7 Best Smelling Dior Colognes For Men – Updated 2022 Test

Having analyzed 7 fragrances, I found Dior Homme to be the best overall Dior cologne for the modern man. The brands and collections of perfumes available in different parts of the world are endless, however, only a few of them ring a bell.

And one of these exceptional brands is Dior.

Christian Dior is a famous name in the world of fashion and perfumes with a strong pedigree that dates back to the 20th century. Customers of Dior have a variety of fresh, floral, musky, fruity, rich, seductive, and light fragrances to choose from.

Everyone can find a scent that fits their personality, preference, and lifestyle.

The fragrance is not so strong that it will project an aromatic scent for hours, so it’s good for working hours. It sits on the skin leaving a lasting trail and provides a basic, classic scent. For those reasons, I’d choose this fragrance for a variety of reasons to include on a night out.

However, there are many reasons for choosing one or two of the 7 products I tested for different occasions, seasons, and moods.

Best Retro choice
eau sauvage

Eau Sauvage

Retro masculinity with throwback 60s notes of punchy vetiver and bergamot.
Even the bottle feels like something you’d find hidden away in an attic, lost in time.
Available at:
Best OVERALL pick
dior homme cologne

Dior Homme

Contemporary and subtle masculinity. A modernization of classic woodsy tones.
Natural, clean-smelling blend that offers versatility that supports your personality rather than stealing the show.
Available at:
Most popular
Dior Sauvage Bottle in hand

Dior Sauvage

This is one of the most popular colognes in the world – and for good reason.
Strong bergamot and pepper with bright flashes of lavender and cedar.
Available at:

Best Dior Colognes for 2022

While there are several Dior favorites, this review narrows them down to the best men’s perfumes in terms of popularity, smell, and performance.

Dior’s line of fragrances has held the world spellbound since its inception 12 decades ago. Thus, there’s always a Dior fragrance for every style. 

Continue reading to learn about the best Dior perfume that is ideal for you.

Dior Homme – Best Overall Dior Cologne

Retailing for around $75, the Dior Homme is a men’s fragrance that has gone through a series of rejuvenations several times within the brand.

dior homme cologne

Dior Homme

Contemporary and subtle masculinity. A modernization of classic woodsy tones.
Natural, clean-smelling blend that offers versatility that supports your personality rather than stealing the show.
Available at:

It was first launched in 2005, after which Dior introduced a newer version in 2011, followed by the current fragrance which was released in 2020.

I chose this one as the best as I sought that classic scent, and one to linger through the day but not overpower me or anyone else over those hours.

You can choose Dior Homme to be your signature fragrance and don it like a suit. This scent embodies all the standards of masculinity in the contemporary world, with all its tenderness and subtlety.

Dior Homme has elemi, pink pepper, and bergamot in the top notes. The middle notes contain cashmere, patchouli Coeur, and cedar, which give the cologne its warm scent. The base notes consist of Haitian vetiver and white musk.

As I mentioned, that light woody lasting classic scent makes it a fragrance that suits most occasions and a great choice to add to gifts for Father’s Day.

Though this may not suit your preference for a less generic scent, where the darker tones are suppressed. Remember, it’s a light scent over many hours and not a potent scent throughout the day.

The fragrance attempts to rework the concept of male sensuality, hence, the emphasis on warm and woody accords.

This cologne stays as a top choice from the best men’s perfume products as it reinvents a natural scent, without the artificiality of other male fragrances.

Many users have described it as a unisex fragrance, but the woody tones leave me disagreeing with that view and it settles and dries quickly.

You can check out our full review of Dior Homme here

Eau Sauvage – A Dior Age-old Classic

Launched in 1966, Eau Savage is the first fragrance for men by Christian Dior.

eau sauvage

Eau Sauvage

Retro masculinity with throwback 60s notes of punchy vetiver and bergamot.
Even the bottle feels like something you’d find hidden away in an attic, lost in time.
Available at:

They named it after Percy Savage, addressed as “Monsieur Sauvage” by Dior’s Butler upon his late arrival to his apartment. Dior changed the name to ‘Eau Sauvage’.

Its signature is more suited to formal occasions and less to leisure periods. I found it a little serious for when out at bars and more suited to a business event or at the office with your suit and tie.

That said, it’s not restricted to one season as its mixture of light and dark elements makes it suitable for all seasons.

This fragrance for men is one among others in the list of Dior men’s perfumes that were revamped by Francois Demachy.

In 2017, Dior upgraded it into a more versatile scent that would be suitable for wearing all year round.

The aromatic consistency of Eau Sauvage was increased, and the fragrance tilted towards warmer, woody notes. Citron, lavender, and bergamot are present in the top notes, which open up into Haitian vetiver in the middle note and elemi in the base note.

The scent draws inspiration from the freshness and original sensuality of the Grasse sun. In Dior’s words, it is a “rounder version, even closer to the original scent”. This is the oldest fragrance from the brand as it has the most dated bottle, looking like something right from the 60s. 

Eau Sauvage is for you if you’re looking for another classic Christian Dior men’s fragrance.

Dior Sauvage EDP Spray – Best Selling Dior Fragrance

Sauvage sits somewhere at the top of our list of Dior men’s perfumes and comes in the perfume version and the eau de toilette version.

Dior Sauvage Bottle in hand

Dior Sauvage

This is one of the most popular colognes in the world – and for good reason.
Strong bergamot and pepper with bright flashes of lavender and cedar.
Available at:

Dior widely regards it as the best men’s cologne, which explains why a bottle of the Sauvage is available for over $100. Sauvage is a men’s fragrance that represents “fierce charm” and Dior’s affinity for nature. This cologne is wearable all-round the year and is a perfect summer perfume. You can also wear it day and night.

The performance of the spray is desirable, as it sat well on my skin for many hours. If you prefer good sillage, this is a spray to add to your collection. On that, it’s not really suited to 9 to 5 in the office. It’s more accommodated to young crowds with its stronger sillage and when out at a club or bar.

Created by Francois Demachy, Dior released this savory scent in 2015. He was inspired to come up with this intense fragrance from the stretch of wilderness under a blue-tinged sky.

The scent is named after the first Eau Savage fragrance for men, though they are not similar. Upon release in 2015, Dior made Johnny Depp the ambassador of the fragrance. Demachy says that Sauvage is “shaped with subtle nuances to create unique flashes of light”. 

It has Calabrian bergamot and pepper in the top notes. The middle notes contain lavender, geranium, and vetiver. A blend of cedar, labdanum, and ambroxan is present in the base notes. 

Delivered in an elegant blue ombre bottle, this is an aromatic fragrance you should indulge yourself in even once in your life. It is as noble as it is raw, conveying you to rocky landscapes and desert sun.

Want to exude sensual fragrances? This is your choice.

Fahrenheit – Dior’s 1980s Powerhouse

Fahrenheit, which is one of the most ancient fragrances on this list of Dior men’s perfumes, hasn’t lost its original composition and it still has a modern smell.

farenheit dior


A musky base of leather and amber lends Fahrenheit unique retro masculinity.
A beautiful and seductive violet note. A great example of subtle masculine florals.
Available at:

This is unquestionably a fall male fragrance that is best worn at night. Fahrenheit by Dior delivers on its description as having a “rare and opposing signature, with a forceful enticing trail.”

It’s designed for men who are subtle in their dealings, but who prioritize their independence.

When it was first released, this perfume was groundbreaking and it continues to receive great acclaim. Though, despite its lasting reputation, I didn’t find the sillage lasting as long as the other Dior colognes.

This perfume was designed by Michel Almairac and Jean-Louis Sieuzac and released by Dior in 1988.

These fragrances of mandarins are obtained from Sicily and picked at their peak of ripeness to provide the fragrance’s greatest essence.

Fahrenheit’s seductive tone is because of the violet accord. This fragrance leather is a replica of the Hussar Botos’ Russian leather.

Along with violet, cedar, nutmeg flower, and mandarin orange are among the top components in this fragrance. Honeysuckle, sandalwood, and cedar make up the middle notes. The presence of leather, musk, amber, and tonka beans on Fahrenheit’s base notes makes it unique.

Dior Homme Sport – Best Dior for Everyday Wear

Another male scent with variations is Dior Homme Sport. The first Cologne was released in 2008, and it was modified in 2012 before being updated in 2017. 

dior homme sport

Dior Homme Sport

A great pick for an active individual living a dynamic city life.
Lighter and fresher than some other Dior colognes. Emphasizes breezier citrus for day-wear.
Available at:

Dior Homme Sport is an ideal summer scent.

It depicts the modern man’s fast-paced existence and is the epitome of urban elegance and a brilliant choice for the man in a sports coat. The alluring smell is fresh, with a hint of spice, and the fragrance stays on the skin for a long time.

This perfume is perfect for spring and summer as a daytime smell. 

Citrus notes combine with spices and woods in the most recent version of this Dior fragrance. The motto for Dior Homme is “life is a playground.”

The fragrance may now “completely express a life lived with athletics as philosophy…the concept of a life in motion, free and passionate,” according to Dior. 

Sandalwood is the base note, and nutmeg and pink pepper are the middle notes, which give the smell its warmth. Blood orange, lemon, and grapefruit are among the citrus notes present in this scent. The fresh woody aromatic scent seems to fade after a couple of hours, though this is a pro and a con.

When the sillage wears off, it sits on the skin, giving off a citrus scent that lasted the whole day.

I concluded that Dior Homme Sport is one of the top Christian Dior perfumes for men since it has received overwhelmingly excellent feedback.

Dior Homme Intense – Great for the Winter Months

Dior Homme Intense is an excellent Dior cologne for men that is best worn during winter and at night. It comes third among the ‘Homme’ series of fragrances.

dior homme intense

Dior Homme Intense

A sensual and seductive blend that is perfect for Winter dates.
Dark florals like Iris make Dior Homme Intense potentially unisex in the same mold as YSL’s Black Opium or Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.
Available at:

Cedar and vetiver are present in the base notes. Due to its intense iris and wood base, the fragrance is unashamedly sensual.

Francois Demachy re-designed ‘Homme Intense’ with a lavender top note in 2011.

If you fancy yourself among the likes of A list celebrities, like Homme Intense ambassador Robert Pattinson, then you’ll enjoy this deep spice-filled scent that’ll set you apart from the “every masculine cliche”.

This is a cologne you’ll want to put on at night and as a sensual date fragrance. Beware of fakes on the market. It should last many hours, not just 10 minutes.

Iris, pear, and musk mallow make up Homme Intense’s middle notes. The iris note may make some feel like it’s a unisex scent, so decide if you want that earthy and woody scent. The fragrance is long-lasting, so you won’t have to reapply it over and over throughout the day.

Dune – Most Unique Dior Cologne

Dune Pour Homme was released in 1997 and is another mature Dior male cologne.

dior homme dune


Natural smelling cologne packed with masculine woods and hints of greenery.
Refined, gentlemanly, and unobtrusive
Available at:

Jean-Pierre Bethouart and Oliver Cresp created this woody scent. A 3.4 oz. bottle of this cologne costs around $95. The seashore inspired this masculine scent, which reflects the harmony and unity with nature. 

If you’re looking for a daytime perfume that’s good for the spring and summer, this perfume is among the greatest Christian Dior scents for guys.

‘Dune’ has a long-lasting scent that lasts for hours after application. With marine tones that will send you to a pleasant location by the sea, ‘Dune’ resides midway between tranquility and escapism. The scent of this perfume is woody, with a hint of green.

In comparison to other colognes, the Dune Pour Homme bottle offers one of the best-dated styles and it provides a more vintage appearance in terms of aesthetics. 

The top notes in Dune’s fragrance are basil, sage, and fig leaf, and they all combine to give it an exotic scent. Rose and fig wood bark are present in the middle notes, while cedar, sandalwood, and vanilla are present in the base notes. The sandalwood base note is a signature of the brand, appearing in other scents such as ‘Eau Sauvage Extreme’. 

About Dior Colognes

The brand, Christian Dior, has amassed attention for the affluence of its fashion design house. This marque associated with French elegance and opulence spread worldwide.

Established in 1946 in Paris, the world’s vogue city, it soon grew to own high-end fashion collections and custom-made pieces, advertised and appreciated by both sexes.

As though Dior’s hallmark of excellence in clothing wasn’t enough, Monsieur Christian Dior has gone ahead as a sucker for grace and beauty to create premier cosmetics and unique fragrances which would complement the quality of his vespiary designs.

The atelier offers only the best in sophistication to its customers, colognes befitting of its exclusive fashion designs. The first Christian Dior cologne was launched in 1947, and its brand name continues to improve.

What to Look for When Buying Dior Cologne

If you’re a stranger to fragrance shopping, it may be a time-consuming challenge to find the most appropriate fragrance for your tastes and personality. Some quick insights are helpful regarding this.

Confident guys tend to prefer woody notes in the scent. If you’re the romantic type, unisex scents with floral sillage will excite you. This is why testing scents at the store helps though my guide here will steer you in the right direction for your personality type.

How do you choose the Dior fragrance for you?

  • Perhaps the name, the brand stirs you and so the smell is not so relevant.
  • You want a fragrance that appeals to your partner.
  • Upon wearing a fragrance, do you adore how it smells on your skin and clothes?

The next factor to consider is your personal style. What influences how often you wear the fragrances? Another is having an awareness of the different colognes available hence why I write these guides, which will save you time.

As a ‘cardinal rule’, do be aware of the difference between Eau De Toilette and Eau De Perfume.

This is a quick one. The Eau De Parfum range tends to be stronger and lasts longer. It’s the choice for several hours of sillage.

The Eau de Toilette suits you best when you only need a few hours of sillage and a light scent on your skin.

Dior appeals to both sexes, and various people of various tastes and personalities. Having an awareness of your preferences is key in acing the selection process.

FAQ: What You Should Know About the Best Dior Colognes

You can now confidently choose a Dior Cologne that suits you. Which will you choose?

Christian Dior and luxury are intertwined. Dior’s colognes are the crème de la crème of affluence; high-end quality perfumes designed perfectly for every weather and event.

Besides being easy to wear, they are refreshing fragrances excellent for both casual and official wear.

The Best Dior Cologne from my tests is Dior Homme based on its luxurious and long-lasting light aura.

Apart from being a great cologne befitting of every occasion and outfit, every aroma in the Dior Homme has nuances ranging from cheerful to sweet then intense and sensual. The fragrance is woody, warm, and passionate.

If you are still in the decision-making process, we hope that this review will enable you to make a more stress-free and informed decision. The moment you choose the Dior cologne that suits your preference, then you can purchase your luxurious, original Dior fragrance.

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