Harry Styles Unveils New Genderless Fragrance Collection

Harry Styles’ beauty brand Pleasing is launching its first fragrance collection, featuring three genderless scents.

The fragrances are all connected by an exploration of warmth and are designed to evoke the comfort of a second skin.

The collection was created in collaboration with fragrance house Robertet. Each of the scents comes in stylish colored glass bottles and will retail for £135 each.

They will be available starting November 16 on the Pleasing website and at Selfridges in London.

The fragrances include:


A fresh, floral amber described as “a delightful encounter with a stranger.”

Top notes of ambrette seeds, lemon, and black pepper give way to white linen and poplin blossom, with ambroxan and skin musk rounding it out.

Bright, Hot

A woody amber meant to evoke an exhilarating adventure.

bright hot

It contains plum, tobacco leaves, orris butter, marine accord, cedarwood, tonka bean, and vanilla.


A musky, woody fragrance described as skin pressed against skin.

It features pink pepper, cardamom, clean sheets accord, orris butter, bamboo, cashmere woods, and salted musk.

The launch marks Pleasing’s first foray into fragrance after starting with nail polishes and skin care. Fans will be eager to experience Styles’ scented vision and add these genderless scents to their fragrance wardrobe.

From Gucci to Pleasing

As the face of Gucci’s Memoire d’une Odeur fragrance campaign, Harry Styles has represented the brand’s scents. However, he has now stepped into the role of fragrance creator himself with the launch of Pleasing’s new genderless scents.

Styles praised Gucci’s Memoire d’une Odeur for its ability to evoke memories and emotions, saying it smelled “like what I imagine Joan Didion’s house to smell like.” Now he applies the same sensibility to the creation of Pleasing’s woody, musky, and floral fragrances meant to envelop the wearer in warmth.

Where Gucci’s fragrances already stood out for their gender fluidity and emotional resonance, Styles’ own entry into the fragrance market pushes the envelope further. The Pleasing collection’s focus on comfort, closeness, and skin puts intimacy and vulnerability at the forefront.

With his transition from celebrity face to entrepreneurial perfumer, Harry Styles deepens his imprint on fragrance culture. Pleasing’s launch enables him to share his olfactive vision directly with fans and expand the notion of what perfume can express.

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