How To Choose The Best Prada Cologne To Suit You

Based on 6 striking Prada colognes reviewed, I crowned the Prada Classic L’Homme as the best Prada cologne, with the Prada Luna Rossa Black a close second place.

Classic L’Homme has the signature daytime scent for work and social evenings, which is great for the spring and through fall. My favorite Prada fragrances combine fresh scents with amber, cedar, and sandalwood.

While the Prada Luna Rossa suits daytime too, the amber combined with musk in the base notes makes it more suitable as a night-time scent. It’s warm and spicy. 

Both are luxury colognes with excellent sillage and longevity. 

Known for its opulent fashion designs, Prada is the cologne that stays with me after tests, as there is a fragrance personality to complement the occasion, albeit a date, at work, a night out or on holiday.

Prada provides fragrances that provide you with the opportunity to wear an opulent fragrance and feel special without the extortionate price tag.

So, I spent many days testing out the Prada fragrances and noted: How long it lasts, what season is best suited or what time of day, and the notes in the smell; strong, light, or overpowering. 

Prada colognes have a scent for every occasion and my mission here is to give you a feel for every scent available in your search for one that suits both your personality and social life.

Best Prada Colognes in 2022

Here I’ll go through 6 Prada colognes so you can choose the fragrance that suits you. I’ve got you covered, so let’s look at the colognes.

Classic Prada Cologne L’Homme – Best Prada Cologne Overall

This Prada cologne for the summer can be your signature daytime fragrance from spring to fall. Daniela Andrier is the creator of the L’Homme cologne.

Classic Prada Cologne L’Homme

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It’s a woody chypre scent with cardamom, black pepper, neroli, and carrot seeds in the top notes.

The scent of violet, iris, mate, and geranium fills the middle notes. The base notes of L’Homme contain cedar, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli.

Nearly all Prada fragrances contain the classic iris and amber notes. Clean and refreshing with an elegant sharpness, this scent brings you a blend of delightful iris with soapie, fresh tones in a 100ml bottle at $63.

L’Homme was released in 2016 at the same time as its feminine edition La Femme, inspired by the concept of a “pair of equals.” The story for both fragrances is that of a man and woman who feel confident about themselves and their relationship.

If you are considering this Prada cologne because you are fond of Dior Homme, take note that this is fresher, lighter, and less sweet.

If you want fragrances that you and your partner can wear to complement each other, check out Prada’s La Femme and L’Homme fragrances.

Best for: coupling up for an autumn stroll 

Longevity: 5 hours

Top NotesCarrot seeds, Cardamom, Neroli, and Black pepper
Middle NotesIris, Mate, Violet, and Geranium
Base NotesCedar, Amber, Sandalwood, and Patchouli.
Classic Prada Cologne L’Homme Fragrance Notes

Luna Rossa Black Eau De Parfum – Best Prada EDP

Our experts have named Luna Rossa Black as the best performing Prada EDP. This fragrance was created by Daniela Andrier and released in 2018.

Luna Rossa Black Eau De Parfum

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It starts out fresh and evolves shortly into a vanilla fragrance to deliver a sophisticated and comforting vibe. A 50ml bottle starts from $70.

This is an evening fragrance, however, it’s also suitable for daytime wear. It contains bergamot and angelica in the top notes, followed by patchouli and coumarin in the middle notes. The smell of musk and amber in the base notes provides a manly feel to this cologne.

Unlike others, this Luna Rossa fragrance has no lavender.

At over 6 hours, the longevity of Luna Rossa Black is the kind you would expect from a designer cologne and the sillage is incredible. This fine EDP is perfect as a signature cologne choice or if you want a touch-up between day and night.

It’s great for cold winter months and equally good for spring. The cologne fits the sophisticated man, the man who wants or dreams to greet everyone with an inviting and warm smile as they board his luxury yacht.

It suits the courageous man who wants to catch attention in his tailored suit, and complements the elegance he wishes to exude.

You should give this a try if you want a savory and spicy scent for fall. Enjoy a dark fragrance saturated with sensuality and style.

Best for: going out to a bar lounge or club

Longevity: More than 6 hours

Top NotesBergamot and Angelica
Middle NotesPatchouli and Coumarin
Base NotesMusk and Amber
Luna Rossa Black Fragrance Notes

Prada Luna Rossa Sport – Best Selling Prada Cologne

Get the Luna Rossa Sport fragrance to update your cologne collection for summer and spring.

Best Prada Cologne Luna Rossa Sport

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Released in 2016 with instant high ratings, this is a citrus aromatic summer fragrance from Prada.

The man looking for adventure in his life inspires the scent. It introduces new notes while maintaining the same essence as the first Luna Rossa cologne.

The top notes contain citrus and bergamot, opening up to lavender and ginger in the middle of this magical, floral scent. Prada priced a 50ml bottle at $70 and provides at least 5 hours of sillage and projection.

This is a fragrance for the man who doesn’t mind a bit of healthy competition and is also a great unisex fragrance. I can wear it day or night and in any season, which is why this Prada cologne records massive sales.

This is so because of the spicy aroma and sporty fresh transition to a blend of vanilla and lavender that works well for any occasion.

That said, its focus on fitting all seasons will mean it’s not the best choice for specific times of the year. Some colognes in this guide are best for the colder or warmer months. 

Best for: all seasons

Longevity: More than 5 hours

Top NotesCitron and Bergamot
Middle NotesLavender and Ginger
Base NotesCedar and Ambergris
Prada Luna Rossa Fragrance Notes

Luna Rossa Carbon – Best Prada EDT

In the first place, why would you go for an EDT instead of an EDP? The Eau de Toilette has higher concentrations and is more common in perfumeries. It’s a classic Prada fragrance with excellent variants.

Luna Rossa Carbon

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Luna Rossa Carbon is a unique member of the collection, as we can use it from spring to fall and is also good for winter under certain conditions.

This is a daytime cologne for the day till night. It contains pepper and bergamot in the top notes. The middle comprises lavender, coal, watery, and metallic notes.

The classic fragrances of patchouli and ambroxan grace the base notes.

Lavender is present in this variant, just like in the original Luna Rossa. A 2017 release, this savory Fougere cologne is now a key part of the Luna Rossa collection and one of the favorite scents, with a 100ml bottle costing $85 at a great value.

The opening notes contain lavender, pepper, ambroxan, and strong bergamot. Later on, the lavender becomes more prominent and takes center stage of the scent.

Sillage and longevity are good. Men in all age categories can wear the fragrance daily. Luna Rossa Carbon is good to wear for formal occasions, but this shouldn’t be an issue unless it’s an everyday thing.

It’s a unique scent in this collection, works for colder months, and is good for daily wear. 

It’s best for the man who likes a warm and earthy fragrance. If you want to feel pure indulgence from luxury, this is your cologne. It complements your pursuit for excellence. This is for someone who doesn’t want the ordinary yet isn’t trying to make a scene.

Best for: Fall, Winter, and Spring

Longevity: 6 hours

Top NotesPepper and Bergamot
Middle NotesLavender, Coal, Watery and Metallic notes
Base NotesPatchouli and Ambroxan
Luna Rossa Carbon Fragrance Notes

Prada L’Homme Intense – Best Prada for Winter

Prada released their original L’Homme and La Femme colognes in 2016 as a series of scents for today’s man and woman. They became so popular that the brand immediately followed up the original release with the intense variants in less than a year.

Prada L’Homme Intense

The “elusive nature of the multi-faceted Prada man inspires the cologne and its bottling.”

The Intense delivers amber and iris in the classic Prada notes, as well as a more powerful, manly aroma and warm base to delight you on cold evenings. Therefore, it’s the most ideal for chilly months. This cologne contains iris in the top notes, with patchouli and amber in the mid notes.

The base notes of tonka bean, sandalwood, and leather, provide an oriental feel to this cologne. This makes it a well-rounded fragrance that is suitable for wearing to a restaurant on a winter evening such as when carried in your crossbody bag while on your travels.

One spray lasts a little over 6 hours. The scent is best for the colder months and the Intense L’Homme is more expensive than the Prada L’Homme at $90 to $100 for a 100ml bottle.

This isn’t for every day wearers, this is for someone who takes pride in their collection and wants a special for special occasions.

Best for: the colder months

Longevity: More than 6 hours

Top NotesIris
Middle NotesPatchouli and Amber
Base NotesSandalwood, Tonka bean, and Leather
Prada L’Homme Intense Fragrance Notes

Prada L’Homme L’Eau – Best Fresh Scent

Released in 2017, L’Homme L’Eau is a woody chypre scent to wear as a daytime fragrance from spring to fall.

Prada L’Homme L’Eau

This scent was produced by Daniela Andrier. Only six notes are present in the cologne: cedarwood, amber, neroli, ginger, sandalwood, and iris. The ginger and neroli are more prominent as you catch a whiff of the fresh scents.

The notes integrate into a sensual and fresh fragrance with a little floral vibe. The L’Homme cologne was originally released in collaboration with La Femme, bringing two polar opposite fragrances together.

A 100ml bottle of the L’Eau edition costs $87. Prada presents you with a completely modern essence by exploring the dynamism between the two original fragrances.

It settles into a luxurious base of amber and woods. This is a pleasing fragrance for daytime wear in the summer, ideal for wearing to the office and on shopping. It becomes a fresh-smelling skin fragrance over five hours later. The scent is fresh in a powdery way, and the fragrance is reminiscent of a spa day or luxury hotel.

This best suits your search for a unisex fragrance. Prada L’Homme L’Eau best suits the office dweller, the guy who spends long hours at the work office. The scent suits the busy manager who likes to look fresh and warming at every meeting. It’s a refreshing scent that won’t bother work colleagues.

Best for: those Summer weeks at the office

Longevity: More than 5 hours

Top NotesNeroli, Ginger
Middle NotesIris
Base NotesSandalwood, Amber and Cedarwood
Prada L’Homme L’Eau

The Four Fragrance Personalities – What to Look for When Buying Cologne

It’s not so difficult to pick a cologne from this highly luxurious line. One way to choose your favorite is by finding the most suitable fragrance personality for mood, lifestyle, and season. A strong performing cologne with sillage that drifts intensely past noses may not appeal unless you wish to wear it with total confidence. 

Apply the types of fragrance to your personality and occasion. This will help you pick the appropriate one.


Fresh fragrances with amber and woods in the top notes are ideal for adventurous men. It’s a perfect, lively undertone for daytime wear and for men who are active in summer. Fresh undertones also include water or ocean notes. If freshness is what you want, these are the favorite picks for you from this guide:

  • Luna Rossa Carbon
  • Luna Rossa Sport
  • L’Homme L’Eau


Woody colognes with powerful cedar, moss, sandalwood, and oud undertones are fondly immersed in masculinity. Vetiver, Patchouli, and Sandalwood are some common woody notes. While there are more sensual fragrances, these are the opulent and classic fragrances you associate with men. They are great for wearing in winter and nighttime, but they are suitable for every season. Woody scent lovers will be interested in:

  • Prada L’Homme Intense
  • Classic Prada Cologne L’Homme


Floral colognes with lavender, rose, peaches, jasmine, neroli, and geranium in the top and mid notes are soothing to you and anyone around you. They are masculine with a contemporary touch. They are great for every season and brilliantly express a gentle, easygoing, and soft-spoken man.

  • Luna Rossa Sport
  • L’Homme L’Eau
  • L’Homme Intense


Oriental colognes are remarkably sensual and spicy, and they have ginger, cloves, cinnamon, musk, vanilla, and patchouli in their top and middle notes. A dab of sweetness usually softens the spicy accent. These are extremely sensual fragrances for confident men looking to show their daring side at night.

  • Luna Rossa Black
  • L’Homme Intense

About the Brand

Prada was established in 1913 as an Italian fashion house. It’s currently one of the few mainstream fashion brands with the founder’s family still involved.

Like Valentino, Versace, and other Italian high-end fashion brands, Prada expanded its scope easily from couture and ready-to-wear to perfumes.

Unlike other luxury brands, it was only recently that Prada ventured into the perfume industry.

They released their first perfume in 1990 and currently have 86 fragrances in their catalog. Around the same time that their first perfumes were released, Prada announced Miu Miu as their brand, with the latter now offering a line of perfumes too.

The most famous collections provide the basis for creating new models of fragrances by tweaking the top notes and the heart notes a bit so that the entire collection has a common background.

Prada Candy is one of such collections, with several versions like Prada Candy Sugar Pop, Prada Candy Florale, Prada Candy Night, and Prada Candy Kiss, all variants of the first Prada Candy edition.

The Infusion collection with its classic and timeless, yet fresh and youthful notes, kept expanding with the creation of Infusion d’Iris, Infusion d’Amande, Infusion d’Oranger, Infusion d’Oillet, Infusion d’Mandarin, Infusion d’Vetiver, and Infusion d’Mimosa, all fragrances that have become a signature for many people who wear them every day until they are embedded in their way of life and personality.

Another iconic collection from the Italian brand is Prada Luna Rossa which is exceptional for its unique scent and the elegant bottling that expresses maximum quality with no inhibitions.

FAQs: What You Should Know About the Best Prada Colognes

Now You Can Choose Your Prada Cologne With Confidence

Your 6 choices here based on the scent, popularity, season, and best-selling Prada colognes will help you choose a Prada scent that suits your mood and occasion. 

Which will you choose?

Want to match up with your other half with a light and fresh scent? The L’Homme and La Femme scents will pair you two up perfectly.

Perhaps you want to ooze with class and sex appeal. The Luna Rossa Black Eau De Parfum is your right choice.

Looking for a perfect Christmas scent and one for the chilly months? The Luna Rossa Carbon is your best choice.

Whichever you choose, you can be sure of a Prada cologne that doesn’t just suit you, it’s a cologne that is you. So choose carefully and try a Prada spray today.

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