Magnanni Shoes – What’s Hot, Price & Where To Buy

There is nothing ordinary about Magnanni shoes. Learn about the highly esteemed mens designer shoe company and check out some of their best mens shoes out right now.

Magnanni’s Heritage

The backdrop in which Magnanni became one of the most desired men’s designer shoes in the world, is almost as beautiful as the shoes themselves.

Every Magnanni shoe is handmade in La Mancha, Spain. The still but fertile region has remained mostly untouched by the modern world and is famous for the delicious food and wine produced there. It’s a region where the people pride themselves on meticulously refining every detail of their work. Everyone- craftsman, farmers, wineries, and the legendary shoemakers of Magnanni shoes.

Magnanni shoes review mens designer
Magnanni shoes review

Pascual Blanco Martinez learned shoemaking from his grandfather at a young age. It is an exacting craft not suited for the impatient. He thrived on its precise nature and the satisfaction of turning a sketch into a gentleman’s favorite pair of shoes.

Having been the driving force of growth since the start of the company in 1954, the father of Magnanni continues to emphasis the meticulous attention to detail to his children who now head every department within the company.

What makes Magnanni’s so iconic?

There are two distinguishing traits that make Magnanni’s stand out.

First is the Artesano Stitch which is a noticeable statement created by linking the sole to the upper with double-needle threading. The technique uses a waxed thread to close the seam securely by hand along the edge fo the sole’s ‘wing’. Consideration is painstakingly given as to what Artesano type pairs perfectly with each shoe.

The second is the patina distinction. Each hand-painted stroke of every shoes is subtly different leaving no two pairs identical in their texture, patina, and antiquing.

Magnanni mens designer shoes
magnanni mens shoes designer

Best Magnanni’s Out Right Now

Magnanni shoes loafers tassel dress


Hand-Dyed Italian calfskin, charming tassels, cushioned footbed, and Super Flex Moccasin construction that results in one of the most comfortable, flexible mens designer shoe you can buy. It’s truly luxury delivered at every turn.


Magnanni mens shoes wingtip


Over three generations, Magnanni has perfected Bologna construction which completely wraps the foot in a leather lining to create a feeling of a glove. Between the resulting unrivaled comfort, the stunning hand-painted cuero upper with complimenting textiles and a burnished toe, and caramel sole, it would be hard to find a finer classic wingtip. This combination of exquisite detail and style is what makes Magnanni shoes, well……. Magnanni shoes.


Magnanni sneakers leather mens style


If you’re unaccustomed to people complimenting on your sneakers, this pair of Magnanni sneakers will change everything. Unable to resist commenting on the lambskin lining, hand-stitched leather toe, and handprinted cuero hue….. all I can say is, this is Magnanni you don’t want to read about. You want to see it! See it. Hold it. Wear it.

Absolutely a work of art.


magnanni dress shoes mens style


Made from genuine Teju lizard and featuring Magnanni’s Linea Flex construction, each pair is stripped of all pigment and then hand-painted to achieve a rich and lustrous patina.


Magnanni shoes black dress


When it comes to black dress shoes, does it get any finer than this?!

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the feeling of walking the red carpet of a major event, then the Óscar Black is the Oxford for you. A mix of soft nappa and patent leathers create a refined formal silhouette. The Óscar features Magnanni’s famous double Artesano sole, where the sole is wrapped onto the upper on both the inner and outer arch and then hand-stitched by their master artisans. To add a dramatic effect, the sole has been hand-painted in their Grana colorway that will not go unnoticed.



We all know how important it is to have a nice pair of oxfords on hand in your shoe collection. The Segovia Cap Toe Oxfords from Magnanni is like having a Bentley in your car collection, it’s always a treat taking them out for a night.

From the Linea Flex Collection, the classic cap toe design is polished off with a beautiful Brooklyn Curri finish.


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