Gotham Cigars Review: Are They Legit? My Experience

I consider Gotham Cigars to be highly-rated due to their exceptional online shopping experience and consistent quality. Their user-friendly website and comprehensive selection make it one of my favorite places to buy cigars online. In this Gotham Cigars Review, I’ll delve into why this store stands out.

I rate Gotham Cigars a solid 9 out of 10. Here are the main reasons you might prefer it:

  • Tech-savvy shoppers: The website’s ease of use and detailed product information cater to those who value a smooth online shopping experience.
  • Variety seekers: With a broad range of cigars and the option to try samples before committing, you can explore different flavors and brands without a major upfront investment.
  • Quality-focused buyers: Gotham Cigars consistently delivers high-quality products, ensuring you get the best smoking experience every time.
gotham cigars

However, there are a couple of downsides to consider:

  • Shipping times: If you need your cigars urgently, the shipping might be slower compared to some competitors.
  • Price: While they offer good value, Gotham Cigars may not always have the lowest prices on every product.

Next, I’ll compare Gotham Cigars across various factors such as shipping, pricing, and product range. This detailed review will help you decide if Gotham Cigars meets your specific needs and preferences.

Buying Experience

Most online cigar stores look like they’re stuck in the early 2000s. They’re like stepping through a time warp, but there’s nothing exciting like Ancient civilizations or dinosaurs, just painfully slow HTML and disorganized, thin product pages.

Gotham Cigars is a welcome exception. They’ve got an easy navigation menu, a user-friendly layout, and – crucially – don’t bombard you with display ads. You just get the information you need, thoroughly explained but without the waffle. 

They make it easy to quickly compare different cigars with their filters. It’s a little like comparing players on Madden 2k, you can see all the stats at a glance to make a decision.

gotham cigars filter

Their product reviews are supplemented by a blog that covers everything from the best cigars for beginners to how to use a humidor properly. It’s like a handbook to all things cigars and will take you from novice to know-it-all in no time. 


One of the main reasons to buy cigars online is to get the best deals. Gotham Cigars shine with their specials. There are some really good buys on some Arturo Fuente’s, Montecristo’s, Padron’s, Oliva’s, and Liga Privada’s.

For example, right now you can buy a box of Oliva V’s for only $92. Which is less than $10/stick.

There might be even more on the table for you if you’re a good negotiator, too. For more specialized or higher volume orders, Gotham offers a “make us an offer” solution, where you suggest a price that works for you.

gotham cigar make an offer

This approach isn’t something I’ve seen around before, and I can’t say that I’ve used it myself – but it’s nice to know that you’re dealing with a human business and that there’s some space to strike a deal that leaves everyone smiling. 

Too many companies these days are nameless, faceless entities where the pricing is set in stone and everything is done to the letter. So, props to Gotham for recognizing the merits of offering their customers a little wiggle room.

Offers and Deals

For most companies, coupons are a neat bonus that you’ll be lucky to get hold of. At Gotham Cigars, if you’re not using a coupon, you’re doing it wrong.

They’re always running 4 – 6 promotions at any given time, which are regularly updated to give you the chance to buy your favorite products at the right price. 

gotham cigar coupons

These offers aren’t exclusive or hard to find – they’re right there on the coupons page. But here is the REAL hack for getting the best deal at Gotham Cigars. 

Groupon. Yep, Groupon.

These deals on sampler packs tend to offer around 50% off prices that are already very competitive. Sure, you’re limited to what offers are running at the time, but generally, there’s something for everyone across the deals.

Check out their “cigar of the month” memberships if you’re looking to explore the world of cigars for prices that should be impossible. I figure it’s a great way for Gotham to offload their surplus stock.

If you don’t have your heart set on one particular cigar, the savings make it a no-brainer. The immense savings mean you could be smoking cigars that your usual budget simply wouldn’t be able to stretch to. And it’s always nice to enjoy the finer things in life. 


Overall I’m pretty impressed by Gotham Cigars shipping. For US orders, you can expect your cigars to arrive within 2 – 7 business days, but the exact time is going to depend on where you are in the country. Gotham Cigars are based in Miami, so if you live on the West coast you will find that your order is probably going to take around a week to arrive.

Note: There’s no shipping over the weekend. Gotham Cigars is a Monday to Friday operation, so if you order over the weekend, don’t expect it to be dispatched until the start of the next week.

Check out the graphic below to find out how long you can expect to wait:

gotham cigars shipping

Gotham Cigars are pretty conscious of customer verification, and will only ship to your billing address. That might seem a little inconvenient, but it’s a great way to ensure that none of their “customers” are simply the victims of fraud. Cigar hustles are big business, you know.

If it’s your first time ordering to a particular address, expect them to get in touch over the phone to confirm your billing and shipment address are the same. They’ll try and get in touch a few times, and if they can’t get in touch with you the order will be canceled – so make sure you answer the phone!

A very minor hassle that prevents a lot of swindling is fine by me. Besides, it’s a one-time thing. If you’ve already confirmed your shipping address, you can order freely without Gotham Cigars bothering you again. 

Reviews/ Testimonials

Gotham Cigars have a review section on their website, predictably full of glowing praise. I mean, if you were going to show potential customers reviews, you’d filter them a little first, right?

To get a less biased understanding, we delved into the world of social media to find out what the average customer experience looks like. 

Maybe there wasn’t as much filtering as I’d supposed. The reviews were almost unanimously positive.

“I ordered my cigars Thursday, by that evening I received my tracking number. My order was slated to arrive Monday, but, I received them too! I’ve never seen a company have such fast and efficient service. Will be ordering from them from now on!”

Facebook Review of Gotham Cigars

Reddit seemed impressed too. Here’s another great example of Gotham Cigars underpromising and overdelivering.

“Very good. Super happy with the service they gave me. They warned that the border could put a stop to them for awhile but instead they arrived in three days (!!). I had ordered 600, 200 were going to my sisters other half. I told him four weeks, instead he had em in less than a week.”

Reddit Review of Gotham Cigars

Of course, there were some negative reviews. But without wanting to cast aspersions, I think the writers generally sounded a little “difficult”, and as though they were probably part of the problem. 

For example, a couple of one-star reviews related to orders that never arrived because they had not read the shipping policy around Gotham Cigars address verification. But how can you blame GC for that and keep a straight face?

It reminds me of what my physic tutor used to tell me during my exam preparation.

RTFQ” or “Read the -*ahem*- question”. Some of these reviewers could have done with that advice, it seems.

Military/ First Responder Discount

If anyone deserves to kick back with a cigar after a long week, it’s our boys in blue. Or camo. Or scrubs.

Gotha, Cigars offer a 10% discount for all Armed Forces members and veterans. 

It might not sound like a massive amount, but trust me – I grew up in a military household, and a gesture like that goes a long way.

We at Gotham Cigars proudly support those who have served the Armed Forces of the United States of America. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Gotham Cigars

Cigar Samplers

Cigar samplers are my favorite way to explore a brand I’m unfamiliar with and represent a great opportunity for rookies to learn more about classic smokes. 

The average sampler contains an array of best-sellers of various shapes, sizes, and flavors, so you’ll have something on hand for every situation. 

By trying out a range of smokes at low cost, you’ll be able to discover what smokes fit your personality best and invest in a full box with confidence.

Gotham cigars categories
Gotham Cigars have a serious range. This isn’t even all of them…

These bundles tend to come directly from the supplier for a reduced price. It’s a way to get new customers invested in a brand they’re unfamiliar with, so naturally, they’re going to tempt you in with low prices. 

They’ve got top-sellers including the Gurkha Clamshell Sampler, the Nub Café Sampler, and the Camacho Limited Edition Assortment – perfect for getting introduced to cigars or gift-giving.

What to Look for When Buying Cigars Online

When it comes to ordering cigars online, I’d consider myself an expert. My girlfriend might say addict, but tomato/potato. 

Here are my top 10 things to look out for before putting your card down for an order. Luckily, Gotham Cigars satisfy all of these, which is why I recommend them.

If your cigar supplier doesn’t, perhaps you could do better. Just like my girlfriend. Wait – what? 

Fast Delivery and Shipping

When you’re ordering cigars online, you want to feel like everything is just taken care of. Having to chase companies over late shipments or missing orders is not how I enjoy spending my Sunday. 

Snappy shipping times make all the difference. If you’re in the middle of a grueling workweek, you’ll order something on Wednesday as a treat for the weekend. It sort of misses the point as a pick-me-up if the cigar doesn’t arrive for a month. 

Another reason you’ll want fast shipping is freshness. The longer the cigar is out of the humidor, the more time it has to dry out and degrade. Even the best deal from won’t compensate for depreciation in freshness and quality.

I understand that shipping cross-country costs money, but have a bit of context. I expect to pay a few bucks on top if I’m ordering singles, but a full box of cigars that can cost a few hundred bucks should come with complimentary shipping. If I’m spending a good chunk of my hard-earned cash with a supplier, it feels like the least they could do.

Quantity Options

Any established cigar store should offer you options. I hate being coerced into buying more cigars than I want or need just so I can get hold of the brand I want. 

To be honest, in this day and age there isn’t much excuse to not offer singles. Cigars can be an expensive business, and I reserve the right to try before I buy, so to speak. That way you can find which style and brand of cigar suits you best without blowing your whole budget in one go. 

If your retailer doesn’t offer a single of a cigar you’re fascinated by, chances are someone else will – if you’re willing to shop around. At the very minimum, you should be able to find a 3 or 5 pack to experiment with, rather than being forced into a full box of stogies. 

Safe and Secure Website

Safety should be a priority for buying anything online, not just cigars.

I mean, you’re offering up your credit card details, for goodness sake. Would you just leave them lying around in the street? The internet is no different.

Once you’ve verified a site’s reputation through reviews, you should do your due diligence. Even if the website operators have good intentions, you need to make sure their site is up to scratch so your details aren’t intercepted by a third party.

Always check in your browser that payment pages use SSL and are properly encrypted if you want to stay safe.

Any online store worth its salt with have a privacy policy that is easy to find, and I encourage you to use a reasonably complicated password to minimize the chance of having your account hacked.

Product Quality Guarantee

Whether you’re ordering a $10 stick or a $200 box, make sure you’re covered. 

When you’re shipping delicate items cross-country, things can go wrong. You’ll usually be protected for 30 days by law if your product arrives damaged or tampered with.

But what about if you’re just not a fan of that particular blend?

Because cigars are consumables, companies tend to have different policies. After all, the store can’t resell a cigar you’ve half-smoked and decided isn’t for you.

That said, the best places to buy cigars online put their customers first, and use common sense. Look for a provider like Gotham Cigars that will allow you to return a box of cigars within 7 – 10 business days provided they have not been excessively used. 

Good User Experience

I’m not making a case for style over substance, but you can tell a lot about a company’s attention to detail and customer care by how their website functions.

If a company can’t put some effort into its storefront and show consideration for its user experience, what makes you believe that’s going to change once you press “order”?

I’ve wasted hours trying to find what I need on certain sites because they don’t have their categories for brands and types organized properly. Only to find that after all that, they don’t even have what I need. 

Good sites will allow you to filter based on important criteria like price, shipping time, and availability. It’s all part of the service. 


It’s important to access user reviews, so you can get a good indication of real feedback from fellow cigar smokers.

Before you order from any cigar retailer for the first time, you should consider the experiences of those who have gone before you.

Are they, by and large, satisfied with their experience? Do products tend to arrive as described, and on time?

Most reputable providers with have customer reviews on the product page, which will give you an insight not only into fulfillment but the item itself. 

Because businesses have control of what appears on their site, you should also do some digging elsewhere to make sure you’re not getting an airbrushed perception.

My go-to resources are Facebook and Reddit. Through social media, you’re getting unfiltered opinions from real people, often supplemented with photos and video. 

Once you’ve verified your source, you’ll want to check out some more comprehensive guides from cigar aficionados (such as ourselves at 7Gents!) to make sure that website is going to be able to deliver everything you’re looking for.

Gotham is Safe

We can vouch for Gotham Cigars. Give them ago if you’re looking to buy cigars online, or check back here next week for our review of Famous Smoke Shop and Thompsons Cigars.

Check out the links below for some of our favorite cigars brands you can buy via Gotham cigars:

What’s Changed?

19th July 2024: This guide was overhauled with changes to our recommendations, latest reviews, and was re-fact checked to make sure our reviews are as up to date as possible.

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