6 Best Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Dupe – The Top Clones in 2022

Tobacco Vanille is one of my favorite Tom Ford Colognes, but one thing I’m not exactly enamored with is the price tag.

It’s pretty expensive, and there have been times when I’ve held off on using a particular fragrance because I feel the need to save it for a more special occasion.

About a year ago I decided enough was enough and went on a search for the best Tobacco Vanille dupes on the market – and I’m going to share them with you.

Best BudgEt pick
Zara Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive

Rich Warm Addictive by Zara

An affordable dupe that evolves and develops over time.
Authentic tobacco notes conjure spice and plenty of masculine bite.
Available at:
Best Overall
Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Cologne Spray

Cremo Black Spice and Vanilla

Hazy tobacco, sweet vanilla, and aromatic spice.
Cremo products are affordable and cruelty-free.
Available at:
Best similar cologne
Phaedon Tabac Rouge

Phaedon Tabac Rouge

Bright citrus and musky vanilla combine to create a serial compliment-collector.
Perfect as an alternative to Creed Aventus for Gents on a budget.
Available at:

Some of my picks are a like-for-like copycat of Tobacco Vanille, while some overlap more loosely, sharing similar accords but holding their own distinct character.

So, let’s get into it!


Best Colognes For Men in 2022

Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Best Overall Tobacco Vanille Clone

Zara Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive – Best Budget Tobacco Vanille Clone

Phaedon Tabac Rouge – Best Tobacco Vanille Alternative 

L’Occitane Eau des Baux – Most Masculine Tobacco Vanille Dupe

Dossier Powdery Tobacco – Best Like-for-Like Tobacco Vanille Dupe

MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy – Best Tobacco Vanille Dupe for Date Night

Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla – Best Tobacco Vanille Dupe Overall

Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Cologne Spray

Price: Available on Amazon

First, let’s look at a cologne of the most underrated brands out there – Cremo.

This is my favorite Cremo cologne, and I still find it hard to believe it’s so cheap. You just will not get better value at this price point.

I love the hazy tobacco in the heart, livened up by flickers of cardamom spice. It’s balanced beautifully against sweet vanilla, coming together to produce something impressively natural-smelling and elegant.

And just like Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, Spice & Black Vanilla projects extremely well. This stuff just seems to last forever, which is pretty unusual for a budget cologne. Anything more than a couple of sprays is complete overkill. 

Plus, all Cremo products are cruelty-free, so you can smell good while doing good.

Top Notes: Cardamom
Middle Notes: Cashmere Wood
Base Notes: Bourbon Vanilla and Vetiver
Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Fragrance Notes

Zara Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive – Best Budget Tobacco Vanille Dupe

This is another pick where the price tag will make you do a double take. For the price, RWA is almost unbelievably good.

Zara Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive

If you have no money but still want to smell like a million bucks, I say to you: buy this cologne from Zara. 

The opening is sugar cane and coconutty sweetness, which lasts for about an hour. After this, the warm creamy vanilla opens up, with touches of rum and cardamom and cloves lending spice and warmth to the heart.

There’s surprising and welcome depth in this fragrance, with layers evolving and changing over time. This is no generic, linear tobacco blast, that’s for sure. 

The main difference between Rich, Warm, Addictive and Tobacco Vanille is found in the eponymous note. The tobacco here is more realistic and fruity than in Tom Ford’s cleaned-up blend. It’s a little sharper, and probably best for someone who doesn’t mind a bit of bite.

Top Notes: White Rum, Tobacco Flower
Middle Notes: Peony Wood, Tobacco Leaf, Cardamom and Cloves
Base Notes: Bourbon Vanilla
Zara Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive Fragrance Notes

Phaedon Tabac Rouge – Best Tobacco Vanille Alternative

Now, this is definitely not a Tobacco Vanille clone, but there’s enough overlap that I thought it was worth sharing.

Phaedon Tabac Rouge

The rich tobacco is still out in force, but the main difference here is the source of the balancing sweetness. There’s no vanilla in Tabac Rouge. Instead, a combination of ginger, cinnamon, and honey provides a warming sweetness that reminds me a little of Christmas.

In terms of value for money, Tabac Rouge does really well. It’s a denser and spicier alternative to Tobacco Vanille with insane longevity and projection. Those deep, rich notes echo out past 8 hours, becoming even more similar to the Tom Ford fragrance as the honey loses potency.

So if you like the sound of Tobacco Vanille with a sweetly spiced twist, it’s definitely worth giving Tabac Rouge a try.

Top Notes: Honey and Cinnamon
Middle Notes: Benzoin and Ginger
Base Notes: Powdery Notes and Musk
Phaedon Tabac Rouge Fragrance Notes

L’Occitane Eau des Baux – Most Masculine Tobacco Vanille Dupe

One of the most widely discussed Tobacco Vanille dupes on the market is Eau des Baux. While they don’t smell exactly like one another, they both achieve a similar vibe and chances are if you like one, you’ll enjoy the other.

L’Occitane Eau des Baux

I’d say that Eau des Baux is more masculine than Tobacco Vanille, too. It’s a touch drier and has a little more emphasis on spice through dashings of cardamom and pink pepper.

While Tobacco Vanille could be considered a unisex scent if worn by the right woman, I think most ladies would find Eau de Baux a little stiff.

The main similarities arise from the use of vanilla and tonka bean lending that powdery, gourmand sense that smells good enough to eat. 

Eau des Baux is not exactly a budget fragrance, but it’s still a great value mid-range cologne. 

In terms of longevity and projection, it’s a little lighter than Tobacco Vanille. It’s not weak by any stretch of the imagination – you’ll still get a full 8-hour day of fragrance – but it’s not in the same league as the famously room-filling Tom Ford colognes.

It’s more of an intimate fragrance for a low-key individual looking to project calm confidence rather than make a head-turning entrance.

Top Notes: Cardamom and Pink Pepper
Middle Notes: Cypress and Incense
Base Notes: Vanilla and Tonka Bean
L’Occitane Eau des Baux Fragrance Notes

Dossier Powdery Tobacco –  Best Like-for-Like Tobacco Vanille Dupe

Compared to the other picks on this list, Powdery Tobacco is probably the most faithful recreation of Tobacco Vanille. Dossier isn’t shy about producing like-for-like imitations, and this dupe is basically 95% of the way there. It’s really close to the real thing.

Dossier Powdery Tobacco

Dossier really nails the musky, woodsy aspects that keep this sweet fragrance subtly masculine throughout its lifetime. It’s got this creamy quality, peppered with a little dry spice to keep things from becoming too safe or predictable. 

It’s a success in terms of replicating depth and texture that makes Tobacco Vanille feel so sophisticated – the only real difference is that the slight dried fruits aspect of the original is absent.

It’s not particularly noticeable, and to be honest I don’t really mind. 

Powdery Tobacco gets the main elements spot on, and nobody ever bought Tobacco Vanille for the subtle hint of dried fruits. The execution of bright, soft tobacco flowers and cozy vanilla is impeccable. I’d rather a dupe that does most things to perfection, than tries to do them all and fails. 

So if you’re looking for the closest thing to Tobacco Vanille you can possibly find, Dossier’s Powdery Tobacco is the pick for you.

Top Notes: Tobacco, Ginger and Apricot
Middle Notes: Honey, Vanilla and Cocoa
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Dry Fruits, Blonde Woods
Dossier Powdery Tobacco Fragrance Notes

MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy – Best Tobacco Vanille Dupe for Date Night

Velvet Teddy is very similar to Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille in the heart and the dry down – it’s only the honey note in the opening that really separates them. It’s a pretty sweet smack around the face for the first half an hour, but it soon settles down into the sleek tobacco and vanilla pairing we’re looking for. 

MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy

As you might have guessed from the pink bottle, Velvet Teddy is slightly more feminine than Tobacco Vanille. But that said, I was actually pretty surprised by how masculine it is.

It would definitely make sense for a man to wear it, and I even think it puts out a slight “bad boy” vibe. It’s more masculine than most modern-day gourmands out there, at least, so don’t be put off by the packaging.

There’s sweetness here, but it’s deep sweetness. Think of a Cuban cigar dunked in dark chocolate. It’s not sickly or effeminate but still captures that edible, dessert-like quality.

Given that seductive, alluring quality, I’d be tempted to recommend Velvet Teddy for date night. You can imagine it fluttering across a candlelit table towards you, filling your senses, and sealing the deal.

Top Notes: Tobacco blossom, Ginger and Bergamot
Middle Notes: Honey, Vanilla Orchid and Mimosa
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Musk and Papyrus
MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy Fragrance Notes

Maybe Just Get a Decant?

If none of these dupes are jumping out at you, maybe consider getting a sample decant of the real deal instead.

Stores like Microperfumes will let you order 2ml vials of fragrances for just a few bucks so you can try out designer colognes without blowing the bank.

Once you’ve tried Tobacco Vanille, there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love and be able to justify splashing out on a full-sized bottle. At least, that’s what happened to me.

What Does Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Smell Like?

Price: Available on Amazon

Tobacco Vanille is a masterclass in minimalism. It lets the two primary accords shine on an uncluttered platform rather than looking to reinvent the wheel.

The vanilla has pleasant sweet notes (but not sickly-sweet) and is a little smokey. The golden tobacco brings out warm and spicy keynotes. It’s a match made in heaven, and I’d class Tobacco Vanille as a perfect perfume.

I acknowledge that this is one of those fragrances that might be more down my particular alley than others. The lack of a deep base accord like leather or a potent wood might leave some yearning for more explicit masculinity. There’s not much there in terms of heat or passion, either.

But for me, it’s enough. It smells rich, a little like a premium cigar lounge. This quiet masculinity is a great choice for a signature scent if you’re the “quietly confident” type. It’s a self-assured fragrance for a gent who doesn’t feel the need to throw his weight around to get respect. 

Tobacco Vanille packs a punch. You’ll get 12 hours of meaningful projection, and for the first 4-5, you’re a delectable beacon of fragrance. I tend to go for a single spray after I dress, followed by one post-lunch.

Top Notes: Spicy Notes and Tobacco Smoke
Middle Notes: Tonka Bean, Tobacco Flower, Vanilla and Cocoa
Base Notes: Woodsy Notes and Dry Fruit
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Fragrance Notes

Why is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille so Expensive?

Tom Ford colognes use some of the finest all-natural ingredients on the planet, which most companies have abandoned due to high costs. 

You’re also paying for the years of experience that have gone into producing exceptionally well-balanced fragrances – real expertise costs money. It’s a laborious process, but it’s this sort of attention to detail that produces the best results.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for!

What is a Clone Scent?

Clone scents, or “dupes”, are third-party copies of popular colognes designed to make popular fragrances cheaper and more accessible. They can be up to 90% cheaper than the original designer products, which makes them an attractive option for people on a tight budget looking to try a new scent profile before they commit to a purchase. 

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