Best Creed Cologne – How to Find Your Signature Scent From the Kings of Men’s Fragrance

Creed has a reputation as the king of men’s cologne, so I decided to set about testing the 8 best Creed colognes to see if I could pick a winner. 

As I expected, it was a wonderful experience to revisit some of my favorite colognes- but almost impossible to land on one. 

Aventus Creed is the most popular offering from Creed. It’s normally included in the conversation of best cologne worldwide, period.

It is, without doubt, exceptional, and it would have been easy to write a review of Aventus and leave it at that.  

Some of the lesser-known Creed fragrances explore more niche accords. They could easily become a signature scent for those looking for something a little less notorious

Creeds’ attention to detail is, in my opinion, unparalleled. They often spend years crafting fragrances that are perfectly concocted for a particular environment.

So, let’s dive in and find something that reflects your personality.

Best Creed Colognes in 2022

Aventus Creed – Best Creed Cologne for Compliments

Aventus is the signature offering from Creed that millions adore worldwide. It’s the standard to measure luxury colognes against, and a fragrance that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. 

Aventus creed best creed cologne

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It’s a very masculine and versatile scent that is equally at home in the boardroom as a 5-star hotel lobby.

The opening is nice and juicy, packed full of blackcurrant and pineapple. This fruity sense lasts for around 2/3 hours, before moving into a smokey, woody birch heart.

The dry down is mysterious and musky, a little like the fruit from the opening but with some oakmoss sprinkled in. The whole ride lasts around 10 hours, so you get plenty of bang for your buck. Aventus can survive a full day at the office and still be projecting at post-work drinks. 

The projection is also very impressive; I’ve had my 50ml bottle for over a year now and still have most of it left. On a couple of sprays, Aventus is still a real compliment collector, which is handy given the considerable price tag.

With this in mind, you might want to apply conservatively in more professional environments where you’re not looking to be the center of attention.

If I was to be super picky, Aventus may be becoming a victim of its own success. Because it’s known as one of the best fragrances in the world, people have flocked to it. If you’re after a fragrance that others have never encountered, you might want to look elsewhere.

Top NotesBlackcurrant, Apple, Bergamot, and Pineapple
Middle NotesRose, Patchouli, Jasmine, and Birch
Base NotesVanilla, Oakmoss, and Musk
Aventus Creed Fragrance Notes

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Green Irish Tweed Creed – Best Creed Cologne for Summer/Spring Strolls

If you wear Green Irish Tweed, you’re in good company- it’s the fragrance of choice for stars like George Clooney and Prince Charles.

Green Irish Tweed Creed

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It’s not hard to see why.

Green Irish Tweed is one of the freshest spring/summer scents I’ve ever come across. Inspired by a walk through the lush Irish countryside, the fragrance rings out with a cool freshness a little sweetness.

It’s elegant and refined and would suit a man looking for a more mature fragrance to exude sophisticated confidence.

Bergamot, pink peppercorn, and zingy lemon open the flavor profile, before shifting gears into rose and peppermint. This body is herbaceous, fern-like, and full of life. It’s all tied together by a rich base of sandalwood, vetiver, and patchouli that harkens back to rolling green fields.

It doesn’t feel overpowering or overwhelming; I’d consider it to be perfectly understated. 

It’s one of my all-time favorites. While Green Irish Tweed does come with a hefty price tag, the performance from a couple of sprays will last you the whole day. Projection is in the sweet spot of noticeable without threatening to become domineering.

Top NotesIris and Lemon Verbena
Middle NoteViolet
Base NotesSandalwood and Ambergris
Green Irish Tweed Fragrance Notes

Silver Mountain Water Creed – Best Creed Cologne for the Boardroom

Silver Mountain Water Creed

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For a long time, Aventus was my most complimented Creed fragrance. That changed when I started using Silver Mountain Water.  

It’s perfect for the office environment, with a quiet sophistication that projects control and authority. You can’t help but think about impressive glass buildings and high-class tailoring when you smell Silver Mountain Water. A couple of sprays makes you feel like you’ve walked off the set of Suits. 

The citrusy, musky concoction feels like an early summer evening. Imagine sharing a crisp gin and tonic with a beautiful businesswoman, discussing quarterly turnover amongst all manner of other things. 

On that note, when a woman likes Silver Mountain Creed, they really like it. It’s an intoxicating fragrance that’s bound to receive positive attention.

There’s a creamy, green tea accord that persists through the heart. Then, the dry-down catapults you towards more serious sandalwood and musk. 

For some, the musk can be a little overpowering. If you’re not a fan of that sort of fragrance I doubt that Silver Mountain Water would be the best Creed cologne for you.

Performance is excellent at 12 hours of longevity, so you needn’t worry about reapplying. This is a real set and forget. It even outperforms Aventus in that regard, which is no faint praise.

Top NotesMandarin and Bergamot
Middle NotesBlackcurrant and Green Tea
Base NotesSandalwood, Petitgrain, and Musk
Silver Mountain Water Fragrance Notes

Viking Creed – Best Creed Cologne for Date Night

Viking Creed is very, very sexy. It’s an excellent renaissance of traditional masculine notes that feels modern and sophisticated. 

Viking Creed

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Interestingly, it’s sort of reminiscent of a high-class barbershop, full of freshness and humming with clean-cut attention to detail.

Don’t go into this thinking this is meant to compete with Aventus. If you do you will be disappointed, as this is not in the same category of scent. It’s more mature and masculine, and less suited for young people.

The top notes of spice and mint segway into a creamy lavender middle. It’s delightfully moreish. The base is woody and musky, packed full of cedar and a tonka bean that cannot be ignored. 

Having said that, my girlfriend prefers Viking Creed, for what that’s worth!

Top NotesMint, Lemon, Orange, and Pink Pepper
Middle NotesRose, Clove, Jasmine, Lavender, and Allspice
Base NotesCedar, Musk, Vetiver and Tonka Bean
Viking Creed Fragrance Notes

Original Vetiver Creed – Best Creed Cologne for Nature Lovers

Unlike most vetiver-based colognes, this Creed offering uses all three parts of the plant – leaves, stems, and roots. The result is a far more comprehensive vetiver exploration than other options on the market.

Original Vetiver Creed

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The opening is full of soapy mint, clean vetiver, and a touch of bergamot, before moving into a stiffer sandalwood middle. There are hints of zest in there with a touch of citrus fruits and ginger, which adds just enough sweetness. 

In the base, there’s a musky, masculine rubber from the vetiver root that almost reminds me of car tires. It’s better than it sounds, trust me. It’s got that classic Creed woodiness I love, with a touch of creaminess too. 

When it all comes together, the sense is one of woody spice and lush grassy vetiver. It’s a refreshing fragrance that inevitably boosts your mood. 

In my experience, Original Vetiver performs best in warmer weather. In the heat I get a full 10 hours of projection, otherwise, it’s more like 7/8.

I am a huge vetiver fan, so I may be a little biased- but I love this fragrance. Having said that, it is worth noting that this fragrance is not completely dominated by the plant. It’s prominent, but so well blended that you don’t need to be a vetiver fanatic to enjoy it. It’s more of a consistent undercurrent than a domineering force. 

Top NotesGinger, Mandarin Orange, and Bergamot
Middle NotesVetiver, Iris, and Sandalwood
Base NotesMusk and Abergris
Original Vetiver Creed Fragrance Notes

Bois du Portugal Creed- Best Creed Cologne for Sophisticated Functions

Bois du Portugal is an opulent and refined cologne that oozes charm and charisma. It’s masculine and assertive but in a gentlemanly and sophisticated way. It smells like it would suit a noble king, or the aristocracy.

Boise Du Portugal Creed

It’s more of a formal fragrance that’s perfect for special occasions. You wouldn’t wear Bois du Portugal down at the local bar, for example- it’s too mature for that. 

It’s the great outdoors in a bottle and is fizzing with freshness and life. Bois du Portugal conjures the fragrant forest air infused with pine sap and earthy moss. It’s a green scent lover’s dream.

There’s a citrusy quality that zips along with the top notes too. It’s enough to prevent the fragrance from taking itself too seriously. For me, the woodiness in Bois Du Portugal is preferable to Royal Oud. It’s full of vitality and freshness, while Oud harnesses a deeper, more brooding Agarwood in the base.

I’d even put it ahead of Aventus- but if I’m being objective, that’s a minority position. However, the fact that we’re even in the same league as such an olfactory legend should give you an indication of the quality at play here. 

The projection here is immense. Within two sprays you’ll be turning heads, and anything over three spritzes is room-filling fragrance. 

The longevity is also abundant, with Bois Du Portugal more than a match for a full day with 8-12 hours of meaningful output. 

Top NotesBergamot, Lemon Peel
Middle NotesLavender, Pine
Base NotesSandalwood, Cedar, and Vetiver
Bois Du Portugal Fragrance Notes

Royal Oud Creed- Best Creed Cologne for Luxury Getaways

Royal Oud is the second most well-known (and for that. matter, well-purchased) Creed cologne. It lives up to its name. It smells like the interior of a grand Persian palace, packed full of wealth and majesty.

Need to know: What does Oud smell like?

Royal Oud Creed

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It lends itself to formal occasions when you need to dress to impress. Paired with the right suit or leather jacket, Royal Oud will take you from a 9 to a 10. 

First, you’ll notice a smokey cedarwood and pepper combo that I’d describe as spiced grass. It’s exceptional, and not something I’ve been able to find in other Oud fragrances. 

Then, you’ll begin to pick out bergamot touched with a twist of lemon. The base is musky sandalwood and the key primary accord is a dollop of agarwood. 

Quick disclaimer: If you’re a die-hard oud fan, you might be a little disappointed in the subtlety of the woodiness. It’s a smooth and woodsy cologne, rather than a whack round the head with a plank of agarwood. Creed produce classy and “cleaned up” versions of classic fragrances, after all. 

Royal Oud is subtle enough to not be obnoxious, but people do notice it. I pick up plenty of unsolicited compliments when I wear it, but still feel comfortable. This isn’t a fragrance that’s too experimental and screams “look at me, look at me” whenever I walk into a room.

If you’re looking for a top-tier oud that’s not overdone, you’ve found it. Royal Oud is a great choice for the oud-obsessed and rookies alike. While a little on the expensive side, it’s a fragrance everyone should try at least once. 

Top NotesLemon, Bergamot, and Pink Pepper
Middle NotesGalbanum and Cedar
Base NotesAgarwood (Oud), Musk, and Sandalwood
Royal Oud Creed Fragrance Notes

Original Santal Creed- Best Creed Cologne for Winter/Fall Wanders

Before this review, I hadn’t worn Original Santal Creed in a while, and I’ll admit- I’d sort of forgotten how good it is.

Original Santal Creed

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This is a sophisticated and cozy fragrance that’s made for the winter. It’s a comforting combination of aromatic spice and woodsy floral notes that flourish on chilly days. It makes me think of pristine overcoats and cashmere scarfs on the way to the office or walking through the park.

The heat comes from cinnamon and ginger, which some may find a little cluttered or overwhelming. The ginger in particular could come down a notch or two. Still, Original Santal is gentlemanly and refined compared to other “Christmas in a bottle” options like Spicebomb by Victor and Rolf.

It’s dry and light, peppered with sandalwood, and touched by soothing lavender. The result is a winter cologne that is well-balanced overall. It’s very clean smelling, but that sandalwood element adds enough masculinity to maintain a bit of bite. 

For me, it’s a complete stress buster. It makes me want to take a second to breathe and remind myself it’s all going to be alright. And even if it’s not, at least I smell excellent.  

In my experience, you’ll get between 5-7 hours of meaningful projection from Original Creed Santal. Keep in mind that I tend to use it exclusively in colder weather which reduces the potential output. 

P.S In the community, I see a lot of people saying that Original Santal is just a rip-off of Mont Blanc Individuel. Sure, they are similar, but if you think they’re exactly the same I’m afraid you’re missing the point. Mont Blanc is just not comparable in terms of quality; all the pieces are there, but the execution is harsher and more synthetic. 

Original Santal is for men, Mont Blanc Individuel is for boys. There, I said it. 

Top NotesCoriander, Cinnamon and Juniper Berries
Middle NotesRosemary, Ginger and Lavender
Base NotesTonka Bean and Vanilla
Original Santal Creed Fragrance Notes

FAQs: What You Should Know About Creed Colognes

The Wrap-up

Creed is all about subtlety and refinement. It’s well worth exploring a few of their fragrances to find the one that represents you best. 

Of course, Aventus is a legendary fragrance, but it’s not going anywhere. I’d encourage you to branch out a little. Explore some other offerings to make sure you’re not missing out on a cologne that feels like it is made for you.

So if you want to take your gentlemanly style to the next level, pick up a bottle today! You won’t regret it.

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