5 Best Cremo Colognes for Men (and One to Avoid) – 2022

I love a bargain.

On a blind smell, you’d have a hard time believing some of the best Cremo colognes are literally less than $20.

It’s like there’s been some sort of technical error in the pricing.

A glitch in the matrix.

But there’s no mistake; they’re just some of the best budget colognes out there.

Cremo offers a great way to branch out to different note profiles and moods without messing with your budget. They do a great job of bringing designer-inspired fragrances to the masses. 

Best overall
Spice and Black Vanilla best cremo cologne

Spice and Black Vanilla

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Best for freshness
blue cedar and cypress best cremo cologne

Blue Cedar and Cypress

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Best for cold weather
Bourbon and Oak best cremo cologne

Bourbon and Oak

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Every Gent deserves a few signature high-end fragrances, but you have to draw the line somewhere. At least, that is what my girlfriend tells me.

This was a difficult list to break down, but I got there in the end.

The first five are, in my opinion, all excellent. 

The last one? Well – each to their own I guess…

I am going to rank them in order of my personal preference, from favorite to least favorite. 

So let’s get on with it.

P.S These are just the 6 Cremo colognes I own. I don’t have any of the Private Label stuff, which I’ve heard is pretty good. Anyways- onward!

Spice and Black Vanilla – Best Cremo Cologne for Men Overall

Okay, guys. If you haven’t smelled Spice and Black Vanilla, I highly recommend it. You just will not get better value at this price point.

Spice and Black Vanilla best cremo cologne

Spice and Black Vanilla

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Spice and Black Vanilla is a powerhouse for me.

I can’t speak for any of you, but for me, it projects extremely, extremely well. This stuff just lasts forever on me. 

It smells like a combination of Spicebomb Extreme and Mercedes Benz Club Black.

If it wasn’t for Spice and Black Vanilla I would own Spicebomb Extreme. They’re in that same world of “spice rounded out by sweetness” – but instead of vanilla, Spicebomb uses cinnamon, helped along by a dash of cardamom and hazy tobacco in the heart.

And just like Spicebomb Extreme, Spice and Black Vanilla smell exceptional. During this test, it filled up my truck on the way to work. It was a delicious ride. 

I had a solid bubble for 4-5 hours from 2 sprays. I feel like more than 2 sprays of this stuff is overkill.

A great buy for this price point, and not to be missed. 

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Top Notes:Cardamom
Middle Notes:Cashmere Wood
Base Notes:Bourbon Vanilla and Vetiver
Cremo Spice and Black Vanilla Fragrance Notes

Blue Cedar and Cypress – Best Cremo Cologne for Freshness

Blue Cedar and Cypress was originally my number five, but this one takes the number two spot for uniqueness.

blue cedar and cypress best cremo cologne

Blue Cedar and Cypress

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I don’t get a lot of Cyprus or the Cedar in it, to be honest with you.

The citric, tart opening is strong and persists for the duration of the fragrance. This “zing” might be my favorite part of the whole thing.

It’s clean-smelling and bold, with hints of eucalyptus and menthol wafting through the zesty lemon

This is old-time, barbershop freshness.

It reminds me of my first baller haircut when I moved to London. I’d arrived, and I was going to look the part.

So it’s very nostalgic for me. And that’s the reason it’s number two. 

These are my personal favorites, remember.

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Top Notes:Lemon Leaf
Middle Notes:Cypress
Base Notes:Cedar
Cremo Blue Cedar and Cypress Fragrance Notes

Bourbon and Oak – Best Cremo Cologne for Colder Weather

Number four is Bourbon and Oak. Another very, very good scent.

Bourbon and Oak best cremo cologne

Bourbon and Oak

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The opening is pretty sweet, with gourmand-like vanilla feel competing with a spicy/woody dry down. The bourbon and oak become increasingly prominent, throughout the lifetime of the cologne.

It’s a cooler weather scent for sure, perfect for a night at the bar or on a chilly winter date. 

It gets very close to Polo Red Extreme for the first hour, full of creamy vanilla-chocolatey spicy tonka woods. It’s a cold-weather beauty. 

In the heart, it’s more bourbon and oak backed up by tonka/sweet vanilla for a skin scent that lasts all day.

I managed to pick up my bottle for $14 (fourteen!), which is a total steal. Bourbon and Oak is one of the cheapest colognes in my collection but I don’t feel cheap wearing it.

I sprayed myself this morning and five minutes later my GF gave an unsolicited compliment about what I was wearing. 

It’s only down here in fourth because I have a lot of bourbon base colognes that give me the same sort of feel that is just better done – Bentley Intense Man being one of them. 

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Top Notes:Spicy Notes
Middle Notes:Whiskey
Base Notes:Oak
Cremo Bourbon and Oak Fragrance Notes

Silver Water and Birch – Best Cremo Cologne for Casual Dates

If you couldn’t have guessed already, the subtly titled Silver Water and Birch is certainly inspired by Creed’s Silver Mountain Water. If you’re not familiar, we covered it in our best Creed cologne roundup last month.

Silver Water and Birch - best cremo cologne

Silver Water and Birch

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Though it might not be quite as good as the real thing, Cremo does a good job and produce a relaxing cologne ideal for being at peace in spring or summer. 

This fresh, vibrant fragrance has been known to get the occasional compliment from passersby. I normally wear it for casual activities where I want to smell effortlessly good. Coffee dates, farmers’ markets – that sort of thing.

It makes me think of the passing of seasons, and the cycle of rebirth. Rejuvenating mountain waters overflowing onto dry arid land, soaking up rainfall and blossoming into luscious vegetation.

This was originally my number two in this list, but on reflection, I have plenty of other Silver Mountain Water clones that smell as good, if not better than this one – like Tommy Bahama Set Sail St Barts.

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Top Notes:Water Notes
Middle Notes:Oakmoss
Base Notes:Birch and Woody Notes
Cremo Silver Water and Birch Fragrance Notes

Leather and Oud – Best Cremo Cologne for Power and Projection

This is a powerhouse fragrance and a beautiful scent.

Leather and Oud best cremo cologne

Leather and Oud

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Apparently, Leather and Oud smells a lot like Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather. I tested TL for our Tom Ford roundup but I honestly don’t remember it well enough to give a confident comparison. 

What I can tell you is that my dentist once asked me, unprompted, whether I was wearing Tuscan Leather, while I was, in fact, wearing Leather and Oud. A grand total of one time. 

So take that for what it’s worth. I can’t sit here and tell you it does or doesn’t. But somebody else sure thought it did.  

It projects really well for a few hours, and overall longevity is anywhere between 8 to 10 hours. 

P.S if you spray Leather and Oud on your clothes you’ll get an even longer projection for the first hour and a half, two hours.

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Top Notes:Saffron and Bitter Orange
Middle Notes:Leather, Smoke and Incense
Base Notes:Agarwood (Oud)
Cremo Leather and Oud Fragrance Notes

Bergamot and Musk – Not the Best Smelling Cremo Cologne out There…

In general, I find Cremo scents to be very appealing. But that’s not the whole story!

Bergamot and Musk - best cremo cologne

Bergamot and Musk

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There is one scent in particular – Bergamot and Musk- which is not really what you would call “my cup of tea”.

There’s just nothing here that grabs my attention beyond those titular notes, and it’s just a little too “white” and safe for me.

This is supposed to be Cremo’s take on Aventus by Creed, but for me, it misses out on too many important notes. The exciting parts, like the fruity pineapple opening and the smokiness in the dry down, just aren’t there.

Don’t get me wrong – the bergamot and musk still smell nice, and this cologne could easily be on anyone else’s ranking – it just isn’t my personal favorite. It’s too safe.

Again no offense meant here either way 🙂

It seems like I’m experiencing some fatigue from the seemingly endless supply of bergamot/musk combinations on the market these days.

In terms of longevity, it’s fine, but it doesn’t quite stack up to the other Cremo colognes. I get four to five hours out of it before it’s pretty faded out, which isn’t disappointing given the price – but not spectacular, either.

P.S (Updated) It appears Bergamot and Musk has been discontinued – so I have the last laugh!

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Top Notes:Bergamot
Middle Notes:Exotic Fruits
Base Notes:Musk and Amber
Cremo Bergamot and Musk Fragrance Notes

Smell Good, Do Good

Sometimes, cheaper products mean you have to cut corners on your principles.

Not here.

Did you know that all Cremo products are:

Cruelty-free – Cremo products are NOT tested on animals.  

Vegan – Cremo products only contain natural ingredients like aloe, lemon, papaya, and olive oil. 

Eco-friendly – The company has made impressive commitments toward environmentally responsible production, packaging, and shipping practices.

FAQ – What You Should Know About the Best Cremo Colognes for Men

Save Money… Saving Rabbits

I’ve got to admit, I’m nowhere near as conscious of animal testing as I should be. It’s not something I usually check for before making a purchase.

I’d rather just get what I want.

However, with the best Cremo colognes, there’s an opportunity to have the best of both worlds.

I get the fragrance I want, at a price I like – and no bunnies were harmed in the process. Learning more about Cremo for this review has reminded me to take that a little more seriously in the future. 

Besides – after a bit of research, it turns out that most of my favorite brands are being responsible already. Which is good news. 

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