Fat Bottom Betty Cigar Review – Worth it or Swerve it?

Fat Bottom Betty- At a Glance

The Fat Bottom Betty is a great pick for beginners looking to graduate from gas station cigars to something a little heftier. The sweetened tip will divide opinion, but this is a top-tier smoke that ebbs and evolves throughout the 45-minute session.

fat bottom betty

Fat Bottom Betty

famous smoke shop: $89.99 for 10


A medium-bodied cigar that packs plenty of flavor without being aggressive.

Ideal for people ready to move on from mild beginner cigars to something more substantial.

Takes around 45 minutes to smoke, which is a convenient session time.


It has a sweetened tip, which may put off the purists.

Sometimes difficult to get a hold of, particularly if you’re outside of the US

The flavor is not linear, which may not suit you if you like a predictable smoke.

Need to Know – Fat Bottom Betty

From:Deadwood Tobacco Company (Drew Estate)
Length:Lives up to the name with a hefty 5-inch length and 54-gram weight. This is a sizable smoke for a beginner.
Tobacco:Fat Bottom Betty contains premium Nicaragua tobacco wrapped in a gorgeous Connecticut Maduro leaf. You’re going to get an even and satisfying velvety smoke, every time. 
Fat Bottom Betty Details

First impressions


With their packaging, Deadwood has struck a perfect balance between elevating their product without overdoing it. Fat Bottom Bettys come in a sleek wooden box of 10 that feels premium to the touch and fits their brand well. 

fat bottom betty box

It’s classy, but with a little hint of danger.

The artwork on the cigar bond has a pirate-esque mystique, evoking the tattoos of dangerous men along with a sense of macabre beauty. This Day of the Dead, Captain Jack Sparrow energy – and I’m here for it.

They’re also chunky. Each cigar comes in at 5” and weighs 54 grams, so the fat bottom reputation certainly isn’t plucked out of thin air.

Each cigar comes wrapped individually, which will help keep your smokes fresh if you don’t happen to own a humidor. 

Hint: you should still buy a humidor.

The Connecticut Maduro leaf wrapper is a beautiful dark brown tone. It’s sleek and smooth, harboring the oils from the tobacco leaf which lend a sheen to the exterior.

It is not a perfectly straight cigar – there are a couple of divets here and there – but it’s not a nobbly bobbly, by any stretch. From a few inches away it seems straight as an arrow. 

The foot of the smoke is closed, and the barrel has a good bit of bounce if you give it a pinch.

On the nose, you get little hints of dried fruits and dark chocolate – but how does it taste?

Flavor Profile

When you put a Fat Bottom Betty to your lips, you’ll get a sense of what it’s all about – before you even light it. They use a characteristic sweetened tip, similar to the one Drew Estate use in their Acid line. 

I’m not usually a fan of sweetened, flavored, or infused cigars. I want to be able to taste the subtleties of the tobacco.

That’s where I find my fun, and I don’t need sweet notes to make rich tobacco blends a pleasure. 

However, I can totally see the appeal of a sweetened cap here. Fat Bottom Betty’s are not some rugged blend for cigar veterans. They’re an accessible middle ground for people who are looking for something with a bit of complexity. 

Also, the sweet tips had basically worn off by the time I was a third of the way through the cigar. The slow tapering effect is a good way to ease a rookie into the full body of the cigar. They have the crutch of some sweetness at the outset, which gently fades to reveal the full effect of the tobacco blend.

The blend itself is incredibly warm and creamy. There are notes of coffee and earthiness interspersed with dark chocolate sweetness. It’s wonderfully balanced with touches of incense and florals that add some sophisticated nuance

Nicaraguan pepper and nutmeg emerge towards the end of the smoke, for a spiced final act that newcomers and veterans alike will appreciate.

Smoke Experience

The burn throughout was even and true, and I didn’t have to relight once. I was probably toking every minute or so, as I enjoyed the smoke leisurely with my girlfriend in the garden.

fat bottom betty garden

She normally doesn’t appreciate the smell of a cigar at all, but this time she was actually pretty partial to it. She mentioned it smelt a little like pipe tobacco, which she prefers.

The draw was perhaps a touch looser than I might have expected, but not enough to disrupt my enjoyment of the smoke. That’s probably why it clocks in at 45 minutes rather than an hour, I would guess.

My favorite part of the smoke was that spicier section around 35 minutes in, which lasted about 10 minutes before the cigar became to exhaust itself.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’d recommend the Fat Bottom Betty to anyone looking to step up from gas station cigars to hand-rolled stogies.

For the price, they offer a great tobacco blend in a way that newbies can get on board with. I’m always here for anyone who is interested in opening up our hobby to more people, so Deadwood gets a thumbs up for that.

Plus, 45 minutes of smoke time is enough to have a proper session without giving part-timers too much of a buzz.

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About Deadwood Tobacco Company

Deadwood Tobacco is produced by Drew Estate out of their factory in Nicaragua. 

The mythology around Fat Bottom Betty is a little saucy. Each cigar in the range is pitched as an off-the-rails woman, out to cause a ruckus and bring men to their knees.

fat bottom betty logo

Fat Bottom Betty came out of Rehab in 2013 to spread some large ass lovin’ with her sister Sweet Jane. 

Vaughn Boyd, owner of Deadwood Tobacco Co.

They produce 4 other vitolas across a range of sizes:

Deadwood ProductCigar Style
Fat Bottom BettyRobusto
Sweet AliceCorona
Sweet JaneFigurado
Baby JaneCigarillo
Sweet Jane AA – Size
Deadwood Variants

Where to Buy Fat Bottom Betty Cigars

I recommend buying Fat Bottom Betty’s through Famous Smoke Shop. They’ve got the best prices I’ve been able to find online and are pretty much always in stock.

They also offer a pretty generous returns policy, so you can send your Deadwoods back if you try one and decide the sweet tip isn’t for you.

FAQ – What You Should Know About Fat Bottom Betty Cigars

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