YSL Y EDT vs EDP – Which is Best for You?

YSL Y is a crowd-pleasing fragrance perfect for younger gents who want something masculine with a bit of personality.

But even within YSL Y, there’s nuance.

Best For: Summer freshness


Fresher and better for summer than the EDP.
Impressive longevity at 8 hours.
Best For: dress to impress


Sweeter, creamier – better for sophisticated moments.
Powerful projection – go easy on the trigger.

Which is best – YSL Y EDT or EDP?

The EDT is a summer classic, with a streak of blue freshness that will leave you smelling bright and clean all day. Perfect for lounging by the pool or going out for a cocktail in the sun.

The EDP shares the apple inclination and a manly cedar base, but it’s a sweeter, creamier variation that is going to serve you better for more sophisticated encounters. If I’m dressing to impress for a party or date, I’m going for the EDP all day long.

Both fragrances have mass appeal and are pretty much guaranteed to pick up compliments from girls – but context matters.

The best way to compare the two is side by side, so let’s check out the differences so you can make the right decision.

What Does YSL Y EDT Smell Like?

YSL Y EDT is a clean and fresh fragrance with a bright blue streak. It’s amazing for casual occasions in summer when you’re looking for something refreshing and masculine.


In the opening, you’ve got soft twists of zesty citrus and ginger, followed by a hefty dose of calming lavender and masculine sage in the middle notes.

It all rests on top of a masculine base of cedar, helped along by an intoxicating vanilla dry down that makes you smell irresistible.

For an EDT, YSL Y has excellent longevity and sillage that will keep you smelling fresh all day. It’s the perfect partner for a dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day, and lounging around with a cocktail and a beautiful lady afterward.

This crowd-pleasing cologne beats out other crowd-pleasing colognes like Dior Sauvage and Versace Eros for my summer-time pick, walking the line between fresh and masculine beautifully across its 8-hour lifetime.

Top Notes:Aldehydes, Bergamot and Ginger
Middle Notes:Lavender, Geranium and Clary Sage
Base Notes:Olibanum, Vanilla, Ambergris and Cedar
YSL Y EDT Fragrance Notes

What Does YSL Y EDP Smell Like?

Y Eau de Parfum is one of the most versatile compliment-collecting fragrances I’ve ever owned. 


When I go out wearing Y Eau de Parfum, both girls and guys ask “what smells so nice” in equal measure, which is pretty rare. 

It opens up with a fresh and fruity blast of apple that reminds me of Hugo Boss fragrances – but Y has greater nuance from bergamot and clary sage to prevent it from being a one-note-wonder.

The apple persists for the lifetime of the fragrance, joined by amber woodsiness in the heart and sweetness from inflections of tonka bean. The dry down is an attractive and powdery landing of sweet white musk.

Anything more than a couple of sprays is going to dominate the room, so handle it with care. Either way, it means your bottle will last a long while, making this affordable cologne even better value for money.

YSL really hit a home run with this versatile, classy cologne – particularly if you’re looking for a clean, apple-led fragrance.

Top Notes:Apple, Aldehydes, Grapefruit and Ginger
Middle Notes:Sage, Lavender and Geranium
Base Notes:Tonka Bean, Cedar, Olibanum and Patchouli
YSL Y EDP Fragrance Notes

Which is Best for You – YSL Y EDT vs YSL Y EDP

YSL Y EDT and EDP are about 85% similar. The major difference is that the EDP smells a little sweeter and thicker, while the EDT is lighter and fresher.

In the EDT, you’re getting greater emphasis on the brighter citrusy notes, making it a better fresh pick for warmer weather.

While the EDP has a bit more muskiness and ambroxan, producing a more seductive note profile that would perform better on date night. The sweetness reminds me of apple-flavored cotton candy, and girls seem to absolutely love it.

In terms of performance, both the EDT and EDP last around 8 hours. You’ll only need a couple of sprays before work to get you through the whole day – anything more and you might find yourself overpowering your colleagues. 

How Much Does YSL Y EDT and EDP Cost?

The EDT version of YSL Y is cheaper per oz, but keep in mind that the EDP lasts longer and has a higher concentration of fragrance oil – so you need fewer sprays to achieve a similar effect.

The cheapest YSL Y available is the 0.33 oz EDT format.

Where to Buy YSL Y EDT and EDP

If you’re looking to buy YSL Y online, you need to make sure you use a reputable retailer.

There’s nothing worse than placing an order that feels a little too good to be true, only to receive a cologne that underwhelms because it’s obviously a knock-off. Or worse yet, doesn’t arrive at all.

For the best prices and shipping times, I recommend shopping through FragranceX. They have great shipping times, and cut-price offers by selling cologne testers that have never been used.

Otherwise, you could order through Amazon – just make sure you check out the reviews beforehand to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable vendor.

Best For: Summer freshness


Fresher and better for summer than the EDP.
Impressive longevity at 8 hours.
Best For: dress to impress


Sweeter, creamier – better for sophisticated moments.
Powerful projection – go easy on the trigger.


What is an EDT?

An EDT is an Eau de Toilette – a fragrance containing 5 – 15% essential perfume oil. These fragrances are designed for day-to-day use and tend to last for between 4 – 7 hours.

They’re not as concentrated as EDPs, which makes them a better choice for the warmer months of the year where heat is likely to make your fragrance project more than usual.

If you’re looking for something subtler for the office of running casual errands, an EDT is the way to go.

What does Eau de Toilette Mean?

Toilette comes from the french word “toile”, which is a small piece of fabric historically used while shaving.

The term became synonymous with grooming more generally, so Eau de Toilette simply refers to “water of grooming”.

What is an EDP

Eau de Parfums have a stronger concentration of perfume oil than EDTs, usually around 10-20%. Thus, they carry a stronger scent and tend to last longer – up to 10 hours in some cases.

Because EDPs contain a higher percentage of the active ingredient they tend to be more expensive than EDTs – but because you need less per application the price difference balances itself out.

Beyond strength, EDP variants usually have a slightly different note profile too. The scent is designed to be stronger, so more powerful and arresting notes are prioritized.

If you’re looking to make an impression on a date or a party, EDPs are the way to go. 

What Does Eau de Parfum Mean?

Eau de Parfum has a more straightforward translation than EDT. Parfum refers to fragrance, scent, or flavor – so Eau de Parfum simply means “water of fragrance”.

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What’s Changed?

We updated this guide in January 2024 to reflect the most recent pricing information.

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