Stock Levels

Amazon is the master of convenience. Everything you could imagine is almost always in stock and will arrive within a few days.

Within a couple of years, they’ll probably be dropping colognes to you by drone. 

Just make sure you consider the reviews. Amazon has multiple vendors competing to sell you popular products. Products marked “Amazon’s Choice” have been vetted and are a safe bet. 

This is a good sign. Thousands of satisfied customers:

High Stars + 1000’s of Reviews + Amazon’s Choice = Safe Buy

People do sell imitations on there, but that’s usually explained in the description – and if not, it’s obvious in the reviews. So do your research!

Amazon7Gents Verdict
Returns PolicyVaries – Generally 14 Days
ShippingCan be Same Day with Prime – Generally 3-5 Business Days
Customer SupportDepends on Vender – Generally Good
7Gents Score7.5
Amazon Need to Know

Summary: The Best Online Cologne Stores to Buy Cologne Online

In recommending the best cologne, we took into account the cologne stores with a huge selection, that sell products including the top designer brands cologne, offered benefits like free shipping, and who sold not just premium cologne, but lower-priced discount cologne – for the more budget-conscious.

FAQ – What you Should Know About How to Buy Cologne Online

The top brands and online cologne stores were:

Nordstrom – great online cigar buying experience and support

FragranceX – best cologne prices and a great selection

Microperfumes – great selection of cologne samples

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