The Best Armaf Colognes To Zest Up Your Scent – Updated 2022

Armaf makes a lot of inexpensive fragrances that smell like more expensive ones. But the best Armaf colognes also have several original fragrances that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s one of my favorite choices with its well-known citrus burst opening that blends with fruits like orange and lemon. Citrus scent is known to make you feel happier and more alert. The refreshing quality of Armaf colognes makes the range of fragrances irresistible to test.

In this guide, I will take you through Armaf’s best colognes. You will have choices for date nights, for hot summer days, and colognes that spruce you up daily while at work or at an event.

From testing these choices, I found Armaf Tres Nuit Pour Homme the best as it epitomizes that feel-good factor that uplifts you, whether stressed at work or struggling with how Ozark ended. Okay, I won’t get into that.

Key to these choices are the fruity blends and how that sits on a musky or warm base. Here are your best Armaf colognes based on those delicious notes.

Armaf Tres Nuit Pour Homme – Best Armaf Cologne 

This delightful scent opens with a hit of bright lemon and progresses to a floral fragrance blend, an aroma of flowers that lifts you up. In the base, the sandalwood blends well with ambergris and creates a stylishly masculine appeal.

tres nuit

Armaf Tres Nuit Pour Homme

amazon: $24

Clean and appealing, I find this fragrance makes a good cologne for the office hours. I found the scent of this cologne is not too strong, so not offensive, but it also lasts long enough to make you smell good throughout the day. 

The versatility of Armaf Tres Nuit makes it good for office hours, and the lasting freshness I gain makes it my top choice. Its usage on so many days throughout the year requires a mention while at its best during summer days and nights.

This suits you if silage in your cologne choices is always an issue. This best suits men who, when walking into crowded rooms, enjoy knowing that everyone he passes will smell the scent yet not offensively; a refreshing sillage as opposed to an annoying one.

Tres Nuit is a subtly sweet cologne with a moderate lifespan and low intensity. Wear it on warm summer days to smell fresh, stylish, and not overwhelming.

For those who like to lead and enjoy winning, this is your scent.

Best for the stylish man on summer days at the office or out with friends.

Top Notes:Lemon and iris
Middle Notes:Spicy
Base Notes:Sandalwood and ambergris
Tres Nuit Pour Homme by Armaf Fragrance Notes

Club de Nuit Intense Man – Best For Office Hours

Often compared to Creed Aventus, Club de Nuit Intense Man remains a much-loved cologne by Armaf for men. The smoky-citrusy scent offers you longevity of at least six hours on the skin. If I was to sum it up, it’s a woody and spicy fragrance with hints of fruit.

club de nuit man intense

Armaf Club De Nuit Man

amazon: $29

Club De Nuit Intense Man is a crowd-pleaser, a fragrance that, like Aventus by Creed, has the same pineapple top note and an even more affordable price. When it dried down, I could smell the classic smoky base note.

The opening of this fragrance will perk you up with lemon and bergamot, along with unusual pineapple and blackcurrant. Thanks to jasmine and delicate rose, the middle is very aromatic. The finish concludes with vanilla, woody notes, musk, amber, and patchouli for warmth.

It’s very citrusy at first. When testing, the citrus reminds me of a cologne’s suitability for work hours. So, I sprayed it on myself so I’d arrive at work as the drydown starts. It also doesn’t choke people out; the pineapple aroma is great and keeps me feeling fresh throughout the day.

Men of all ages will find it suitable for everyday wear.

Best for office hours in the fall and winter.

Top Notes:Lemon, pineapple, blackcurrant and bergamot
Middle Notes:Jasmine and rose
Base Notes:Amber, vanilla, musk and patchouli
Club de Nuit Intense Man by Armaf Fragrance Notes

Armaf Hunter Intense – Best Choice For Date Nights

If you want a casual, everyday cologne that’s refreshingly light and pleasant, try Hunter Intense. It’s an outstanding performer that will keep you smelling clean and fresh from morning to night.

hunter intesne

Armaf Hunter Intense


If you want to impress your first date when meeting for the first time, this is your scent. Hunter Intense is all about that first impression. It’s a lot like Dior Sauvage but sweeter. It doesn’t last very long, but you should try it for such an affordable price.

The masculine leather-wrapped bottle is identical to the cologne itself and makes a very stylish addition to any man’s bath or dressing table. The black bottle with its distinctive texture is a true statement of style.

Hunter Intense opens with the burst of citrus peels: green cardamom joins bergamot, lemon and mandarin to impart an exotic flair. Lavender anchors this opening and flowers at the heart, followed by a spicy note from pink peppercorns. Woods, musk, and patchouli dominate the base notes, resulting in a cologne that is both masculine and complex.

Give yourself the gift of a glorious scent from one of the best Armaf colognes with this handsome bottle.

Best for making outstanding first impressions, such as at a date.

Top Notes:Lemon, orange, cardamom and citrus
Middle Notes:Lavender, pink pepper and rose
Base Notes:Cedar, patchouli, vetiver and musk
Hunter Intense by Armaf Fragrance Notes

Armaf Tag Him Prestige – Best For The Attention Seeker

Never lose sight of your goals, no matter how stressful your day! Armaf Tag Him Eau de Toilette Prestige for men can help you find the right beat. It’s a colorful blend of sweet, marine and citrusy tones that never get boring.

tag him

Armaf Tag Him Prestige


With just one spritz from my test bottle of Armaf Tag-Him Prestige Edition, I felt transported to places far away from home—the tropics!

Tag Him Prestige Edition is a spicy blend of warm spices and gallant woods with a dash of fruitiness, topped off by amber and vanilla. It’s ideal for modern guys who want to stand out from the crowd. I loved the warm and inviting scent, with a hint of fruitiness and grounding woodsy notes.

It’s not too overpowering or heavy but still has that masculine feel while still being subtle enough for daily use.

This strong sweet scent is long-lasting and easy to wear. The value for money is very good, as you get a lot of cologne in the bottle. It would make an ideal gift idea for a birthday or Christmas.

Best for getting noticed while out on the town.

Top Notes:Grapefruit and bergamot
Middle Notes:Lavender, pepper and orange
Base Notes:Amber, vanilla, wood and patchouli
Tag Him Prestige by Armaf Fragrance Notes

Armaf Ventana – Best Smelling Armaf Cologne

Ventana by Armaf is as fresh and citrus-heavy as fresh air in the countryside. I appreciate a refresher on most days and this white-based citrus fragrance with bergamot and coriander notes delivers.


Armaf Ventana


In the undercurrents of Ventana by Armaf, bright musky notes play on top of a citrus foundation. It’s a scent that leaves no doubt as to its intentions, though – it’s a cologne built for ease and friendship alike.

When you apply Ventana, it’s as though you’ve immersed yourself in a citrus grove. Citrusy peels create the top notes of this scent; grapefruit and lemon mix with mandarin orange. Lavender, patchouli and vetiver make up the heart, while cedarwood and amber make up the base. 

Ventana is a light, woodsy scent that goes on strong but mellows as it develops.

This is another scent that also smells much like Dior Sauvage, so if you want to save some money, Ventana could also be the fragrance for you. 

After 30 to 40 minutes, I struggled to tell the difference between Armaf Vantana and Dior Sauvage. Both smelled fresh, but Sauvage contained more pepper notes.

Designed for men who want to smell great “anytime, anywhere” for up to 6 hours, Ventana’s light, citrusy scent is perfect for wearing every day.

Best for smelling fresh through the daytime hours.

Top Notes:Lemon, grapefruit and mandarin orange
Middle Notes:Lavender, patchouli and vetiver
Base Notes:Cedarwood and amber
Ventana by Armaf Fragrance Notes

Armaf Blue Homme – Best For Spring and Summer

For those who like their cologne to be uncomplicated, Armaf Blue Homme is an athletic and elegant scent that deserves a place in my list of the best Armaf colognes, with its blend of spicy notes, and its soft and clean murkiness.


Armaf Blue Homme


A clean, fresh citrus fragrance hit me right away. The subtle base rounds out the scent of this woody cologne well. It’s a perfect daytime fragrance for summer days, or for spring wear in the city. 

Blue Homme is for the man who exudes confidence and knows what he wants. It’s an eastern Fougeré fragrance that blends fruity fragrances like orange and grapefruit with bergamot, and blended with lavender and rosemary in the heart. 

A warm base comprising amber, cedar and the alluring smell of vanilla supports all of this. Some say its citrus effect is diluted though I smelled the opposite. 

This is a great deal – smells just like Giorgio Armani’s Aqua Di Gio. The bottle is 100 ml and will last you a while. I’d definitely recommend it!

Best for the confident man on summer and spring days.

Top Notes:Grapefruit, mandarin orange, bergamot and neroli
Middle Notes:Nutmeg, rosemary, lavender and jasmine
Base Notes:Vanilla, amber, cedar, vetiver, patchouli and musk
Blue Homme by Armaf Fragrance Notes

FAQs – What You Should Know About the Best Armaf Colognes

Ready for a burst of freshness to keep you feeling great! Try out an Armaf cologne.

The scent is sophisticated, masculine and elegant. It’s perfect for business settings or formal occasions where you want to show up smelling like a million bucks without spending a fortune on your cologne.

For that blend of spices, citrus fruits, floral notes and woodsy accords for an enticing aroma that is sure to be noticed by others, my favorite is the Armaf Tres Nuit Pour Homme. 

Armaf cologne for men is a mysterious and sensual fragrance. There is a cologne on this list to freshen up your day that suits you and the occasion. 

For a smell that lasts all day but doesn’t overpower your senses, choose your Armaf cologne today from my tested list of the best Armaf colognes.

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