7 Best Flavored Cigars (All Tastes and Budgets)

Flavored cigars are perfect for those moments when you just want something a little different.

I can get a little caught up in complex blends that promise notes of unicorn sweat, and smoking super powerful stogies because I’m a connoisseur. 

But you know what? Cigars are supposed to be fun – there’s no shame in the game.

For example, the best flavored cigars can offer a shared experience for aficionados and beginners alike.

Rookies don’t need or want full-throttle, deep tobacco. Give them something gourmand to hold onto while they start understanding the textures of different blends and wrappers. 

A mocha masterpiece
Java Latte Toro

Java Latte

Delivers espresso and cocoa flavor without dominating the tobacco.
A well-balanced, smooth and creamy cigar.
Available at:
Best overall
Maker's Mark 650

Maker’s Mark

Smooth and satisfying smoke with a gorgeous whiskey undercurrent
These cigars taste far more expensive than they actually are.
Available at:
Coffee-flavored delight
Drew Estate Tabak Especial Robusto

Drew Estate Tabak Especial

A choice of two wrappers, depending on what strength/sweetness you prefer.
Last for between 20 and 30 minutes – a great on-the-go option
Available at:

That’s why Maker’s Mark tops my list this week – it’s a gorgeous smoke that brings enough genuine bourbon flavor to feel like a nightcap in its own right.

Nevertheless, I still recommend smoking it with a whiskey – but I digress.

Personally, I don’t think there’s much better than starting your day with a quality, coffee-infused stogie. Check out the Java Lattes and Drew Estate’s Tabak range for 2 stogies that strike the right balance between smoke and espresso. Yum.

It’s always nice to have an after-dinner digestif on hand that will give you the sense of dessert without any of the guilt.

Let’s get into it. 


Best Flavored Cigars

Maker’s Mark: Best Whiskey Flavored Cigar

Java Latte: Best Mocha Flavored Cigar

Drew Estate Tabak Especial: Best Coffee Flavored Cigar

Kentucky Fired Cured Sweet Fat Molly: Best Smoky Sweet Cigar

Acid Krush Classic Blue Connecticut: Best Sweet Flavored Cigar

Arturo Fuente Añejo: Best Cognac Flavored Cigar

Backwoods: Best Flavored Gas Station Cigar

The Best Flavored Cigars in 2022

Maker’s Mark – Best Whiskey Flavored Cigar

These mild/medium-bodied stogies combine two of life’s simple pleasures – cigars and bourbon.

Maker's Mark 650

With premium Dominican tobacco encased in a Sumatra leaf wrapper, the result is a smooth and satisfying smoke with a gorgeous whiskey undercurrent.

They’re the sort of smokes that friends love because they bring something a little different and manly to the table. These stogies look gorgeous too, like they’ve been lost in a time-warp,  and seem more expensive than they actually are when you’re handing them out. 

With excellent construction and razor-sharp burn, you can’t do much better for the price. The closest I can think of is Ghurka Grand Reserves with their Cognac flavor, but they cost 5 times as much – and I prefer Maker’s Mark anyway.

The perfect smokes for escaping the wife. Post up in the garden, grab a dram of your favorite bourbon and let time slip away for a while.

If you like your smokes a little on the sweeter side, check out the 10th Anniversary Maker’s Marks. They’re a little closer to a measure of honey Jack Daniels than an unadulterated bourbon.

Size6 x 50
CountryDominican Republic
Wrapper OriginEcuadorian
Wrapper LeafSumatra
Maker’s Mark Stats

Java Latte – Best Mocha Flavored Cigar

Jave Lattes are one of the few coffee-flavored cigars I’ve found that delivers genuine espresso taste without dominating the tobacco.

Java Latte Toro

At the end of the day, I’m smoking a cigar – not having a coffee – and I’m glad that the coffee is subtle enough to let the Nicaraguan tobacco shine in its own right. It’s a well-balanced, smooth and creamy affair that will please legit smokers and part-timers alike.

The subtle sweetness sort of reminds me of Maduro wrapper – it’s a natural tasting cocoa note that says “Hello Sir” rather than screaming “I have arrived”.

While some flavored cigars can feel a little artificial, this stick still feels like a genuine, premium stogie – just with a little flavorful, chocolate-coffee twist.

I keep a small stash in my humidor for those days when I’m feeling like a dessert but know my waistline won’t thank me.

Like the Maker’s Marks, Java Lattes’ smoke is consistent and they draw like a dream. The box press keeps everything nice and tight, and there’s wrapper looks clean and premium. It’s the sort of smoke that my friends will make a note of to buy their own box – and I can’t blame them.

Size6 x 50
Wrapper OriginEcuadorian
Wrapper LeafConnecticut Shade
Java Latte Stats

Drew Estate Tabak Especial – Best Coffee Flavored Cigar

Another coffee-infused cigar, but this time without the chocolate dimension. This is pure espresso-y goodness resting on a bed of Sumatra and Nicaraguan smoky goddess.

Drew Estate Tabak Especial Robusto

This is the sort of stogie that makes you think you’re smoking a cup of coffee. They’re perfect for the morning as you’re waking up and plotting your day.

Tabaks come with a choice of two wrappers, depending on what sort of strength/sweetness you’re looking for:

  • Negra: A darker Maduro wrapper that is rich and slightly sweet. Better for when you have time to sit and enjoy the decadence. Full-bodied.
  • Dulce: A bronze Connecticut wrapper for a smoother, more mild smoke. More appropriate for beginners who are looking for something uncomplicated. Medium-bodied.

Both skins undergo a delicate aging process to bring the very best out of the tobacco and are identically packed with coffee-infused filler. I wouldn’t put either variant above the other in terms of quality – it’s just a question of personal preference.

Both are perfect as daily smokes that bring awesome flavor at a good price. The famous Drew Estate sweep cap grabs your attention from the second it touches your lips and adds just the right amount of sweetness to the dominant coffee accord.

They last for between 20 and 30 minutes, which makes them a great on-the-go option. A cool, easy draw that never gets hot or prickly – even down to the nub.

I also really appreciate the two-way humidity packages these arrived with. They felt factory fresh, and it means you can store these stogies without a humidor for at least a couple of months.

The only downside is that these smokes only come in packs of 10 – so you’ll have to buy a couple at a time because you will get through them.

Size5 x 54
Wrapper OriginConnecticut
Wrapper LeafConnecticut Shade
Drew Estate Tabak Especial Stats

Kentucky Fired Cured Sweet Fat Molly – Best Smoky Sweet Cigar

This smoky-sweet stogie reminds me of sitting around a campfire with my buddies. The fire-cured tobacco brings notes of cocoa and pepper for a unique, tangy flavor that pairs perfectly with whiskey or bourbon.

Kentucky Fired Cured Sweet Fat Molly

For a niche stick, construction here is on point. Kentucky Fire Cured gives me the perfect burn every time I light up, with sturdy white ash that lasts for at least a couple of inches.

It’s a perfect after-dinner smoke when I don’t fancy dessert but still want a sweet treat in the evening.

The sweetness comes from a tip that stays consistent throughout the whole smoke. It’s just light enough to cut through the smokiness, without overpowering or tasting too artificial.

Kentucky Fired Cured Sweet Fat Mollys aren’t quite as sweet as other Drew Estate cigars, which brings me neatly onto…

ShapeDouble Robusto
Size5 x 56
FlavorSweet Tip
Wrapper OriginMexican
Wrapper LeafSan Andres
Kentucky Fired Cured Sweet Fat Molly Stats

Acid Krush Classic Blue Connecticut – Best Sweet Flavored Cigar

Delicious chocolatey, nutty, and sweet notes combine here for an ever-so-gourmand smoke.

Acid Krush Classic Blue Connecticut

Even on the pre-light draw, you’re picking up notes of sweet licorice and florals. The sweetness diminishes throughout the lifetime of the smoke, but off the bat, it is pretty strong. This undercurrent makes it taste about 20% like a flavored vape – but in a good way.

Once it’s lit, some of the earthier tobacco notes get a chance to shine. When balanced with the flavored cap, the result is a chocolatey, coffee, mocha concoction. 

After a few drags, the sugary tip is mellowed out by the bitterness of the Connecticut wrapper to create something flavorful and well-balanced. The sweetness is still there, for sure, but it’s not as potentially overpowering as the prelight taste would suggest. 

In the second half of the smoke, notes of white pepper emerge and grow to a decent prickle towards the end of the smoke. It never becomes overpowering, just keeps things interesting.

In terms of duration, I’d dealt with the Acid Krush within half an hour. That said, I was sort of puffing away, and I imagine if you were smoking with company, you’d stretch it out to perhaps 45 minutes between conversation and sips of a dram.

Size4 x 32
Wrapper OriginProprietary
Wrapper LeafUndisclosed
Acid Krush Classic Blue Connecticut Stats

Arturo Fuente Añejo – Best Cognac Flavored Cigar

Anejo is a phenomenal line. These smokes blur the line between subtle and strong – there’s plenty of flavor in this inherently smokeable stick.

Arturo Fuente Añejo Maduro

The rich, 5-year-old Maduro wrapper undergoes a Cognac aging process, lending it a unique boozy creaminess.

This underlying buttery sense grows throughout the smoke, with the addition of a little pine nuttiness towards the last third. It rests on top of peppery, leathery depth, with a little bright sweetness thrown in to mellow out this complex blend.

There’s enough going on here to keep me fully engaged for the full 2-hour ride, that’s for sure.

The velvety smoke has an incredible mouth feel, with an earthy retrohale that won’t overpower you. The flavor lingers in your mouth for 15 – 20 seconds per draw, which is perfect for my pace.

Anejos are worth every penny – I just wish I could afford to smoke them every day.

StrengthMedium – Full
Size6 5/8″
CountryDominican Republic
Wrapper OriginConnecticut Broadleaf
Wrapper LeafDominican Republic
Arturo Fuente Añejo Stats

Backwoods – Best Flavored Gas Station Cigar

When I think of gas station cigars, Backwoods are the first that come to mind.


The cigars themselves are hardly the sleekest things. They look a little ugly and misshapen – but for me, that’s part of the charm.

Backwoods are solid, dependable, and probably the most popular gas station cigar in the US. The purists may look down on them, but there’s a reason you can find them in every gas station. 

The value for money here is immense. 

This classic American brand is one of the only machine-made cigars with a broadleaf wrapper. You’re getting gas station prices and convenience, without having to compromise with a man-made wrapper.

Backwoods use Cuban seed tobacco as the filler and come in a variety of flavors. They range from spicy, deep, and smokey all the way to fruity sweet.

My personal favorites are the Honey Berry Backwoods. They’re sweet without being cloying, and with enough berry-sharpness to keep things interesting. I love the nice, big body on the smoke – they’re a solid 8/10 smoke for me. 

ShapeSmall Cigar
Size4 1/2 x 27
CountryDominican Republic
Wrapper OriginConnecticut
Wrapper LeafBroadleaf
Backwoods Stats

What You Should Know About the Best Flavored Cigars

What’s the best place to buy flavored cigars online?

It’s hard to believe with over 17 million cigar smokers just in the US that there are little more than a dozen credible online cigar stores. Now of course there are small shops all over that sell online cigars, but just don’t come up on any broad google search.

Most will let you down somewhere – if they have good shipping, they’re expensive. If they’re the right price, you’ll lack a proper guarantee.

My favorite online cigar store – Famous Smoke Shop -strikes a great balance, and most importantly – they’re reliable.

There’s nothing worse than your cigars arriving late, not showing up at all, or receiving dried-out stogies in terrible condition.

FAQs About the best flavored cigars

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