Which Burberry Tie To Buy? Here’s What’s Trending

Looking to add a Burberry tie to your wardrobe?  When it comes to mens designer ties, no one can make a silk tie like the iconic luxury brand Burberry.

Thanks to it’s trademark check pattern, Burberry is one of the most distinctive and iconic brands of all time. Founded by 21 year old entrepreneur, Thomas Burberry in 1857, the brand began as out outdoor attire company.

What many people may not know, is that the trench coat as we know it today, was pioneered by Burberry. Of course, the prestigious brand has come along way since revolutionizing outdoor gear and trench coats. Today, the Burberry check pattern (officially known as the Haymarket Check after the street where the first London Burberry store was opened) is a coveted status symbol that is hard to beat.

These Burberry ties are the best of what’s out right now. Some are newly released designs, others are splendid Burberry ties that are becoming harder and harder to find.

Photo credit: @bartforrester

1. Burberry Tie – Vintage

Color: Archive Beige

Beige Burberry tie mens classic style

We begin with a signature check Burberry tie that simply – just makes a statement. As with most Burberry ties, this instantly recognizable pattern is made from 100% Mulberry silk. You will receive compliments wearing this beut.

BUY NOW: $200

2. Burberry Tie – Classic Cut

Color: Multiple

Burberry tie navy blue silk mens style

You should never compromise on finishing touches. So when your next formal event comes around, opt for nothing less than a designer tie from Burberry. Instantly recognizable.

BUY NOW: $190

3. Burberry Tie – Vintage

Color: Birch Brown

Burberry tie mens brown silk

Updating classic styles with design flair and exquisite attention to detail is a hallmark of the Burberry brand.

Crafted from Italian silk, the Classic Cut Check Jacquard Tie is a must have accessory for casual day or evening wear. Featuring iconic Burberry vintage check, a pointed tip and an adjustable fastening.

BUY NOW: $190

4. Burberry Tie – London Regent

Color: Blue

burberry tie blue mens

Charming lines touch up a handsome Italian tie cut from pure silk. There’s a lot you can do with a blue Burberry tie. No longer available through Burberry, only a limited number remain in stock thru Ssence.

5. Burberry – Classic Cut

Color: Navy

Can you really go wrong with a blue Burberry tie?! Absolutely not. A splendid addition to any tie collection.

BUY NOW: $190

6. Burberry Tie – Modern Cut

Color: Charcoal Grey

Burberry ties grey silk mens style

Wearing a beautiful grey Burberry tie is about as stylish as you can get, whether you’re wearing it with a suit or a pair of jeans. And since most women love Burberry….  it can sometimes make for a great conversation starter.

BUY NOW: $200

7. Burberry Tie – Toned Logo

Color: Blue

Having defined elegance and class for decades, Burberry continues the tradition with this dashing blue silk tie. Another one of those ties that steps up so many different attire’s.

You could go with a basic blue tie…. or you could go with a blue Burberry tie.

BUY NOW: $190

8. Burberry Tie – Giant Check

Color: Multi

Burberry tie red and brown silk mens style

Smarten up in Burberry style. Surely, when 21 year old founder Thomas Burberry founded the iconic company in 1857 as a outdoor gear company, he had no idea that over a hundred years later his company would be making some of the most sought out designer ties in the world. Like this red and charcoal tie, that is the perfect finishing touch for a night out on the town.

BUY NOW: $200

9. Burberry Tie – Skinny Check

Color: Multi Grey

Mens Designer Burberry ties grey

Pull your outfit together, literally and figuratively, with this sophisticated Burberry tie made from 100% silk.

10. Burberry Tie – Heritage

Color: Multi-color

Blue Burberry ties mens style

This is one of the most vibrant Burberry ties you’ll find anywhere. And believe me, we’ve looked at our share of Burberry ties.

With just a few left, snatch this beauty up while you can and wear with a pair of jeans for work or a night out.

Note: One of the rare instances where you can buy a Burberry tie for around $100.

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