Best Black Friday Cigar Deals – November 2022

Black Friday is possibly my favorite holiday. Anniversaries, meh. Birthdays I can take or leave. I’m looking for deals.

Cigars can be an expensive hobby, so the best Black Friday cigar deals go a long way in helping me stock my collection for the coming year.

Not to mention the chance to grab a couple of cheaper Christmas gifts for friends and family. You get all of the credit, for a fraction of the price.

I thought I’d share the best Black Friday cigar deals I’ve found so far, so you can take advantage as well.

Let’s just say that this year, we’ve been pretty lucky…

*All prices correct at time of publication, but subject to change. Check links for current price.

Best Famous Smoke Shop Black Friday Deals

Famous Smoke tends to have the best cigar deals in general, and they take it one step further with their Black Friday sale, running until 11/30. Here are some of the best offers I’ve found so far:

Best Drew Estate Black Friday Deals

The best way to explore a bunch of smokes cheaply is with a sampler, and these Drew Estate traditional bundles offer obscene value for money.

48% off
Drew Estate Traditional March

Drew Estate Traditional March

Was $98.30, now $50.95

51% OFF
Drew Estate Traditional 10 Count Sampler

Drew Estate Traditional 10 Count Sampler

Was $103.50, now $50.95

Both of these samplers include a handful of fan favorites that span a range of flavors and bodies. They’re all selected with accessibility in mind, so you won’t find anything that’s too coarse or aggressive to enjoy.

Each smoke comes in a pair so you can share with a buddy and enjoy a satisfying smoke together, perfect for getting together over the holidays.

But here’s the real kicker: for Black Friday, both of these samplers come with a free Capri humidor worth $50.

capri humidor

It’s a great pick for beginners, with a beautiful dark mahogany finish and dry Spanish cedar lining. You’ve got space for 25 – 50 cigars, depending on size, so you’ll be able to keep your whole sampler fresh, with no problem.

The Capri retains humidity really well – just be aware you’ll have to supply your own digital hygrometer to keep track (check out the Cigar Oasis deal later in this article).

Drew Estate Traditional March – 48% Off

Drew Estate Traditional March

Drew Estate Traditional March

Was $98.30, now $50.95

My pick of the bunch here was the Nica Rustica, a slow-burning smoke with a deep and rich flavor. I’m probably going to buy a whole box now. That’s why I love samplers – they introduce me to smokes I never would have tried. I also really enjoyed the Joya Dark, which reminded me of the CAO Brazillia (which is several times more expensive).

  • 2 Liga Undercrown Gran Toro
  • 2 Undercrown Shade Gran Toro
  • 2 Undercrown Sun Grown Gran Toro
  • 2 HE Brazilian Mad Toro Especial
  • 2 JDN Antano Conn Toro

Drew Estate Traditional 10 Count Sampler – 51% Off

Drew Estate Traditional 10 Count Sampler

Drew Estate Traditional 10 Count Sampler

Was $103.50, now $50.95

This sampler is pretty similar, but with an extra couple of smokes thrown in. It also includes the H.E Norteno Piramide Finos, which I really enjoy.

These Spanish smokes come encased in a rich maduro wrapper, with notes of coffee and subtle leather that pair perfectly with an espresso. Muy Bien.

  • 2 Liga Undercrown Gran Toro
  • 2 Undercrown Shade Gran Toro
  • 2 H.E. Norteno Piramide Fino
  • 2 JDN Antano Conn Toro
  • 2 Undercrown 10 Toro

Best Acid Cigars Black Friday Deal

Acid Collector Tin – 18% Off

Another offering from Drew Estate, but this time for those with a sweeter tooth. Acid cigars bring gourmand flavors to the fore and offer a great intro for people who don’t usually smoke stogies.

Acid Collector Tin

Acid Collector Tin

Was $98.55, now $80.99

This tin is a great gift that will take you through 14 of the most popular acid cigars, including the Acid Blondie (nice and mellow) and the Kuba Kuba (think Palma Violets).

Some of the shorter stogies, like the 5 Acid C-Notes, are perfect for coffee breaks when you don’t have enough time to indulge in a full cigar.

Most of the cigars have a sweetened tip that you can taste as soon as you put it to your lips – so this isn’t exactly what you’d recommend for the “purists”. But for a smooth, easy-going smoke that doesn’t compromise on tobacco quality, look no further.

  • 1 Acid 1400cc
  • 1 Acid Blondie
  • 1 Acid Kuba Kuba
  • 1 Acid One
  • 5 Acid C-Note
  • 1 Acid Extra Ordinary Larry
  • 1 Acid Nasty
  • 1 Acid Atom
  • 1 Acid Cold Infusion
  • 1 Acid Toast

Best Cao Cigars Black Friday Deal

CAO World Sampler – 39% Off

Around the world in 5 smokes. CAO are some of my favorite smokes, and they’re consistently rated among the best in the world.

The problem is they’re usually a little more expensive than I’m willing to pay, which is why I love this deal so much.

CAO World Sampler

CAO World Sampler

Was $40.85, now $24.99

You get the value of a sampler (which usually makes things about 30% cheaper), plus an extra 40% off for good measure!

My favorite smoke in the CAO World Sampler is the Brazilia Gol. It’s a medium/full-bodied blend in a rich maduro wrapper, with a little earthiness that still feels smooth. It’s really flavorful, and pairs perfectly with a glass of whiskey as the day is winding down.

  • 1 CAO Brazilia Gol
  • 1 CAO Italia Ciao
  • 1 CAO America Potomac
  • 1 CAO Colombia Vallenato
  • 1 CAO Nicaragua Tipitapa

Best Amazon Cigar Black Friday Deals

Best Cigar Humidor Black Friday Deals

Cool Knight Humidor – 41% Off

Now that you’ve got a bunch of tasty stogies (at tasty prices), you’ll need somewhere safe to store them. My top pick for a humidor deal this Black Friday is the Cool Knight, which Amazon is offering with a massive 41% off.

Cool Knight Humidor

Cool Knight Humidor

Was $78.99 down to $46.99

It’s got everything you need to maintain your cigars right out of the box. A built-in humidifier and hygrometer, and space for between 20-35 cigars. The most important part of a humidor is having a tight seal, and the Cool Knight does a great job at retaining humidity through a well-crafted Spanish Cedar interior.

It’s a great alternative to the Capri that comes free with the Drew Estate Samplers if you’re looking for something with a viewing window, so you can admire your cigars without compromising the atmosphere.

Best Cigar Oasis Black Friday Deal – 13% Off

If you choose to look elsewhere for your humidor, chances are you’ll need a humidifier and hygrometer. Well, Cigar Oasis is the industry standard.

Cigar Oasis  Humidifier

Cigar Oasis

Was $199.99 down to $174.00

They’re super reliable, accurate to +/- 0.1 of a percentage point, with a really intuitive, set-and-forget system.

This is the sort of device that you won’t have to replace as you expand your collection – Cigar Oasis set the bar, and I trust them to monitor even my most expensive stogies.

This year, Amazon is offering a 13% discount on their flagship humidifier, saving you $25.99. That’s enough cash to put towards a sampler from Famous Smoke and start building your Christmas collection.

Best Mike’s Cigars Black Friday Deals

Mike’s Cigars Black Friday Special Sampler

Mike’s Cigars don’t tend to run a site-wide sale for Black Friday, but they do offer a gem of a sampler.

Mike's cigars black friday sampler

Mike’s Cigars Black Friday Special Sampler


This year, they’re bringing you 8 cigars for around 5 bucks a pop, and they’re all usually worth double that.

Across a range of mid-sizes (corona, toro, and robusto), you’ll find smokes from all around the world that will open you up to new palates and notes. You might just find a new favorite.

Each sampler ships with Mike’s humidifying “water pillow”, meaning your smokes will be fresh on arrival and you can dive straight into smoking.

  • Casa Blaco Y Oro Robusto
  • O Habano. Robusto
  • Cauto Oro Corona Extra
  • Palm Real Robusto
  • Yayo Corona Extra
  • Cuban Sand Toro
  • Bob’s Old Fashioned Smoke
  • Dirty Dan Robusto

Where Can You Get Free Shipping for Cigars on Black Friday?

My favorite store, Famous Smoke Shop, has a deal where they offer free shipping for all orders over $75. Personally, I don’t struggle to spend that much in a single order, particularly if I’m looking to stack my humidor with some once-a-year deals.

Similarly, Mike’s Cigars will ship free of charge if you spend over $100 – which is pretty doable around Christmas time.

If you’re looking for no-strings-attached free shipping, Prime members can take advantage of Amazon. It might not help you for cigars themselves, but for accessories, you’ll get your order incredibly quickly.

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