Complaints Policy

If you have a complaint, you can contact us by email at, or by using our web form.

Please provide as much detail as possible about your complaint, including relevant experience, documents, or any evidence.

Acknowledgment of your complaint

We will recognize your complaint within four business days and share the name of the individual managing your concern. If your issue is intricate or requires more than ten business days for resolution, we’ll offer a preliminary report on the inquiry.

Investigation of your complaint

We will diligently examine your grievance and strive to address it promptly. Depending on the nature of the problem, potential solutions might entail a refund, credit note, substitution, or alternative measures. The reply will detail the determined solution and subsequent actions.

We appreciate any insights regarding our response and will utilize them to enhance our procedures.

Resolution of your complaint

Our goal is to address grievances within 10 business days from the time they are received. Should we be unable to uphold this promise, we will reach out to you to clarify the cause of the holdup and offer an updated schedule.

Escalation of your complaint

If you are not satisfied with us, and want to escalate your complaint, then please feel free to contact our Co-Founder. You can reach him at so he can review any further steps needed to resolve your issue quickly and make sure your grievances are understood. Confidentiality will be prioritized throughout.

Record keeping

We will maintain a log of your grievance and our reply for in-house reference for a minimum of six months from its reception date. Moreover, our leadership team evaluates all complaints to track patterns and major associated matters. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our customers and exert all feasible measures to address their issues swiftly and resolve them effectively.