Versace Eros Cologne Review (2022) – Still the Best?

Versace Eros is a masculine club-banger best suited for youthful exuberance. It’s got mass appeal and is pretty much guaranteed to pick up compliments from girls. 

This Versace Eros review is inspired by the Greek God of love, Eros, who seeks to share the powers of passion and desire with us mere mortals. A lofty goal, but one Versace seems to have pulled off pretty comprehensively. 

If you’re a Gent in your twenties, it’s pretty much mandatory to have a bottle of Eros in your rotation. 

This fresh, woody blend marries a masculine base of stiff cedar with fresher inflections of mint and fruits for a fragrance that will drive women wild. It’s for the man-gladiator who is capable of claiming what is rightfully his. 

versace eros

Versace Eros

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“This is a fragrance for a man who is his own master. He is a hero: a man who defends their ideas and goals.” – 

 Donatella Versace.

A vibrant, youthful party-banger cologne that women can’t resist.

Masculine woodiness in the base (cedar) paired with sweet fruits and mint.

Beast mode performance- will last a full 8-hour day with no problems.


Not the most unique fragrance out there. Most people have an Ex that reminds them of Eros.

A little unsophisticated. Eros is fun and vibrant, but not remarkably nuanced.

Not the pick for a job interview, let’s say.

Versace Eros First Impressions

The standard-issue bottle feels like something you might find in a treasure chest in Uncharted. It’s got a real Atlantis-esque quality that adds some theatre to applying the cologne. 

The piercing turquoise-colored glass evokes the crystal clear mediterranean sea, while the head of Medusa is woven into the bottle and cap to remind you of the mythical power that the fragrance can bestow. 

versace eros full bottle
Full-sized Verace Eros bottle
versace eros
My 2ml decant

My sample sprayer was a little less grandiose, but I still got a hint of that mystique from the embossed promotional material and gold foil lettering. To discover Versace Eros is to stumble upon an ancient treasure – and treasure might well win the girl!

It’s worth noting the price structure for Eros. The bottles come in a range of sizes (50, 100, and 200ml), and it pays to buy in bulk. The 200ml variant, for example, costs the same amount as 2 50ml bottles. So, twice the price for four times the fragrance.

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What Does Versace Eros Smell Like?

This apple-vanilla flavor bomb is delicious. It is creamy, rich, and sweet to the perfect level. The vanilla is neatly weighted against tonka bean – and the result is remarkable.

versace eros scent notes
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That smooth, sweet sense is punctuated by a sort of pointed spear mint that cuts through. It’s really fresh and vivid, and adds a sense of cleanliness to an otherwise quite gourmand palate.

If it sounds like a bit of a weird combo, just think about your favorite mint choc-chip ice cream without the chocolate. It works really well. The interplay of freshness and dessert flavors is just as addictive as it is unusual. 

Girls love it, and I love wearing it. 

Top Notes:Mint, Green Apple and Lemon
Middle Notes:Tonka Bean, Ambroxan and Geranium
Base Notes:Vanilla, Cedar, Vetiver and Oakmoss
Versace Eros Note Profile

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How Long Does Versace Eros Last For?

So, Versace Eros is pretty loud. You’d expect that from a cologne that has made its reputation on the party scene. It has to compete with plenty of other aromas in the room, some more pleasant than others. 

In my experience, you should get a decent fragrance bubble of a couple of meters for your first 3 hours after application. Beyond that, you’ll have intimate levels of projection for the remainder of the 10-hour ride. 

versace eros ingredients
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It’s one of these colognes that you still smell on your wrists when you wake up from the night before. When you are spending a decent chunk of change on a designer cologne, you want something that has a bit of staying power.

Plus, it means you need fewer sprays per application, extending the lifespan of your bottle.

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When Should You Wear Versace Eros?

I’d consider this scent to be extremely versatile and wearable year-round for pretty much all occasions. However it is a loud and attention-attracting scent, so scale the number of sprays to the location/event. I’d happily wear this to both gym and office, but it’s primarily for nights out.

Batch Variation

There are some pretty opinionated folks out there who are critical of the newer batches of Eros. They say that the newer batches are pretty weak by comparison, and don’t have as much projection and longevity as they did in the “good old days”.

Personally, I’ve never tried the original Eros, so I’m not going to offer anything groundbreaking here.

What I can say is that from the newer batches I’ve tried, I receive pretty consistent compliments – which would suggest that it’s doing its job.

I do spray relatively heavy if I’m headed out for the evening (4 – 5 sprays across my body, neck, and head), but I get a lot of mileage from that. 

How Much Does Versace Eros Cost?

Versace Eros costs between $90 and $130, depending on what size bottle you buy and which retailer you go through.

Keep in mind that you can make significant savings by buying a larger bottle. You can get twice the cologne for an extra 30 bucks.

Check out the pricing table below for a cost breakdown (prices courtesy of Nordstrom)

Bottle SizeRRPCost per Ounce
3.4 oz$92$27.06
6.8 oz$122$17.94
Versace Eros Price/Value Breakdown

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Is Versace Eros Worth It?

Versace Eros can be judged in two ways. Firstly, the fragrance itself. I find the blend of vanilla and freshness evocative and exciting and would give it a solid 9/10 for a cologne of this pricepoint.

But more importantly, you judge a cologne on its results. Why are you wearing a cologne called Eros? You want to attract girls, and Versace will certainly do that for you.

There have been a handful of times where I believe Versace Eros has played a pretty fundamental role in “sealing the deal”, let’s say.

Where to Buy Versace Eros

I’ve used Nordstrom for a couple of years, and they’re my favorite. I enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that everything is taken care off; the product is authentic and will show up when I expect it to, for a fair price. 

Versace Eros is a crowd-pleasing scent that you’re probably going to love – but in the worst case, Nordstrom offers the most flexible returns policy I’ve come across when buying colognes online.

They’re perfectly happy for you to try your order and send it back if it’s not for you. As long as you haven’t used half the bottle, that is.

Failing that, you can always go through Amazon. They’re probably the most stocked place to buy colognes online, and I love that the reviews for each vendor are public so I know exactly what I’m getting.

Also, Amazon has got shipping down to a fine art. If you order a cologne available with Prime delivery on a Thursday, there’s a good chance it will be in your hands by the weekend. It’s that rapid. 

versace eros

Versace Eros

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Similar Fragrances to Versace Eros

Best overall
1981 Los Angeles

Guess 1981 Los Angeles

check price below:

Best budget pick
Montblac Explorer

Mont Blanc Explorer

Check price below:

Best for summer
Cool water davidoff

Davidoff Cool Water

Check price below:

Guess 1981 Los Angeles – Best Versace Eros Alternative for Young Professionals

1981 Los Angeles

Guess 1981 Los Angeles

check price below:


Cheap! This is a perfectly good cologne for just 20 bucks.

Something a little more mature, with a unique plum note.

People will ask you what you’re wearing when you’ve got 1981 on.


Last 4 – 5 hours. For the price, that’s great. Compared to the other options on this list, it’s not.

Not the most formal or serious cologne in the world. Think “space cowboy” rather than “job interview”.

1981 Los Angeles is another one of my go-to picks for nights out with friends. 

It’s the perfect budget-friendly fragrance for a gent who wants to be asked “excuse me, what are you wearing?”.

Compared to Eros, I’d probably pitch Los Angeles as something for slightly older gents. Let’s say late twenties/ early thirties. 

After a couple of sprays, you’ll be oozing upper-class confidence that feels bespoke rather than “one-size-fits-all”. 

The idiosyncratic plum note keeps things sweet enough for a younger crowd, but there’s plenty of maturity in the base from helpings of sandalwood, amber, and tobacco. 

Overall it’s a well-blended fragrance where no specific note is too loud. It’s smooth throughout its respectable 4-5 hour lifetime, too. If you’re looking for better longevity, 1981 Los Angeles lasts 7-8 hours on fabric.

Top Notes:Black Pepper, Plum and Bergamot
Middle Notes:Ginger, Mint and Geranium
Base Notes:Vetiver, Sandalwood, Amber and Tobacco
Guess 1981 Fragrance Notes

Mont Blanc Explorer- Most-Stocked Alternative to Versace Eros

Montblac Explorer

Mont Blanc Explorer

check price below:


Fruity and warm blend reminds me of Aventus by Creed.

Masculine vetiver and leather on a woodsy base.

Great availability worldwide.


6 hours lifetime is decent, but not HUGE (like a 10-hour Creed for example).

If you’re around fragrance snobs, they might accuse you of looking for knock-off Aventus.

Mont Blanc Explorer is a fruity, warm, amberish concoction. It reminds me a little of Aventus by Creed, but without the smokiness (or the price tag!).

Bergamot is front and center, with touches of leather and amber lending masculinity and authority to the palate.

The woodsy, vetiver base helps to stiffen and round out the sweeter fruit notes and prevents Explorer from feeling too safe or summery, which is great.

Montblanc Explorer lasts a good 6 hours too, which is plenty for cologne in this price range.

It’s a popular fragrance that’s widely available, so well worth trying out if you find that Versace Eros is out of stock. 

Top Notes:Pink Pepper and Clary Sage
Middle Notes:Leather and Vetiver
Base Notes:Ambroxan, Patchouli and Cacao
Mont Blanc Explorer Fragrance Notes

Davidoff Cool Water – Best Mature Alternative to Versace Eros

Cool Water is the nightlife pick for a mature gent who is growing into his 40’s gracefully. Cool Water was synonymous with the club and bar scene 15 years ago, and it’s having another “moment” now.

Cool water davidoff

Cool Water Davidoff

check price below:


Retro cologne that oozes nostalgia.

Crisp sandalwood accord for revitalizing masculinity.

Easy going and aquatic blend.


The throwback feel may be a little “dated” for some.

Not the most nuanced fragrance – a little simple.

The dry, bitter sandalwood is the main accord here, but it’s mellowed by an aquatic sense of seafoam and citrus vitality. It’s clean, laundry-detergent fresh, and brings to mind a pristine white t-shirt. Casual and proud.

It exudes confidence, status, and experience. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but if you’re a mature professional looking for something easygoing, you won’t go wrong learning a thing or two about Cool Water.

Top Notes:Sea water, Lavender, Mint, Green Notes, Rosemary, Calone, and Coriander
Middle Notes:Sandalwood, Neroli, Geranium and Jasmine
Base Notes:Musk, Tobacco, Oakmoss, Cedar, and Amber
Cool Water Davidoff Fragrance Notes

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