Best Curve Cologne For Men: Top 5 Choices (2022 Update)

After Curve’s founder, Liz Claiborne, developed clothing for women in 1975 in New York City, the company expanded its offerings with fragrances. This guide takes you through the best Curve cologne choices. Designed to intrigue and delight, Curve cologne is alluring and sensual.

I’ve reviewed Curve colognes and categorized them so you can easily select a cologne that suits you. We’ll start with the best overall scent and the best smelling one, followed later by a fresh workout scent selection. 

Each review covers the perfect scent for particular occasions such as a night out in colder or warmer months, a date, or a meeting. 

From my tests of 5 colognes, I reached the conclusion that the big winner is Curve for Men, launched in 1996. The popular Curve for Men range is a fantastic fragrance to wear casually during the spring and summer months.

You’ll love how Curve for Men blends fresh and earthy notes to create a vibrant cologne that lasts all day and into the evening.

What you wear, whether for work or play, reflects who you are. This guide will show you how to choose a Curve cologne that suits you. So, let’s dig right into the 5 best curve cologne fragrances to choose from.

Best Curve Cologne Overall – Curve For Men


Curve for men

Looking for a fragrance that is sophisticated and lively? This fragrance is a casual, classic scent that works well on men of all ages today. It has a very refreshing and addictive feel and comes in a simple, yet attractive looking bottle.  

Curve for Men’s deeply masculine but fresh rendition is not hidden behind an overwhelming animalistic quality or a bold citrus opening. Rather, it begins with a smell of crushed pineapples and leads into a heart filled with sage and cracked coriander resting on top of ginger juice. 

Everything rests on a base full of woods holding musk, giving a long-lasting presence to the otherwise simple notes. It’s known for its clean scent that is masculine and confident. 

These notes work together to create this fantastic fragrance for men to wear casually during the spring, summer, and fall.

Anyone who wears this cologne will feel confident. It’s this quality and how it can be used at any time of the year that pushed it to the top of the Curve colognes list here. This cologne is moderately long lasting and versatile.

It has a sharp and ambitious scent that is full of confidence and daring. Spice up your day with a burst of invigorating green notes, smoothed out by soft spices, and grounded by warm woods. You’ll be much more attractive to potential partners if you feel relaxed and at ease.

For someone who likes to take risks and live a fast-paced life, this sharp and ambitious scent will get your attention. Curve for Men is a highly versatile scent that wears as easily in the office as it does out on the town. Dave at Fragrance Bros looks at why the fragrance is still a winner today.

Best for boosting attraction at any time of the year.

Top Notes:Lemon, Pineapple, Juniper Berries and Lavender
Middle Notes:Sandalwood, Cardamom, Bergamot, Ginger, Violet and Coriander
Base Notes:Musk Mahogany, Amber and Vetiver
Curve for Men Fragrance Notes

Best Smelling Curve Cologne – Curve Wave for Men


Curve Wave for men

Now enjoy the oceanfront breeze year-round with Curve Wave Cologne Spray. This richly scented summer cologne features heady aromas of citrus, mint, anise, juniper and klek. 

When you wear this spicy cologne, you’ll effortlessly achieve the refreshing feel of a summer day at the beach—no need to pack a suitcase. Add the luxurious feel of an exotic summer to your life.

The first thing you notice about Curve Wave for Men is the citrus. Citrus notes are the strongest aroma in this cologne, which also possesses a strong mint note. It is a blend that is recommended for daytime use. This timelessly masculine fragrance also smells of mint and juniper.

A spicy heart will charm your senses and match with the aniseed at its base to produce a clean finish. It’s an ideal choice for a night out on the town. The fragrance creates a spicy bouquet that combines both refreshing sea air and the memory of a beautiful sunny day.

For men who want to smell great without drawing too much attention to themselves, Wave for Men is the best curve cologne for you.

Curve Wave for Men has moderate intensity, but a short duration. You’ll need to reapply frequently, especially as the weather warms. Switch to another cologne once the weather gets chilly.

Best for the warmer months and for short occasions.

Top Notes:Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit
Middle Notes:Mint, Spice, Aquatic Notes and Juniper
Base Notes:Aniseed
Curve Wave for Men Fragrance Notes

Best Curve Cologne for Younger Gents – Curve Connect For Men


Curve connect for Men

Curve Connect for Men is a gentle cologne from Curve that’s an ideal choice for year-round wear. It’s a straightforward cologne that’s easy to enjoy. Curve’s Connect for Men is a simple, affordable cologne designed to lightly scent the skin and make you smell great. 

It takes only a small amount of this refreshing fragrance to provide a pleasant effect for several hours, allowing you to reapply without wasting too much or feeling like you’re overpowered by scent. A crisp and cool spicy oriental cologne, it’s a superb choice for Gents in their early twenties wanting to boost their day without a high price tag.

Expect a rich, aromatic scent that’s perfect for dating or even daily wear. Combining spicy black tea with warm and woody notes such as tobacco, it gets attention as you pass people. The fragrance blend lends sensual warmth, making it perfect for any time of day or night.

It’s formulated to work well with oily skin, plus offers a scent that can last longer than the average cologne. Younger men suffering from daily oily skin will appreciate how the blend works into their skin.

Connect for Men is a great place to explore Curve’s fragrance line. Relaxed, non-threatening and easy to wear, it works well in any setting and is appropriate for casual use. 

Not everyone can wear a strong smelling cologne. This suits you if you need a light scent that still turns heads and is perfect for reapplication.

Best for an all year round light scent for young professionals

Top Note:Black Tea
Middle Notes:Plum, Cedar and Tobacco
Base Notes:Tonka Bean, Amber and Sandalwood
Curve Connect for Men Fragrance Notes

Best for the Active Man – Curve Sport for Men


Curve sport for men

Curve Sport for Men is a woody aromatic cologne for men who enjoy a more athletic lifestyle. This fragrance’s combination of scents can stand up to excessive sweat and bad odors. It’s the best Curve cologne to fit the man who loves a good jog in the morning, or a vigorous workout, before starting an active day.

If you wake up early for a jogging session or a workout, try this cologne for an energizing yet odor-free experience. Curve Sport is perfect for an active lifestyle. 

The top notes of bergamot, red apple, and rosemary provide the energy and the freshness to your day. The middle notes of cardamom, lavender and clary sage remind you of calmness and serenity refreshingly and put off unwanted odor.

It’s strong enough to keep the unpleasant odor away because of its unique notes and high concentration. The scent comes with refreshing notes and is energizing yet gentle on the skin.

You can also use this cologne during casual evenings. Reapply this unisex cologne that lasts for 4–6 hours and feel uplifted throughout the day. The cologne weighs lightly and is ideal for all kinds of weather, including summer, winter, and fall.

Worried about bad odor after a workout? Try Curve Sport today and stay fresh.

Best for the man who loves exercise and wants to combat bad odors.

Top Notes:Bergamot, Red Apple and Rosemary
Middle Notes:Cardamom, Lavender and Clary Sage
Base Notes:Sandalwood, Tobacco, Moss and Vetiver
Curve Sport for Men Fragrance Notes

Curve Black for Men – Best Strong Fragrance


Curve Black for Men

Curve Black is a bold fragrance and a good choice for those who want to wear a strong fragrance. The blend of a variety of notes used in this cologne will give you an edge in any crowd. 

The opening notes of this scent are a citrusy bergamot and violet leaves, followed by a woodsy middle note of tree moss. Lavender is the final scent impression, and is backed up with hints of teak and tonka bean.

It’s a masculine fragrance that will speak to women who enjoy bold men. The scent lingers on your body for long hours, which gives you enough time to create an impactful impression on others such as at a date night or interview.  

With its strong yet appealing aroma, Curve Black makes you the center of attraction wherever you go. It’s especially pleasant when worn casually with jeans or sports jackets. Other than boosting your confidence, Curve Black also works to bring out your true personality.

Unlock your inner hero and put your best foot forward with a unique blend of notes that will help you crush your to-do list, and make new friends wherever you go.

Best for those who prefer strong smoky fragrances.

Top Notes:Bergamot, Violet Leaves and Nutmeg
Middle Notes:Tree Moss, Lavender and Clay Sage
Base Notes:Leather, Sandalwood Notes, Tonka Bean and Teak
Curve Black for Men Fragrance Notes

FAQ- What You Should Known About the Best Curve Colognes

Get The Popular Classic Scent For Men and Feel Refreshed and Confident

If you need a cologne that will invigorate you and keep a fresh scent in your trail, try Curve for Men. From the 5 curve choices here, you’ll find one that suits your personality and needs.

During the warm summer months, Curve Wave will suit you best. Curve Sport is your best curve cologne choice if you love daily workouts and want to keep a fresh odor. Curve Connect suits the man seeking a strong fragrance with sillage that turns heads.

Feel lively and ready for the day with Curve, one of the bestselling classic cologne brands.

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