The Best Black T Shirt? – Here’s What’s Hot

Sure there’s a million black t shirts to choose from. But if you want a buy a nice black t-shirt that’s soft, looks nice, and isn’t ordinary – here’s what’s trending.

There are several benefits to having a nice black t-shirt in your wardrobe.

The main reason why black t-shirts for men are popular is because of how versatile they are. You can wear them while running errands during the day. You can wear in with a  pair of jeans while hanging out with some buddies. Or wear in with a suit or under a blazer for a dinner night out. They give you so many options, no matter what you’re dressing for.

Yet some men have yet to add the staple item to their wardrobe. But it’s one of those things where – once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Another benefit of having the right black t-shirt is that they tend to make the body look more slimmer. If you’re one of those guys who have a body fat under 10%, then just wear them for the style (while knowing the rest of us hate you. lol.)

Again, you can buy a black t-shirt almost anywhere. But for those who want something above average – here are the hottest black t-shirts out right now.

Urban Outfitters plain black t shirt men
Urban Outfitters plain black t shirt men


Made from 100% organic soft cotton, what we love most about this black t-shirt are the details. Like the notched slit and decorative hems. If you’re looking for something with a little character, this is a good option.


Xray plain black t shirts for men

X RAY  Ι  $17

All the guys looking for a slim fit black t-shirt, this is one you have to try. Perfect for wearing under a blazer or with a pair of jeans, is comfortable and stylish. And for only under $20 can you really go wrong??


John Varvatos plain black t shirt for men
Plain black t shirt for men by John Varvatos


Most of the cotton that you buy comes from Upland cotton. Like to the tune of around 90%. The other 10% comes from two luxurious cottons – Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton.

So naturally when a mens luxury brand like John Varvatos decided to make a black t-shirt, they used only the best cotton available.

Extraordinarily smooth, it may become your new favorite t-shirt.


Emporio Armani plain black t shirt men


Impeccably detailed, this is Giorgio Armani’s diffusion line of fine-tailored clothing, stylish sportswear, eveningwear, outerwear and accessories for professionals. It embodies Giorgio Armani’s signature elements: clean lines and subtle coloration, exclusive fabrics, exceptional attention to detail, fit and finish.


Giorgio Armani black t shirt men plain
Giorgio Armani black t shirt men plain


An emblem of essential elegance and always understated, this T-shirt displays the iconic Giorgio Armani style through its simplicity. A favorite among celebrities, this black t-shirt is a great option to wear underneath a high end custom suit or blazer.


Ralph Lauren plain black t shirt men
Ralph Lauren plain black t shirt men


What we love about this Ralph Lauren black t-shirt, is the ability to create your own. You can pick which logo and monogram, which color you would like them,  what to put on the right hem and can even put your name or a number on back.


ASOS plain black tshirt men
ASOS plain black tshirt men

ASOS  Ι  $6.65

If you’re environmental-conscius, this is the shirt for you. A stylish black t-shirt made from organic cotton and less water. Even if your not necessarily a big environmental guy – this is still a great black t-shirt for under $10.


Rag & Bone plain black t shirt men

RAG & BONE   Ι  $95

When Rag & Bone co-founder Marcus Wainright had an idea to make a unique pair of men’s jeans, he infamously spent over 18 months working with a factory in Kentucky to perfect his product.

It’s this spirit of excellence and attention to detail that has driven Rag & Bone to  becoming one of top urban style brands as of late.

The small white Rag & Bone logo on the back at the bottom adds a nice touch.