Nautica Voyage Review (Does it Pass Our 2024 Test?)

Nautica Voyage is an elegant and smooth cheapie that conjures images of summer adventures. This aquatic blend is a well-balanced tour of natural-smelling fruits and woods that will lend a slice of energy and style to your escapades.

Nautica Voyage is a superb and budget-friendly summer fragrance that doesn’t compromise quality.

nautica voyage  bottle next to open box

It does the simple things well and produces a light, clean-smelling brand of breezy masculinity. 

This is a clean-smelling aquatic scent that won’t overpower those around you, but don’t mistake that for weakness. Just 1 – 2 sprays will last all day, but it’s a moderate projection reserved for those you pass by on the pier.

Nautica Voyage
$65.00 $17.39 ($5.27 / Fl Oz)

Fruity and sweet with a masculine cedarwood base.

A calming and aquatic scent perfect for casual good vibes in summer.

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03/07/2024 11:14 am GMT

Nautica Voyage will not flood the room when you walk in, but it will fascinate those you get within arms-length of. It’s crafted for casual beach days or a laid-back dinner and drinks with friends.

It’s one of the best budget fragrances out there. If you’re looking for deep and brooding Alpha energy look elsewhere – but Nautica Voyage is a wonderful, clean and refreshing fragrance that still carries a sense of masculinity.

What Does Nautica Voyage Smell Like?

Nautica Voyage opens up with bright and juicy top notes of crisp green apple and cleansing cucumber. It’s the perfect level of freshness for a hot summer’s day and reminds me of a cool ocean breeze.

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The dry down brings more masculinity, with deeper notes of amber, musk, and oakmoss resting on a stiff cedarwood base. It balances out those brighter top notes beautifully and makes this summer fragrance feel sophisticated enough for a beach-bar date.

Fragrance snobs might call Nautica Voyage out for being a little basic, but in a budget fragrance, I’d rather have a cologne that does a few things well rather than a cluttered mess.

Nautica has pulled off a charming crowd-pleaser that smells like a fruity cocktail on the beach – and picks up regular compliments from women, too.

In terms of aquatic fragrances, I’ve never found a fragrance that smells so refreshing while still feeling masculine. It’s one of the few budget fragrances I’d be confident recommending as a blind buy – and that should tell you everything you need to know.

Top Notes:Apple and Green Leaves
Middle Notes:Lotus and Mimosa
Base Notes:Musk, Cedar, Oakmoss and Amber
Nautica Voyage Fragrance Notes

How Long Does Nautica Voyage Last?

Nautica Voyage punches way above its price point in terms of longevity. For me, it lasts around 8 hours overall – 4 – 5 of strong arm’s length projection, and another few as an intimate skin scent.

the back of a box of nautica voyage

Be careful when applying Nautica Voyage. Compared to other cheap colognes, it’s very strong, so there’s no need to overspray. I only ever use 4 sprays maximum, and usually, 3 are fine – two to the neck and one rubbed between my wrists.

For a summer scent, that’s a really good level of projection –  this cologne will pick up compliments galore, and really impressed me.

How Much Does Nautica Voyage Cost?

(Prices below courtesy of

If you’ve got budget limitations, the cheapest Nautica Voyage is the 3.4 oz for $23.55.

In colognes, the cost per spray usually gets a little cheaper the larger the bottle you buy – but with Nautica, it’s basically exactly the same. So just get whichever size is most convenient for you.

Nautica Voyage
Nautica Voyage
Cost per Oz
Nautica Voyage cost comparison
Nautica Voyage
$65.00 $17.39 ($5.27 / Fl Oz)

Fruity and sweet with a masculine cedarwood base.

A calming and aquatic scent perfect for casual good vibes in summer.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 11:14 am GMT

Is Nautica Voyage Worth it?

Nautica Voyage is one of the first few colognes I’d recommend for a beginner looking for a summer fragrance to fill out their collection.

For the price, you’re not going to find a better bright and aquatic cologne. It’s an easy, dumb-reach fragrance that will lend a slice of class and masculinity to any Gent in the summer months.

If I was to look hard for any drawbacks, I can only think about the bottle. It looks a little generic, and the atomizer isn’t quite on the same level as designer sprayers in terms of strength and distribution. But the scent is the important thing – you don’t carry the bottle around with you all day, after all.

Nautica Voyage is one of the cheapest – but most complimented – colognes in my rotation. It has that same clean freshness from other successful aquatic colognes, but with an added fruitiness that sets it apart. I love it, girls love it. Absolute no-brainer.

Where to Buy Nautica Voyage Online

If you’re looking to buy colognes online, you need to make sure you use a reputable retailer.

There’s nothing worse than placing an order that feels a little too good to be true, only to receive a cologne that underwhelms because it’s obviously a knock-off. Or worse yet, doesn’t arrive at all.

For the best prices and shipping times, I recommend shopping through FragranceX. They have great shipping times, and cut-price offers by selling cologne testers that have never been used.

Otherwise, you could order through Amazon – just make sure you check out the reviews beforehand to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable vendor.

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What’s Changed?

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