Harry Styles Revives the Classic Short-Back-and-Sides Hairstyle

For the past few years, the red carpet has been dominated by the tousled, unstructured look, with Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler leading the trend.

But as of 2024, the world of men’s haircuts is seeing a return to more straightforward styles.

Enter Harry Styles, who is now shining a light on a timeless haircut: the iconic short-back-and-sides.

Styles, known for his daring hair transformations, has experimented with a range of looks over the years.

From his early days sporting buoyant boyband curls to his mid-length tresses, and not forgetting the slick, pushed-back style from his “Love on Tour” concerts, Styles has navigated through virtually every hair trend.

However, it was his appearance at a U2 concert with Taylor Russell at the end of 2023, sporting a buzzcut, that sparked the most conversation.

Fast forward a few months, and the Grammy award-winning artist is growing his hair out again.

He was seen at a recent Premier League match between Luton Town and Manchester United with neatly trimmed sides and slightly more volume on top.

This look, as expected from someone as stylistically versatile as Styles, suits him perfectly.

It underscores the versatility and timeless appeal of the short-back-and-sides haircut, a style that has been embraced by numerous icons over the years, including Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, Ben Affleck, Zac Efron, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt.

This haircut seems to be universally flattering, particularly for men entering their thirties, a club Harry Styles himself has recently joined.

Styling the Short-Back-and-Sides: Expert Tips for the Modern Man

To get the inside scoop on how to master the short-back-and-sides hairstyle, we turned to renowned hairstylist and men’s grooming expert, Ethan Turner.

He shares his top tips for those looking to rock this classic cut with a modern twist.

1. Tailor it to Your Face Shape:

“First and foremost, customization is key,” Turner advises. “For rounder faces, I recommend keeping a bit more length on top to elongate the face. For those with more angular features, a softer, textured top can balance out sharpness.”

2. Choose the Right Products:

“Product choice can make or break this hairstyle,” Turner says. “For a matte finish and texture, go for a clay or paste. If you prefer a slicker look, a lightweight pomade will give you that classic shine without weighing down your hair.”

3. Embrace Natural Texture:

Turner emphasizes the importance of working with your hair’s natural texture. “Don’t fight your hair’s inherent tendencies. If you’ve got curls or waves, let them add character to the top section. A bit of sea salt spray can enhance this texture, giving a relaxed yet refined finish.”

4. Maintenance is Key:

“To keep your short-back-and-sides looking sharp, regular maintenance is crucial,” Turner points out. “I recommend visiting your barber every 3-4 weeks to tidy up the sides and back, and perhaps thin out the top if it’s getting too bulky.”

5. Style with Confidence:

Finally, Turner believes confidence is the most important ingredient. “No matter how you choose to style your short-back-and-sides, wear it with confidence. This haircut has stood the test of time because of its adaptability and ease, but it’s the wearer’s confidence that truly makes it stand out.”

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