Best Nautica Colognes – Our Top Ten Fragrances

After analyzing 25 products, I decided that the best Nautica cologne is the Nautica Voyage for Men Eau De Toilette Spray.

Nautica has a line of fragrances for men that are very good and also themed to fit the oceanic or aquatic way of life. This is perhaps the reason for Nautica’s choice of blue as their signature color and symbol.

The fragrance is long-lasting and is as irresistible as other fragrances that cost more. It is a fruity, savory fragrance that smells as fresh as the cool ocean.

I loved that aspect, the summery and vibrant fresh smell, but without a strong sillage. It suited a convention recently as it lasted for hours and yet is a light fragrance. 

If you like a sporty choice, this is it. Unlike some colognes that only suit certain events, the Nautica cologne suits casual or formal days. Its long-lasting scent lasts all day from only one spray and won’t leave a trail of your scent in your wake to fill an office or bar. 

The brand boasts an amazing collection. If you’re looking for something deeper or less sporty, Nautica will have a range of options for you to choose from. I consider Nautica cologne to be very accessible to tons of people who are on an extremely tight budget and who would love to wear a pleasant scent.

Best Nautica Colognes for 2022

Whatever you may prefer, you will find a Nautica fragrance that will turn heads and improve your confidence. Let’s check out the best Nautica colognes for men.

1. Nautica Voyage for Men EDT – Best Nautica Cologne Overall

The elegant and smooth Nautica Voyage tells the tales of adventurous escapades in a fragrance.

Nautica voyage, Best Nautica cologne

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With a 100ml bottle being just a little over $30, the Nautica Voyage is an overall budget-friendly fragrance and a superb choice for men.

The internet hype focuses on its appeal as a cheap scent, though don’t be fooled into viewing this as a lower quality. You’ll smell the quality as you spray its fruity and sweet, calming cedarwood smell.

Its lasting aquatic scent won’t overpower those around you, and one spray will last all day. This is not your choice if you want to wear a strong and sultry smell. It is quite strong for the first 3-4 hours. After that period, it sits on you with a light cedarwood scent. It suits casual days and all budgets, making this my choice for the best Nautica cologne from the review list of 10 colognes here.

Created in 2006 by the famous perfumer Maurice Roucel, Nautica Voyage is filled with green leaves and crisp apples in the top notes, alluring middle notes of mimosa and lotus, and a rich blend of amber, cedarwood, musk, and oakmoss to balance things out in the base notes.

The fragrance works great for all occasions – whether you’re having a regular day at work or a date later in the evening.

  • Sillage: 9/10
  • Longevity: 10/10
  • Best Climate/Season: Warm/Summer

2. Nautica Blue EDT – Best Bang-For-Your-Buck

Nothing compares to an escape to the beach and having a sense of distance from daily stress triggers.

Nautica blue

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This is what the amazing aquatic fragrance designed by perfumer Maurice Roucel offers. A 50ml bottle sells for below $20, which is very affordable and excellent for people who are hoping to try the fragrance.

Fragrance isn’t every man’s priority, but smelling good is, and with this option, you can save the extra dollars to put towards a night out and enjoy this budget option that will still turn heads.

The top notes contain peach for exotic fruitiness, bergamot for a clean aroma, and pineapple for deep freshness, making you stay invigorated all day. And by wearing it more, it gets better as water lily soothes and jasmine enhances its luxurious allure.

If you seek compliments from your scent, that extra sultry feel, try the Voyage reviewed next. This spray gives you a moderate performance and is not suited to those who prefer not to over-spray. 

Nautica is plainly an oceanic delight that blends crisp and clean aquatic scents while also oozing masculinity. If you want the perfect fragrance for summer or spring, you want to check out the Nautica Blue.

  • Sillage: 7/10
  • Longevity: 7/10
  • Best Climate/Season: Warm/Summer

3. Nautica Voyage Sport EDT – Best Clean-Scented

The makers priced moderately for the Nautica Voyage with a 100ml bottle retailing for under $30. This men’s fragrance has a woody aromatic scent with moderate staying power depending on the temperature.

Nautica voyage sport

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If you are seeking a sports fragrance, then this budget bottle is your choice. It’s light, fresh, and won’t leave a strong sillage trail. It’s a good choice for those who want to engage in daily fitness, such as running or weight training, as it stays on the skin.

Good choice to add to your brobasket gift this year. In the heat, you smell its sweet aroma and after 10 minutes, the vetiver and woodsy notes drift from your skin. 

Once back from the gym and showered, the scent has gone away. I found a couple of sprays to my neck and clothes lasted up to 3 hours- good to suit shorter periods in the heat. And before a workout. In the cooler months, it will last longer.

It is an exquisite blend of citrus top notes, aquatic notes, with the earthy heart notes balanced out by coriander and apple. Green aromatic notes courtesy of green pepper and germanium bring you freshness with masculinity.

Voyage Sport is seductive with an element of woody musk, along with vetiver and patchouli for a complete journey toward masculinity.

Voyage Sport is masculine with a soothing aroma. Whether you’re having a busy day or just coasting through, inhale deeply and relax as this scent makes you feel good.

  • Sillage: 6.5/10
  • Longevity: 8/10
  • Best Climate/Season: Warm/Summer

4. Nautica Voyage N-83 EDT Spray – Most Seductive Nautica Cologne

If you want a fragrance that offers happiness, warmth, and a pure masculine aura, then what you’re looking for is the Nautica Voyage N-83, the ideal fragrance for absolute confidence if that’s what you’re going for.

Nautica voyage n83

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With a 100ml bottle costing under $30, this classic scent is a combination of several fresh fragrances with intense woody notes.

It opens up with spiky mint, which is followed by lavender, after which you experience brightness from nutmeg.

The 100ml bottle will last months. You can use a few sprays daily and it will last over a year. I sprayed it strongly, and the performance lasted about 5 hours. If you spray it on your clothes, it will still smell sweet the next day.

The lasting period makes it a good choice for a job interview in the afternoon, though not so great if you want a strong smell all day. 

Can it be a good choice for a date? Yes. It’s quite a casual cologne, though after a few sprays, you will give off a fresh scent on a night out. 

Aquatic notes in the middle inspire the freshness of the sea. The middle notes go from fresh green to cardamom before the cologne finishes with a base of sandalwood and musky cedar.

The N-83 is classified as an aromatic aquatic men’s fragrance that is ideal for easy wearing with your choice of attire. It is crisp, hence an essential for every man’s closet.

  • Sillage: 6.5/10
  • Longevity: 7/10
  • Best Climate/Season: All

5. Nautica Classic for Men EDT Spray – Best Fresh-Smelling

A woody chypre men’s fragrance that was released in 1992; Nautica Classic gives good value for money with a 100ml bottle going for under $20.

Nautica classic

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The Nautica Classic is the ideal scent suitable for any place and any time with its mix of citrus, geranium, and aromatic woods providing the base that balances the formula.

It’s no surprise this scent stirs head over heels attraction at first smell.

The classic will add a musky scent to your trail, so not the choice if you prefer a more fruity scent. The earthy tones of the fragrance make it a good choice if you prefer a scent that avoids strong citrus sillage and floral scents. 

It opens up with mild citrus notes to bring a refreshing jolt to your senses, before a combination of rose, caraway, cyclamen, and jasmine for warmth and spice in the middle notes.

It rounds out in the base notes with cedar, oakmoss, amber, patchouli, musk, and sandalwood for intensity and smoothness so that you continue to smell fresh even till evening.

  • Sillage: 8/10
  • Longevity: 9/10
  • Best Climate/Season: All

6. Nautica Life EDT for Men – Best Everyday Wear

Refreshing through and through, Nautica Life by Nautica is the ideal fragrance to inspire freshness in your masculinity. With a bottle of 100ml costing under $30, I consider this cologne quite affordable.

Nautica life

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This is a splendid choice for that fresh spark as you walk around. Close to my nose, it smelled somewhat synthetic, though it is a fresh smell off the skin.

Considering its price tag, it lasted longer than expected, though don’t expect a long life with this one. Not an all day long scent. 

The fragrance is a mixture of ginger, sea salt, lavender, and sage in the top notes, while the base notes combine violet, hinoki wood, and sea moss, providing an aromatic woody smell with warm and sensual hints of lavender.

Nautica Life is a masculine and elegant cologne that smells woody and rugged. Its savory, earthy scent will boost your confidence to take on each day with determination.

  • Sillage: 8/10
  • Longevity: 6.5/10
  • Best Climate/Season: All

7. Nautica Aqua Rush EDT – Best Value Nautica Cologne

Bold, brilliant, and sensational is how you will feel once you put on the Aqua Rush. At under $30 for a 100ml bottle, it is relatively very affordable and great for those seeking an aquatic vibe. 

Nautica aqua rush

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It is a strong and intoxicating fragrance that isn’t too intense – you might find people coming closer, trying to get a whiff of your enticing scent.

If you work in an office or have to visit people’s homes like a trader, this suits you as it’s not intoxicating.

The Aqua Rush projection offers a mild performance. It leaves a light sillage trail and tends to last up to about 6 hours. So you must bear that in mind when you buy at such a low price tag.

I found I had to bring the bottle with me at an event recently so I could reapply it every few hours. 

With notes of mint, violet leaf, yuzu, musk, clary sage, coriander, wood, amber, and seawater in the fragrance, there’s no doubt this exotic combination of aquatic scents will grab the attention of everyone around.

  • Sillage: 5/10
  • Longevity: 5/10
  • Best Climate/Season: Cold/Winter

8. Pure Discovery EDT Spray – Freshest Nautica Cologne

Released in 2011, this new spicy fragrance is one of Nautica’s stronger and more woody pieces. A 100ml bottle costs under $150, which is on the expensive side but still fair for such a versatile fragrance.

Nautica pure discovery

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This aquatic soft fresh fragrance continues for a good period. Hence, regarding longevity, there’s no doubt it will last for about 6 to 7 hours without fail.

In comparing this to the Voyage scent, both are fresh choices, with the cedar notes striking my nose. It’s a collage for any occasion.

The difference here is that if you prefer a longer-lasting scent for a day out, best choose the Discovery over the Voyage cologne.

Pure Discovery Cologne by Nautica contains blossoming Amalfi Lemon in the top notes, along with the citrus vigor of Mandarin Orange and the earthy tone of Clary Sage.

As the smell progresses, the green herbal blend of ginger and coriander notes takes the stage. The dry down is quite warm and smooth because of the presence of cedar.

  • Sillage: 7/10
  • Longevity: 7/10
  • Best Climate/Season: Warm/Summer

9. Nautica Aqua Rush Gold EDT – Most Wearable Nautica Cologne

Nautica introduced this fragrant fruity perfume in 2013 and it retails at $65. Harry Fremont is the nose behind this perfume.

Nautica aqua rush gold

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At the initial sniff you take, you’ll detect fruity and sweet notes like bergamot, mandarin, orange, and pitaya. There are also faint apple and lemon zesty smells, although they aren’t as strong.

This is a great smell for men searching for a signature scent, especially those who live in cities with cold climates.

The scent grows too warm and aromatic crushed nutmeg notes, as well as an oriental symphony of jasmine, water-lily, and violet root, before finishing with woodsy notes.

Despite its powerful start, the perfume quickly settles into more steady and flowery tones. 

  • Best Climate/Season: Cold/Winter
  • Longevity: 5/10
  • Sillage: 5/10

10. Nautica Latitude Longitude for Men – Best Musky Yet Wearable Nautica Cologne

Of all Nauticas cologne collections, this is one of their most high-end items, with a bottle selling for less than $250. Nautica’s Latitude Longitude is a manly scent containing Coriander, Bergamot, and Tarragon in the top notes.

Nautica latitude longitude

The price tag can be a turnoff, as this last choice is not in the lower budget range.

Though, it’s the effect on you and those close to you that is the payoff – the day long staying power and constant fresh scent.

The scent is rich, woodsy, and outdoorsy, and it gives you a fantastic smell! This sporty smell will stay throughout the day, keeping you fresh when going for your next trip through the woods or a sundown meeting on a city sidewalk.

Patchouli, nutmeg, black tea, and water mint are among the middle notes. Musk, oakmoss, and amber, which serve as base notes, follow all of this.

  • Best Climate/Season: Cold/Winter
  • Longevity: 8/10
  • Sillage: 8.5/10

About The Brand

David Chu, an American fashion designer, sold Nautica to State-O-Main, an apparel manufacturer, in 1984, a year after it was established; afterward, the latter took on the former’s brand and became known as the Nautica Company. 

Nautica perfumes initially appeared in 1992, when the firm teamed up with Coty, a worldwide beauty brand, and released their debut item; Nautica Cologne for Men.

The brand’s unusual love of marine life attracted much of its fan base, and the term “Nautica” itself has a Latin etymology that stands for “ship.”

The company boasts an outstanding selection of 23 scents that were produced with perfumers such as Maurice Roucel, Michel Mane, Patricia Bilodeau, Harry Fremont, and Michel Mane.

The Voyage Collection 

With the help of renowned perfumer Maurice Roucel, the team inaugurated Nautica Voyage in 2006. The clean-cut marine scents of the fresh fragrance remain loyal to the founder’s original concept for the Nautica brand. 

Colognes in this collection include Midnight Voyage, Nautica Island Voyage, Nautica Summer Voyage, Nautica Voyage Heritage, Nautica Sunset Voyage, and a host of others.

Fragrance Breakdown

Green leaves, apple, and lotus are included in the top notes of this fragrance, while it featured cedarwood and amber in the base notes. The combination of crisp and musky undertones creates a well-balanced composition.

This eau de toilette has a fruity smell to it. This scent has a soothing effect because of its unique blend of natural components (think aromatherapy relaxation). The cedarwood induces a relaxing effect while the apples provide sweetness.

It gives a light vibe rather than a dark and ominous one. A clean profile with woodsy undertones may be expected. This is not the choice for you if you’re seeking something sensuous and heavy.


It comes in a rectangular transparent bottle with rounded sides that is elegant and straightforward. The silver top complements the sleek, elegant aesthetic of the crystal bottle.

It doesn’t have any weird shapes or trinkets to cause any confusion. The bottle is basic and also small enough to fit in your pocket while you’re on the road.


After the initial spray, expect a powerful scent that will last for about four hours. After then, it’ll get more subdued, but you’ll still get a whiff on you. Combine it with Nautica Voyage body spray if you want enhanced longevity.

Where to Wear It

It doesn’t have an overwhelming scent, so you can wear it whenever you’re going to work, staying at home, or even when relaxing on your boat. In a nutshell, it’s a versatile piece.

What to Look for When Buying Nautica Cologne

Nautica provides something for everyone, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a sports fan, or a workaholic. Are you ready to take the plunge and buy one of the 23 various colognes available? If you’re still undecided about which fragrance is right for you, the following factors can help you make a wonderful decision.


Nautica colognes are known for their fresh, marine smells that everyone may wear. Nautica Latitude Longitude will help you maintain high energy levels if you are the type that loves staying outdoors and enjoys hiking through the woods.

If you are a workaholic who is always on the go, then Nautica Oceans is the perfume for you.

Nautica Voyage Sport can lift your spirits and help you smell fantastic at the gym, in the office, or at an after-party.

If you have an upcoming date and want to make a good impression on your lady, Nautica (Classic), Nautica Voyage, and Nautica Competition are the three best options available to you. I’m sure your girlfriend will love either option you choose.


Nautica colognes are recognized for being fresh and aquatic, excellent for the summer, and a fresh choice for the winter. Nautica Latitude Longitude is an example of this. Not only is it beneficial to males, but it is also beneficial to women.

I can wear Nautica Classic throughout the year and it leaves a wonderful smell.


With purchasing perfumes, pricing might be a deciding factor. Nautica colognes offer high-quality colognes at affordable costs.

Some companies are offering deep discounts for the holidays, and you might purchase a Nautica fragrance for as little as $12.

FAQ: What You Should Know About Nautica Cologne

Now it’s time for you to choose a Nautica Cologne, your next affordable and refreshing scent

I picked the Nautica Voyage for Men EDT spray as the finest overall Nautica cologne in my evaluation of the best Nautica cologne. This scent is cheerful and appropriate for any occasion.

Expect woody notes of cedarwood, musk, and amber perfectly balanced crisp notes of green foliage, sweet apple, and lotus.

On the Nautica colognes, you should now have enough information to make an informed decision. All the Nautica scents we’ve provided on this list will suffice.

They’re as refreshing as a salty sea wind, and they’re inspired by the brand’s maritime roots.

The best of all is that most of the Nautica colognes aren’t too expensive. You’ll hardly find any cologne as affordable as some choices reviewed, and they offer high-quality scents manufactured by a renowned company.

Like the reviews of one or more of the Nautica fragrances? Perhaps one stands out and has sparked your curiosity? Get a genuine fresh scent for yourself and go try these fine aromatic Nautica cologne choices.

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