8 Best Torch Lighters for Cigars in 2022

Once you’ve been smoking cigars for a while, you’ll want to graduate to a proper torch lighter.

It completes the smoking ritual and makes the experience feel far more seamless and gentlemanly.

The best torch lighters for cigars are going to cover a couple of bases:

  • Strong, consistent flame: You want an easy light that works every time, and holds up even in the wind.
  • A good size gas tank: If you have to fill up your tank too often, it can become a bit of a hassle. You should shoot for something that lasts for a month or more.
  • Warranty: Accidents happen. If I’m investing in a torch lighter to use on a day-to-day basis, I want to know that I’m protected if something goes wrong.
Best budget pick
Xikar Tech Double Clear

Xikar Tech Double Clear

Larger build volume than Photon Mono 4K and Elegoo Mars 3
Reflective cap so you can see your smoke as you light it.
Available at:
Xikar HP3 Triple Flame

Xikar HP3 Triple Flame

Excellent build quality with a premium supercar feel.
Super reliable. The HP3 Triple Flame fires up first time, every time.
Available at:
Best single flame
Rocky Patel HE Single Torch Lighter

Rocky Patel HE

Perfect for smokers who want something simple and classy.
An instant conversation starter that will collect compliments.
Available at:

My top pick for the best torch lighter for cigars is the Xikar HP3 Triple Flame. It’s a powerful and consistent lighter with gorgeous build quality that feels premium – but it doesn’t cost the earth.

There are a few Xikar picks in this list, and it’s worth noting that they all benefit from a lifetime guarantee, no questions asked. 

I’ve only ever had a problem with the flame on my Xikar HP4 Quad Flame once, and they sent me a replacement promptly. Zero interrogation, they just swapped it out.

If you’re looking for something sturdy to use as a communal, tabletop torch lighter, check out the Alec Bradley Burner. It’s incredibly easy for guests to use at parties, the gas tank lasts forever – and the chrome look is pretty retro-chic, too.

So, let’s get into it.


Best Torch Lighters for Cigars

Xikar HP3 Triple Flame: Best Torch Lighter for Cigars Overall

Rocky Patel HE Single Torch Lighter: Best Single Flame Torch Lighter for Cigars

Xikar Tech Double Clear: Best Budget Torch Lighter for Cigars

Xikar Ex Windproof: Best Outdoor Torch Lighter for Cigars

Alec Bradley The Burner: Best Tabletop Torch Lighter for Cigars

Xikar HP4 Quad Flame: Luxury Torch Lighter for Cigars

Xikar Verano Flat Flame: Coolest Torch Lighter for Cigars

Cohiba T3 Triple Torch Lighter Silver: Most Durable Torch Lighter for Cigars

Xikar HP3 Triple Flame – Best Torch Lighter for Cigars Overall

Xikar HP3 Triple Flame

This is a lighter that you can tell has been engineered for performance and precision.

The Xikar HP3 has excellent build quality, and fires on the first try every single time. I’m extremely impressed by this lighter.

You can fine-tune the power on the three jets with the adjustment wheel on the base, and for a lighter with so much firepower the fuel usage is surprisingly good. I can go a couple of months without having to refill this one.

It’s gorgeous as an object too, with beautiful build quality and a sort of supercar premium feel. There are a few colors to choose from too, so you can express yourself and pair your pick with your look.

You can keep tabs on your fuel level through the viewing window too, so you’ll never get caught short.

This lighter feels comfortable in your hand, with a reassuring weight to it without feeling bulky at all. I can slip the HP3 into any suit pocket without any difficulty.

Plus, all Xikar lighters are sold with their “guaranteed for life” promise. I haven’t had to cash that in on this model yet, but it’s good to have there for peace of mind.

Rocky Patel HE Single Torch Lighter – Best Single Flame Torch Lighter for Cigars

Rocky Patel HE Single Torch Lighter

This simple and classy lighter is perfect for smokers who just want to fire up their stogie without any unnecessary gimmicks.

It fires out a single, strong and precise flame from the classic flip-top that opens with a satisfying click. Sort of like the feeling of flicking open a Zippo, you draw just enough attention to yourself without looking deliberately flashy.

And like the Xikar HP3, there’s a clear fuel window that will let you know when it’s time to top up the gas.

As a classy object, the Rocky Patel HE is an instant conversation starter. Just keep it close – if you let people borrow it, you might find it goes “missing” pretty easily.

Xikar Tech Double Clear – Best Budget Torch Lighter for Cigars

Xikar Tech Double Clear

I’ve had this powerful and compact lighter for over a year, and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Compared to the other small boys on this list, the Xikar Tech Double Clear has an extra large fuel tank – so this is the pick if you find refilling the gas a bit of a hassle.

That said, it’s slim enough to slip into your pocket comfortably. This is not a tabletop lighter by any stretch of the imagination, but it is still wide enough to handle large ring cigars too.

The protective cap pops up when you press the trigger and has a reflective underside so you can see how your light is going for better accuracy. 

It’s also easy to adjust the dual flame through the dial on the bottom, and the clear body means you can always see how much fuel you have left.

In terms of value for money, this lighter does all of the basics perfectly with a couple of extras thrown in. Definitely a strong recommendation from me.

Xikar Ex Windproof – Best Outdoor Torch Lighter for Cigars

Xikar Ex Windproof

If you’re looking for a lighter to weather the storm, this is the pick for you. It feels literally impossible to blow this flame out.

The Xikar Ex Windproof is the perfect lighter to take out on camping trips when you can’t rely on the elements. The durable casing means it can take a battering, too – but it still looks stylish enough for more casual situations.

I get a quick and even light every time from this hybrid lighter. It’s actually part torch and part soft flame, so you get the best of both worlds. 

It toasts cigars exceedingly well and is nice and easy to use, too.

The only quibble I have here is the lack of a window to keep an eye on fuel, but it’s pretty easy to tell anyway. When it’s time to top up you’ll notice the Xikar Ex Windproof starts to get a little “lighter” (haha) and the flame begins to sputter just a little.

At that point, you’ll have 4 or 5 decent lights left before it gives up.

Alec Bradley The Burner – Best Tabletop Torch Lighter for Cigars

Alec Bradley The Burner

This mini-bunsen burner lasts and lasts. The 1.4-ounce canister holds enough butane for 2 hours of continuous flame, which is more than any of the other lighters on this list.

Since I filler her up, The Burner Lighter has lit over 120 cigars for me. So this is a real “set and forget” solution for the vast majority of users.

When you dip your cigars foot in the adjustable flame, you get a fully lit head almost instantaneously without any rotation. It’s super easy, which is why I like to leave it out when I have guests over.

And even though the chrome looks nice and chic, this is a hardy lighter. I’ve left this burner out in the rain before and it has just kept on trucking. 

Xikar HP4 Quad Flame – Luxury Torch Lighter for Cigars

Xikar HP4 Quad Flame

This lighter looks like a Lamoginhi in your hand. It’s unapologetically flashy but brings the performance to match.

A flip-top lid protects four angled jets that create an apex of flames for maximum heat concentration and efficiency. The cap pivots back more than 90 degrees, so you can use the Xikar HP4 with stogies of pretty much any ring gauge.

You can adjust the flame intensity with the fuel adjustment wheel, and you’ll never lose track of your fuel with the oversized red windows. They look slick and really match the supercar aesthetic.

Because this is a pretty premium lighter, Xikar will also throw you a free protective sheath if you shoot them an email, which is a nice touch.

P.S This lighter is altitude tested up to 11,000ft. This feels like a bit of an unnecessary flex, but worth noting if you’re planning on lighting up on a… private jet?

Xikar Verano Flat Flame – Coolest Torch Lighter for Cigars

Xikar Verano Flat Flame

Time for something a little different. This Xikar flat flame has all the power of a double flame with the breadth of a triple flame for maximum fuel efficiency.

It’s a novel way of lighting up your stogies and adds a little bit of fun to the experience when you pass it around.

But – crucially – this is not a gimmicky lighter.

You can tell this is a luxury lighter from the moment you hold it, and it gets confirmed with each easy light.

The solid metal construction feels premium, heavy, and stylish, and I’d definitely put this amongst the coolest lighters in my collection.

But it’s not all style. The top is mirrored, so I can always tell if I’ve missed a spot as I light, and the flame adjustment knob lets me be very specific about the flame intensity.

If I was to be super picky and look for a negative, the super-shiny metal is a little bit of a fingerprint magnet. But most won’t even notice that, particularly if you give it a shine every once in a while.

Cohiba T3 Triple Torch Lighter Silver – Most Durable Torch Lighter for Cigars

Cohiba T3 Triple Torch Lighter Silver

I’ve had this ergonomic lighter for a few months now, and it’s performed flawlessly so far.

It’s a durable device that I’ve taken out on a few camps and fishing trips, and it manages to perform whatever the weather. This lighter is impressively wind resistant for its size, that’s for sure.

With a simple push of the double-action ignition, three strong flames burst out of the top. There’s plenty of power here, but the super large fuel tank means it still lasts a month or so between refills.

I like using it as an outdoor, social lighter for parties on the porch. It’s easy for guests to use, and it’s very unlikely to run into technical difficulties. 

Can’t I Just Use My Zippo?

Zippo Classic Lighter

Okay, I get it. Zippos. Are. Cool.

There are loads of designs to match your personality, and they’re pretty windproof too. There’s a lot to like.

But if you pull out a regular Zippo to light a cigar, you’ll raise eyebrows amongst any aficionados.

Zippos run on conventional lighter fluid that can corrupt the flavor of your first few tokes – which is obviously not ideal.

Torch lighters get around this by using butane, which is odorless.

If you still want the Zippo feeling while you light your cigars, I recommend picking up a butane torch Zippo insert.

It’s a little cartridge that you slip into your casing to get the best of both worlds.

Thunderbird Butane Torch Lighter Insert

How To Choose The Right Torch Lighter For You

Single-Flame Torch Lighter vs. Multi-Flame Torch Lighter

Both will light your stogie well, but there are a couple of differences:

  • Single-flame: These usually offer more precision and are more fuel efficient, meaning you can go longer between refills.
  • Multi-flame: More powerful, so better for lighting your cigars quickly or in windy situations.

If you have both available, you might want to use a multi-flame to get your stogie going and then conduct any touch-ups with the more accurate single-flame.

What Type of Fuel Do I Need for a Cigar Torch Lighter?

Butane is the most popular choice for torch lighter by far. This odorless gas burns nice and clean, so it won’t interfere with the flavor of your cigar.

Look out for butane that is triple-refined (or better) to make sure you avoid any impurities.

Can’t I Just Use Matches?

Matches aren’t great in the wind, but they will give you an authentic old-timey experience and let you light your cigar slowly. 

For some, it’s all part of the ritual.

If you are going to use matches, make sure you pick some that are sulfur-free. Most matches with sulfur will result in a weird taste and smell for the first couple of tokes on your cigar.

FAQs About the Best Torch Lighters for Cigars

What’s the best torch lighter for cigars?

The best torch lighter for cigars is the Xikar HP3 Triple Flame. It’s a powerful and consistent lighter with gorgeous build quality that feels premium – but doesn’t cost the earth.

What’s the cheapest torch lighter (that’s still worth it)?

The best value torch lighter is the Xikar Tech Double Clear. It has a strong 2-flame burner and a huge tank, meaning you can go for ages between butane refills.

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