The Best Yves Saint Laurent Cologne (Updated YSL Guide 2022)

Today’s man is missing something if his routine does not include a spritz of some classic cologne, and as far as fragrances for men roll, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) ranks among the best.

The brand name of Yves Saint Laurent has been famous across the world since 1961 when the company began. They introduced the very first YSL fragrance after only three years. From that exciting day in 1964, YSL has gotten a famous reputation for their expanding list of over 200 luxurious colognes and perfumes.

To find the best YSL cologne for yourself, consider your lifestyle, as well as the occasions on which you’ll be wearing the scent.

Whether you’re very experienced with cologne or you’re still struggling to understand how an eau de toilette differs from an Eau de perfume, I’ve got you covered.

Keep reading the only guide you’ll need as we plow into 2022 on how to choose the best YSL cologne for men!

Best YSL Cologne for Men

I have selected some of the best YSL colognes and believe me, every season and every occasion has something suitable. Check them out on the list below.

Yves Saint Laurent brings you this amazing smelling, casual, soft, and long-lasting cologne. It captures the attention of the ladies and presents masculinity without being too overbearing.

YSL La Nuit De L’homme, best YSL cologne

It opens in a warm spice from cardamom, which is followed by a soothing lavender note. The composition also has a generous touch of woodiness with the blend of vetiver and cedar providing a dry freshness.

La Nuit De L’Homme, which means “the night of the man”, is spicier and warmer than L’Homme intense and L’Homme. This scent from YSL is the perfect evening cologne for men going into town at night whether dressed casually or in a suit and shirt with cufflinks. Presenting rich notes of cedarwood, coumarin, and cardamom, La Nuit De L’Homme prides itself on its bold edge and sensual scent.

In its seductive quality, this scent features depth and mystery that will keep everyone guessing because of its complex and contrasting olfactive elements. If you already have a workplace cologne but are still looking for a special fragrance for date nights, La Nuit De L’Homme is what you need. You’ve thought a lot about your choice of shoes and now you have the perfect cologne to accompany your date night attire.

It has been a bestselling fragrance over the last decade, and that’s why it’s on this best YSL cologne list.

2. YSL Y EDT Spray – Best YSL Cologne for Youthful Freshness

Masculinity defines the inspiration for this perfume. Released in 2017, Yves Saint Laurent made this with the olfactory expertise of Dominique Ropion, the brain behind the L’homme Intense composition. Generation Y represents the masculine counterpart of the original YSL Y fragrance that was released in the 90s.


This mixture contains sage, which makes it refreshingly sweet, along with a combination of ambroxan and bergamot which never goes wrong. Rather than the unique smell you can expect from other YSL fragrances, the scent drifts to your nose along a simple and floral scent, easy on the nose, and soothing to the mind.

It’s a fresh and straightforward scent that’s suitable as an everyday fragrance. The simple ingredients in the blend also make it a versatile perfume that works for men in almost every category.

The longevity of this choice is decent, though we consider the sillage to fall short of the overall standards of YSL. Also, as this is a popular composition, you may get bored with the simplicity of the scent.

3. YSL Opium for Men – Most Unique YSL Cologne for Men

Opium is among the more popular YSL colognes. Released by Jacques Cavallier, this woody cologne with its exquisite pepper, ginger, cedar, and vanilla aroma, is as sharp as it is masculine. It projects subtly enough to get you through the workweek without being overbearing. On the more prominent side, it contains notes of galanga, black currant, tolu balsam, and star anise, which all contribute to Opium’s status as one of the most exotic and bestselling YSL colognes for men.

YSL Opium for Men

Opium is a soft and warm cologne that works for winter and fall, with a spicy and exotic scent containing vanilla notes which provide a needed balance. The sweetness from the familiar fragrance of vanilla rests on a base of cedar that follows it.

It begins with an otherwise rather sharp/tart black currant note and is accompanied by a warm spice. The black currant subsides, giving room for the spicy quality of pepper and anise in this cologne to highlight the freshness.

The composition has a generous presence of Balsam which provides a warm cloud and offers you the dreamlike and exotic standard of Opium.

4. YSL Body Kouros for Men – Best YSL Cologne for Winter

This is a remarkable casual cologne that is popular in the winter months. It is a blend of incense, woods, and eucalyptus that brings a hint of spice to a candy-sweet fragrance. Yves Saint Laurent introduced the unique Kouros Body fragrance in 2000.

YSL Body Kouros for Men

There is no smell that compares to this because of its selection of ingredients. The biggest note is benzoin, which blends with a note of smokey incense and a medicinal eucalyptus. This is smooth, with a hint of spice in the sweetness- courtesy of sage. The result is a smooth, very fresh, and enveloping warmth.

The sillage is decent and with solid wear time. Don’t be shocked when you gain compliments from people around you when you wear this YSL cologne.

5. YSL L’homme Sport – Best Sporty YSL Cologne

Yves Saint Laurent made this piece from a recipe of fresh woody notes with a burst of citrus accords. Anne Flipo who is the brain behind L’homme Sport, and credited for many of the fragrances from this brand, spearheaded this ultra-masculine sporty fragrance for men in 2014.

YSL L’homme Sport

The introduction of this scent pronounces the bergamot and pure lemon verbena notes. The blend of these notes with other woody ones keeps the citrus blast from going overboard and becoming immature. This mix contains some ingredients that appear here and there to help keep the fragrance at a particular level of eccentricity and depth.

This fragrance is not the year-round kind if you don’t want to smell like lemons on winter mornings. You should always appreciate how appropriate these kinds of fresh scents are for temperate summer days when you need a boost that provides a light summer fragrance.

YSL cologne l’homme is not particularly heavy on the typical skin type, which makes it a satisfactory choice for you if you want a touch of masculinity and charm.

6. YSL Y EDP – Best YSL Cologne for Daily Wear

Top of the list from YSL is the most recent release, Y EDP. It outperformed its predecessor in every way.


Y EDP is a crispy fresh blend of apple, ginger, and bergamot. It’s a perfect blend that captures attention from the beginning. The follow-up is the creaminess and warmth of amberwood and tonka bean, with a further touch of freshness from juniper.

Its longevity is a remarkable 10 hours and provides a prominent but not overwhelming sillage. This is clean, with herbal aromas, underlying woodiness, and sweetness here and there. Great choice if strutting about town during the day with your crossbody bag for a bit of window shopping or meeting up with friends.

How To Choose the Best YSL Cologne

Fragrances vary in their concentrations. The eau de fraiche, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and parfum are the four major ones. You may have seen a bottle of YSL men’s cologne at an upscale department store and noticed it is significantly more expensive at another store. This price difference is because of different strength levels.

Fragrances show a concentration label according to the percentage of perfume oil they contain. Perfumes that contain a higher percentage of natural ingredients and oils are more expensive than those containing alcohol and synthetics. Hence, a higher concentration of oil means a higher price per ounce. The perfume concentration affects scent longevity when the oil concentration is higher.

You may go for a diluted variant of the best YSL cologne for any of a few reasons. For instance, if it’s too heavy for the occasion. Not only that, but some Eau de parfum colognes have different smells from their eau de toilette equivalent. Let’s look at the four cologne concentrations.

  • Eau de Fraiche

Eau de Fraiche is a light fragrance with only 1%-2% concentration of perfume oil. Regarded as a body mist, they are great for summer and casual occasions.

  • Eau de Toilette

Eau de toilette is the most common form of men’s fragrance, with a 5%-15% concentration of perfume oil. According to the concentration, you may get more longevity from some Eau de toilettes than Eau de parfums.

  • Eau de Parfum

Eau de parfum has a 15%-20% concentration of perfume oil and lasts on the skin for up to 8 hours. Eau de parfums also keep their strength in the bottle for longer and will still have a delightful smell after time passes.

  • Parfum

Pure perfume or Parfum has a higher concentration, though the perfume oil concentration is not 100%. They contain around 20%-30% of perfume oil. They stay on your skin the whole day, and is only removed by washing off the perfume.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Choosing Your YSL Cologne

It might be inappropriate to wear a particular fragrance to work if YSL designed it to make you smell great at the bar. You need to consider your environment in your choice of the fragrance of the day. YSL has a wide selection of unique, masculine fragrances to make finding your signature fragrance easier than expected.

The climate, the occasion, the season, and your lifestyle will determine the best YSL men’s cologne for you. 

Some fragrances are better suited to the office or professional occasions. However, it’s important to note the smell of popular colognes can irritate your colleagues. That’s why I recommend the YSL aftershave that comes in more popular scents, like vanilla, lavender, and light citrus, may be a suitable option for the office. You may also choose a light eau de toilette instead of a parfum or eau de parfum. 

If you live in colder climates, warmer fragrances such as sandalwood, tobacco, spicy notes, or wood, are perfect for cutting through the cold air. Parfums are better for people who have dry skin because of their higher oil concentration.

For people in warmer places with high humidity all year, cleaner, lighter fragrances may be the best. Check the bottle color. Amber or brown colors often show fall and winter scents, and a bright blue color for Summer scents. Darker bottles sometimes indicate a heavier variant of a light fragrance.

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