5 Best Places to Buy Cigars Online in 2022 (and 1 to Avoid)

It’s hard to believe with over 17 million cigar smokers just in the US that there are little more than a dozen credible places to buy cigars online. Now of course there are small shops all over that sell online cigars, but just don’t come up on any broad google search.

But the one that’s best for you is going to depend on what you need. 

We’ve assessed every reputable online cigar store on the following criteria:

  • Price: Does the store represent good value for money, with choices for all budgets?
  • Good User Experience: Can you easily scan through different blends and sizes to find the perfect smoke for you?
  • Shipping: How quick, cheap and consistent are the delivery options?
  • Stock and Range: Will you be able to get everything you need in one place, and is there access to rarer, niche cigars?
  • Return Policy and Guarantees: Are you protected as a buyer in the event of any mishaps?
  • Reputation: The cigar community is pretty active online and receptive to questions. You should check out the experience of other customers before placing an order.
gotham cigars logo

Gotham Cigars

The website is really slick and lets you filter cigars quickly. It’s easier to find your perfect smoke.
Regularly refreshed deals and offers to help you save on your stogies.
Available at:
famous smoke logo

Famous Smoke Shop

The best balance between price, range, and fast shipping – my top pick overall.
Plenty of seasonal deals and coupons – particularly for new customers.
Available at:
mikes cigars logo

Mike’s Cigars

A wide range of cigar-related products like humidors, cutters, and specialist lighters.
Over 600 brands of cigars are available – so plenty of choices!
Available at:

It’s only a few online cigar stores that get it right across all of these areas. Most will let you down somewhere – if they have good shipping, they’re expensive. If they’re the right price, you’ll lack a proper guarantee.

My favorite online cigar stores – Gotham Cigars, Famous Smoke Shop, Mike’s Cigars – strike a great balance, and most importantly – they’re reliable. There’s nothing worse than your cigars arriving late, not showing up at all, or receiving dried-out stogies in terrible condition.


What’s the Best Place to Buy Cigars Online?

And One to Avoid

  • Cigar Page – Unreliable Shipping and Lacking Freshness

Best Places to Buy Cigars Online in 2022

Famous Smoke Shop – Best Prices and Value for Money 

famous smoke logo

Famous Smoke Shop

The best prices across the most popular cigars, without compromising on quality.
An unbeatable guarantee to make sure you get the smoke you’re looking for.
Available at:

Why We Picked Famous Smoke Shop

When I buy cigars online, I want to pay a good price. Now, here’s where it can get tricky. 

Like most people, I don’t want the lowest price if it means giving up quality – I want premium, discount cigars.

There are online cigar stores where you can save a few dollars on cheap cigars, but when you get them, they’re damp or damaged. Which is a real disappointment.

In comparing prices among reputable online cigar retailers, Famous Smokes was actually a surprise winner. I expected one of the two big powerhouses (Thompson Cigar or Cigars International) to come out on top.

famous smoke shop

With that said, the fact is that when it comes to buying cigars, whether online or in a retail shop – individual cigar prices may differ from shop to shop. So Store A may have 5 cigars cheaper than Store B, but Store B may have 3 other cigars cheaper than Store A.

And it’s no different with Famous Smokes. We found that overall they had the best prices. But that’s not to say they have the lowest prices on every cigar.

Look past the kid’s drinks and filtered cigars, click the “handmade cigars” on the top right, and when you look inside you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find some really good deals on a lot of premium cigars.

Range of Products (/10)9
Value for Money (/10)10
Deals and Promotions (/10)9
GuaranteeNo questions asked 30-day refund.
Free ShippingOver $75.
Mainland US DeliveryEconomy 5 – 10 Days, Priority 3 – 5 Days.
Famous Smoke Shop

Famous Smoke Guarantee

Famous Smoke Shop offers a return for any reason whatsoever, no questions asked. 

“I do not consider a sale complete until the customer is satisfied.”

  – Arthur Zaretsky, Owner of Famous Smoke Shop

It is refreshing to be treated like a grown-up. With other cigars stores, I feel like my refunds are sometimes treated suspiciously as if I’m somehow trying to get one over on the company.

With something like cigars, which depends so heavily on personal taste, I reserve the right to try things out and send them back if they’re not the right fit for me.

Famous Smoke Shop has always processed such refunds with courtesy and good grace, understanding that it’s pretty much impossible to know how you feel about a cigar until you’ve tried it.

Cigar Samplers – Create-A-Sampler

Here’s something I haven’t seen elsewhere. Famous Smoke Shop offers a “Create-A-Sampler” deal that offers you the freedom of singles with the value of samplers.

You get to mix and match your cigars, and for every five you select, you’ll get one for free. There’s no limit on the number of cigars you can buy, as long as you’re not ordering more than 4 of the same.

The prebuilt samplers are top-notch, too. All of the big boy brands are there – Rocky Patel, Drew Estate, Romeos – alongside some great value home blends.

cigar samplers

These bundles tend to come directly from the supplier for a reduced price. It’s a great way for newer cigar aficionados to try a range of smokes and discover which ones fit your personality best.

Deals and Offers

When it comes to coupons, Famous Smoke Shop has some tasty deals.

On your initial order, there’s a free shipping offer for all orders over $75. You just have to sign up for the Famous Smoke Shop mailing list.

I practically never pay for shipping with Famous Smoke Shop because there’s almost always an email promo.

So keep your eyes open to make the best savings.

Free cigars. Free cutters. Heck, even free cufflinks. It’s all there – and in abundance. 


The Best Deals at Famous Smoke Shop

Gotham Cigars – Best Website / Online Experience 

gotham cigars logo

Gotham Cigars

It’s easy to navigate the website and filter your cigars based on size, blend and price.
Speedy shipping means you can order your smokes midweek and have them by the weekend.
Available at:

Why We Picked Gotham Cigars

Online cigar store websites can often look outdated. I don’t know why, but the majority of them are in dire need of a site revamp.

But not Gotham Cigars.

gotham cigars

With a user-friendly layout and easy navigation tools, Gotham allows you to make precise selections without any hassle.

I also love the informational chart they give on every cigar. This can be useful if you’re looking to buy some cigars you’ve never tried before.

gotham cigars filter

They make it easy to quickly compare different cigars with their filters. It’s a little like comparing players on Madden 2k. You can see all the stats and flavor notes at a glance to make an informed decision.

Range of Products (/10)8
Value for Money (/10)9
Deals and Promotions (/10)10
GuaranteeNo questions asked 30-day refund
Free ShippingCost varies depending on the order.
Mainland US Delivery2 – 7 business days, 10 – 20 for Canada
Gotham Cigars

Offers and Deals

At Gotham Cigars, if you’re not using a coupon, you’re doing it wrong.

They’re always running 4 – 6 promotions at any given time, which are regularly updated to give you the chance to buy your favorite products at the right price. 

Returns Policy

Gotham Cigars offer a fair return policy that covers you against any fault on their part, as well as a 3-day grace period for returns for any reason.

That makes sense to me. You get some time to change your mind, but the cigars are still nice and fresh if you choose to send them back. 

If you want to make changes to your purchase, make sure you do it within 1 – 2 hours of placing the order. After that, your order is final and cannot be edited. 


Overall I’m pretty impressed by Gotham Cigars’ shipping. 

For US orders, you can expect your cigars to arrive within 2 – 7 business days, but the exact time is going to depend on where you are in the country. Gotham Cigars are based in Miami, so if you live on the West coast you will find that your order is probably going to take around a week to arrive.

gotham cigars shipping

Expect them to get in touch over the phone if it’s your first time ordering to a particular address. If they can’t reach you the order will be canceled – so make sure you answer the phone!

Note: There’s no shipping over the weekend. Gotham Cigars is a Monday to Friday operation, so if you order over the weekend, don’t expect it to be dispatched until the start of the next week.

Mike’s Cigars – Best Places To Buy Cigar Accessories

mikes cigars logo

Mike’s Cigars

The best place to go for cigar accessories like humidors, torch lighters and cigar cutters.
An excellent blog that offers genuinely useful guides and recommendations.
Available at:

Real cigar smokers know the value of having the appropriate accessories to enjoy a great smoke. But where do you buy a great light or a nice cutter? How about a humidor?

In selecting the best accessories we took three things into consideration: selection, prices, and user-friendliness. Mike’s Cigars excelled in all three areas.

The thing I love about Mike’s Cigars is that they have some really unique high-end cigar accessories and sell tobacco-related products, from cigar humidors, to ashtrays, to lights, and cigar cutters.

mikes cigars

You can find anything from lighters to ashtrays to cigar holders. And at great prices. I recommend the white Colibri cigar cutter and Lotus Cigar Lighter with a Punch cut, both for around $50. 

Mike’s Cigars is not quite as sleek as Gotham Cigars, but if you want to search for cigars by wrapper, strength, price range, ratings or country – this is where you want to go. Matter of fact, this would be a good site to pull up when you’re inside a cigar shop searching for a stogie.

Range of Products10
Value for Money8
Deals and Promotions8
GuaranteeSealed condition only, 7% cancelation fee.
Free ShippingFrom $7.99
Mainland US Delivery5 – 7 Business Days
Mike’s Cigars


Mike’s Cigars do not lack in terms of options. They have over 600 brands to choose from, so you’ll most likely be able to source all your favorites in one place.

They’ve also got a comprehensive sampler selection, offering a fantastic way to explore brands you might be unfamiliar with. It’s perfect for rookies to learn more about classic smokes, too.

The average sampler contains an array of best-sellers of various shapes, sizes, and flavors, so you’ll have something on hand for every situation. 

By trying out a range of smokes at low cost, you’ll be able to discover what smokes fit your personality best and invest in a full box with confidence.

mikes cigars special offers
Some of the deals available at Mike’s Cigars. Freebies galore.


I always appreciate it when a vendor goes the extra mile to procure high-quality articles that further your experience. If I can learn a little about what I’m smoking, it makes the experience all the more rich and memorable.

Mike’s blog offers some really informative and well-written content. I particularly enjoy their pairing recommendations, which explain why certain whiskeys and wines go so well with some smokes.

There are some cracking combinations that I would never have thought of on my own. Sometimes I’ll work backward from a drink in my cabinet, and buy a cigar based on that. 


Mike’s Cigars offers two main means of shipping.

If you’re looking to save money, take advantage of their Super Save scheme. Shipping that way can take up to a week, but it’s only $7.99 – and completely free if you spend over $100.

Otherwise, you can get speedier delivery through UPS fulfillment. It will cost $5 – $10 more, but if you need something in time for the weekend, that’s the way to go.

There’s nothing worse than inviting the boys over for a smoke, only to find your cigars haven’t arrived, so make sure you budget a couple of days’ leeway in shipping time in case of delays.

Return Policy

The only thing that lets Mike’s Cigars down is that their return policy is a little stingy. All cigars must be returned in new condition – that is, perfectly sealed and untampered with.

Plus, you’re liable for a cancelation fee of 7% if you change your mind. That’s before your order has even left the warehouse! Even though I’d recommend Mike’s Cigars overall, it pays to make sure you’re 100% certain about your cart before pressing “order”. 


Best Deals at Mike’s Cigars

Runners Up

Thompson Cigar – Best Selection To Buy Cigars Online

thompson cigar logo

Thompson Cigar

The widest range of all cigar stores. Thompson Cigar is a huge company with a deep inventory.
A healthy returns policy that lets you try a cigar without risk.
Available at:

Thompson Cigar is the Amazon of cigar stores. They have pretty much every brand, type, and size of cigar possible. 

Acquired in 2018 by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group for $62 million, Thompson’s has a deep inventory of cigars that is almost unmatched. Their biggest competitor is Cigars International which is owned by STG as well.

Between the two, their selection is going to be hard to beat for the foreseeable future, and selections – both premium cigars and cheap cigars – boost them up our cigar ratings for convenience alone.

thompson smokes

If you’re unable to find the cigar you want at Famous Smoke or another site, chances are they’ll have it at Thompson Cigars.

Range of Products (/10)10
Value for Money (/10)7
Deals and Promotions (/10)7
GuaranteeReturns on lightly used boxes or damaged products
Free ShippingWith coupon code
Mainland US DeliveryEconomy 8 – 12 Days, Priority 2 – 3 Days.
Thompson CIgar


Thompson Cigar offers standard shipping for just $7.99, which is pretty reasonable. It takes 8 – 12 business days, but if you’re willing to pay an extra 5 bucks you can squeeze that down to 2 – 3 business days with priority shipping.

Plus, if you sign up to their email list you’ll get a coupon for free delivery on your first order, which could cover the cost of an extra stogie.

Return Policy

I don’t have unrealistic expectations, I just think you should be able to try out a product before you commit to it. You wouldn’t buy an expensive jacket from a clothes store without checking whether it suited you – so why should cigars be any different?

Fortunately, Thompson has some common sense and has a tolerance of one used cigar per returned box.

That means when you order a case of 20, you’re well within your rights to light one up, try it out, and send the rest back if it’s not for you.  If you’ve used more than one smoke, your credit will be affected on a pro-rata basis. 

Just be aware that this good grace doesn’t apply to their smaller products like cigar samplers or 5-packs. These must be returned in as-new, sealed condition to be eligible for a refund. 

Cigar Subscription Service  – Look Out!

Thompson Cigars has a bit of a reputation for pushing people to join a cigar subscription service and then making it hard to cancel. I guess you would call it “persuasive selling”, but just make sure you’re ready to push back if you’re not interested.

subscription thompson

Smoke Inn – Best For International Shipping

smoke inn cigars logo

Smoke Inn

The best solution for affordable international shipping, offering a flat-rate on any size order.
Responsive customer support for order updates and queries
Available at:

Smoke Inn is another site I’ll use, mainly when I’m ordering cigars from abroad. I split my work time between New York and London for work.

So far I’ve always got my deliveries super fast when you consider the distance – 6 or 7 orders that have never taken more than 2 weeks to arrive.

smoke inn range

Transatlantic delivery isn’t supposed to be cheap, but I find that by the time I’ve paid for shipping it works out about the same as retail price – because there are always plenty of discounts around.

US shipping is completely free too, by the way.

If you’re ordering domestically, you could say the selection is a little thin compared to places like Famous Smoke or Mike’s Cigars. But keep in mind the Smoke Inn customer support is very good. They tend to respond very quickly to updates on my orders, which I appreciate.

Range of Products (/10)10
Value for Money (/10)7
Deals and Promotions (/10)7
GuaranteeReturns on lightly used boxes or damaged products
Free ShippingWith coupon code
Mainland US DeliveryEconomy 8 – 12 Days, Priority 2 – 3 Days.
Smoke Inn

Smoke Inn Range

Smoke Inn seems most well stocked in terms of high-end boxes, rather than budget singles. This is the best place to buy cigars online if you already know what you like. Rookies, be warned.


Smoke Inn uses flat rate shipping, meaning you pay the same whether you order 10 cigars or 10 hundred. 

This is great if you know you’re planning on making a significant purchase. The more you buy, the better the deal.

flat rate shipping

Plus, they’re absolutely rapid – especially for international orders. I spend a lot of time in the UK, and find that most of the cigar stores I use in the states won’t ship there at all. Smoke Inn sends my stogies across the pond in 11 days, which is really good going.

I’ve ordered from them 3 – 4 times now, and everything always shows up in perfect condition, even after traveling 1000’s miles. 

Smoke Inn Returns

Like Thompson Cigar, Smoke Inn has a perfectly fair return policy.

Any product can be returned within 15 days of the original order, with refunds and exchanges issued minus shipping charges. Returns are also liable to a 15% restocking fee – which is not ideal, but not a catastrophe either.

As you’d hope, if there are products missing due to an error from Smoke Inn, returns and replacements are issued at zero cost to the customer. Just make sure you give them a call before making your return or it may not be properly processed.

Transatlantic delivery isn’t supposed to be cheap, but I find that by the time I’ve paid for shipping it works out about the same as retail price – because there are always plenty of discounts around.

US shipping is completely free too, by the way.

If you’re ordering domestically, you could say the selection is a little thin compared to places like Famous Smoke or Mike’s Cigars. But keep in mind the Smoke Inn customer support is very good. They tend to respond very quickly to updates on my orders, which I appreciate.

And 1 to Avoid…

Cigar Page – Inconsistent freshness, fallen off over the past couple of years

This one is a bit of a personal tragedy. For a while, Cigar Page was a solid pick for high-end cigars, but they’ve really fallen off in the past few years. 

They’re one of the cheapest sites around, but my last few orders have all had something wrong with them – and usually, it’s to do with the quality of the smoke itself. 

By the time they arrive, it seems like the stogies are on the cusp of being stale. It’s weird because the packaging all seems tight and secure, but clearly, something has started going a bit wrong with their handling and distribution systems. 

It seems like I’m not the only one, unfortunately. Check out these reviews and see for yourself:

They keep sending me an opened box of Camachos. The first one I tried from the box was stale and flavorless. Not really what I’m looking for when spending 200 bucks. I asked them to send me a fresh on opened box and they promised they would, but nope. There’s no point in smoking stale cigars.


I would steer well clear if I were you.

Can You Order Cigars on Amazon?

If you’re making a purchase online, the first name that jumps to mind is probably Amazon.

Unfortunately for us, selling tobacco products is against their terms of service.

They do sell smoking paraphernalia like rolling papers, but anything too tightly related to tobacco – ashtrays, cigar cutters, humidors – that’s all off the table. 

It’s a little confusing for me because Amazon will happily sell alcohol all day long provided you’re over 21. Why should your smokes be any different?

What to Look for When Buying Cigars Online

When it comes to ordering cigars online, I’d consider myself an expert. My girlfriend might say fanboy, but tomato/potato. 

Here are my top 10 things to look out for before putting your card down for an order. Luckily, Gotham Cigars satisfy all of these, which is why I recommend them.

If your cigar supplier doesn’t, perhaps you could do better. Just like my girlfriend. Wait – what? 

Fast Delivery and Shipping

When you’re ordering cigars online, you want to feel like everything is just taken care of. Having to chase companies over late shipments or missing orders is not how I enjoy spending my Sunday. 

For me, the best options for fast shipping are Famous Smoke Shop at 5 business days, and Gotham Cigars is sometimes as quick as 3!

Snappy shipping times make all the difference. If you’re in the middle of a grueling workweek, you’ll order something on Wednesday as a treat for the weekend. It sort of misses the point as a pick-me-up if the cigar doesn’t arrive for a month. 

Another reason you’ll want fast shipping is freshness. The longer the cigar is out of the humidor, the more time it has to dry out and degrade. Even the best deal from won’t compensate for depreciation in freshness and quality.

For international shipping, I recommend Smoke Inn. You’ll have your cigars within 14 days from pretty much anywhere.

I understand that shipping internationally costs money, but if I’m spending a good chunk of my hard-earned cash with a cigar store, the least I expect is flat-rate shipping.

Quantity Options

Any established cigar store should offer you options. I hate being coerced into buying more cigars than I want or need just so I can get hold of the brand I want. 

I at least want a store that offers singles, like Famous Smoke Shop.

Cigars can be an expensive business, and I reserve the right to try before I buy, so to speak.

At the very minimum, you should be able to find a 3 or 5 pack to experiment with, rather than being forced into a full box of stogies.

If your retailer doesn’t offer a single of a cigar you’re fascinated by, chances are Famous Smoke or Gotham Cigars will.

That way you can find which style and brand of cigar suits you best without blowing your whole budget in one go. 

Product Quality Guarantee

Whether you’re ordering a $10 stick or a $200 box, make sure you’re covered. 

When you’re shipping delicate items cross-country, things can go wrong. You’ll usually be protected for 30 days by law if your product arrives damaged or tampered with.

But what about if you’re just not a fan of that particular blend?

The best places to buy cigars online put their customers first and use common sense. Look for a provider like Famous Smoke that will allow you to easily return your cigars – provided they have not been excessively used. 

Good User Experience

I’m not making a case for style over substance, but you can tell a lot about a company’s attention to detail and customer care by how their website functions.

Sites like Gotham Cigars will allow you to easily filter based on important criteria like price, shipping time, and availability. It’s all part of the service. 

If a company can’t put some effort into its storefront and show consideration for its user experience, what makes you believe that’s going to change once you press “order”?

I’ve wasted hours trying to find what I need on certain sites because they don’t have their categories for brands and types organized properly. Only to find that after all that, they don’t even have what I need. 


It’s important to consult customer reviews so you can get a good indication of real feedback from fellow cigar smokers.

Before you order from any cigar retailer for the first time, you should consider the experiences of those who have gone before you.

Are they, by and large, satisfied with their experience? Do products tend to arrive as described, and on time?

Most reputable providers with have customer reviews on the product page, which will give you an insight not only into fulfillment but the item itself. 

Because businesses have control of what appears on their site, you should also do some digging elsewhere to make sure you’re not getting an airbrushed perception.

My go-to resources are Trustpilot, Facebook, and Reddit. Through social media, you’re getting unfiltered opinions from real people, often supplemented with photos and video. 

Once you’ve verified your source, you’ll want to check out some more comprehensive guides from cigar aficionados (such as ourselves at 7Gents!) to make sure that website is going to be able to deliver everything you’re looking for.

Safe and Secure Website

Safety should be a priority for buying anything online, not just cigars.

I mean, you’re offering up your credit card details, for goodness sake. Would you just leave them lying around in the street? The internet is no different.

Once you’ve verified a site’s reputation through reviews, you should do your due diligence. Even if the website operators have good intentions, you need to make sure their site is up to scratch so your details aren’t intercepted by a third party.

Always check in your browser that payment pages use SSL and are properly encrypted if you want to stay safe.

Any online store worth its salt with have a privacy policy that is easy to find, and I encourage you to use a reasonably complicated password to minimize the chance of having your account hacked.

Is it Cheaper to Buy Cigars Online?

Ordering cigars online is generally cheaper than buying them in-store. With so many options available to consumers, the best cigar websites are forced to offer competitive pricing.

Shopping online also allows you to scan discounts and special promotions of many cigar websites in just a few minutes. This means there’s normally a great deal for you to take advantage of.

Can You Have Cigars Shipped to Your House?

Of course. In 2022, the vast majority of the best cigar websites offer fast, free shipping.

You can expect secure packaging that preserves the quality of your cigars, and most will offer a full refund in the unlikely event of damage.

Is it Safe to Order Cigars Online?

If you use a reputable vendor, it’s safe to order cigars online. It’s a good idea to use a brand name you recognize.

Make sure you consult reviews from experts or enthusiasts to get an idea of their experience with the company. 

Websites that are poorly written or offer suspiciously cheap products could be scams.

There are good deals out there, but if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Cuban Cigars Online?

As you’ll know, Cuban cigars are illegal to sell in the US. As a result, no reputable vendors will sell you any, in-person or offline.

Technically, it’s not illegal to possess, smoke, or gift Cuban cigars- it’s just the sale that’s prohibited.

What is the Best Way to Buy Cigars?

Ordering cigars online allows you more variety and better prices than purchasing in-store. You’ll also avoid the wasted time of traveling to a brick-and-mortar store, sitting in traffic, only to find the cigar you want is out of stock!

Nowadays, the only time I’d consider going to a store is if I needed a cigar in the next few hours, and had called ahead to make sure they had it. 

Otherwise, most of the best cigar websites offer next-day shipping, and I’d rather save myself the headache.

What is the Best Cigar Company?

That will come down to personal preference. Factors like the tobacco blend, size, and value for money all form part of the equation.

Asking “what’s the best cigar company” is like asking “what’s the best car company”- it depends on who’s asking.

Some of the most popular brands include Romeo Y Julieta, Davidoff, and Cohiba. These brands are a good place to start if you’re new to buying cigars online.

What are the Worst Websites to Buy Cigars Online?

The worst websites to buy cigars online are the ones that compromise the quality of their product through bad shipping practices. Cigars from places like Cigar Page will arrive either poorly sealed and stale, late, or not at all. 

You should also always avoid companies that offer Cuban cigars for sale in the US.

For example, Solo Cigars offer “Authentic Cuban Cigars”. One look at their reviews tells another story: Customers are paying top dollar for knock-off products.

At best, they’re willing to break the law for profit, which shouldn’t fill you with confidence over how they’ll handle their customer service.

At worst, you’ll be receiving fake products- or in some cases, nothing will arrive at all!

These top brands and online cigar stores were:

Some other articles you may be interested in: