H24 Review 2022 – Hermès Worth the Hype?

I’m a big fan of the Hermès brand in general, and H24 is the best office fragrance I’ve come across in a long while.

The note combo can sound a bit weird at first. It opens with light fruits and clary sage and then turns a little metallic, like hot irons on fresh shirts.

Stick with me. It all comes together beautifully.

H24 occupies that sweet spot that allows you to present a personality through fragrance but doesn’t ever risk making you look like a show-off or ego tripper. This is not a daring blend packed with novel elements.

It’s subtle it melts into the atmosphere and into people’s interactions with you – it doesn’t grab them by the throat. It smells clean, confident – just good all-around

It’s a true 8/10. Not spectacular enough to win any awards for avant-garde, creative perfumes – but plenty of mileage to lend you a signature scent for work. H24 follows tried-and-true predictable paths, but the elegant execution is so well balanced that it makes up for it.

h24 front

H24 Eau de Toilette – Hermès

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A fresh and modern office fragrance that will exude confidence.

Excellent longevity (10 hours).

Manages to get attention without demanding it.


Not a party banger. This is too measured to be your fragrance for the club or bar until the early hours.

This is not an exercise in masterful creativity. If you want an of this world scent combination, look elsewhere.

First Impression

The standard-issue H24 bottle is a minimal, bright bottle with a neutral presence. It reflects the scent pretty well – professional and sleek, with a hint of modernity and professionalism.

My sample decant was a little less illuminating, but I did manage to glean a bit of this sense from the silver-sheened promotional material. 

h24 stock
Full-sized H24 Bottle
h24 bottle
My 2ml Decant

What Does H24 Smell Like?

H24 is a refreshing, floral-influenced scent. It’s gentle, sweet, and noticeably easy to wear.

It’s a casual, office safe-fragrance which still allows you to express yourself as a contemporary man who gets things done. 

In the opening there’s a soft green element from clary sage that sort of reminds me of unripe bananas. There’s a slither of citrus in the form of orange and lemon that adds a bit of sparkle, too. 

As the fruits mellow out, they make way for a creamy sense of rosewood and narcissus flower. I’m always a fan of masculine florals that supplement a cologne rather than fill it, and H24 is certainly an example of that done well. 

h24 open card
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Grassy accents help develop this refreshing, meadowy feel. This is a bright perfume, for sure.

When you arrive at the dry down around five hours later, you may start to detect a slight metallic, silvery freshness, too. It’s a little like the smell of a newly ironed shirt if that makes sense. 

That’s the sclarene molecule in the note profile doing its thing.

It does a great job combining with the remains of the florals, adding texture to the denouement of the fragrance. It’s a clean, simple, and refreshingly modern classic combination.

If this smell was an object, it would be a new MacBook pro. Professional, current – but deeply imbued with a sense of status, efficiency, and – dare I say – class? It’s a great pick for the office (but more on that later). 

Overall it would make a clean and comfortable first fragrance for a young man making his way in his career. H24 still says enough about you as a man, without screaming it at anyone. It’s a great pick if you want to discover a new men’s fragrance to express yourself, but you’re not looking to showboat.

Top Notes:Aromatic Greens and Clary Sage
Middle Notes:Narcissus Flowers and Rosewood
Base Notes:Lavender, Dry Herbs and Sclarene Molecule
Hermès H24 Fragrance notes

How Long Does H24 Last?

Hermès H24 has excellent performance. I wonder if they came up with the name because it could probably last 24 hours if you applied a spray or two extra. Very good sillage indeed.

In my experience, you’ll get solid performance for 8 – 10 hours, with an arms-length scent bubble for the first 3 – 4.  It kicks out well for several hours.

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That might sound a little intense, but thanks to a mild note profile, any scent trail you leave is likely to be an ambient mood booster rather than an invasive neck breaker.

I mainly tested H24 at work in an air-conditioned office, but I’ve also worn it out in the sun a couple of times. That’s where this thing really blasts. It sticks to your skin like glue and picks up compliments all day.

When Should You Wear H24?

On that note, you could qualify Hermès H24 as a summer men’s perfume. It’s a fresh and easy-going composition where none of the notes are aggressively heavy. 

Also, that performance boost in warm weather is worth thinking about. Think of how long a bottle would last if you’re getting 12 hours of skin scent out of a couple of morning spritzes. 

This uplifting and breezy fragrance is neutral enough to fly in the office, but with enough freshness and quality that you’re not in generic “clean-smelling” territory. The fruits give H24 plenty of life, but it’s part of a measured and sensible woody balance.

Despite not screaming “masculinity” in your face, women seem to respond really well to H24. They like being around it and find it comforting, but it’s not a straight-up seduction machine. There’s no warm spice or devil on the shoulder, just fresh professionalism. 

Can You Wear H24 to Work?

To my nose, H24 is one of the best men’s scents for work. It feels so fresh and cutting-edge that it begs to be paired with a crisply ironed shirt and a business suit.

It has just enough projection that it will filter into the environment and give you a relaxed, confident aura – but you won’t turn heads with some room-filling scent.

This is not the perfume you apply to make you feel like a whole new man, or dark and mysterious. It’s a fresh and modern enhancement for your professional self. H24 is designed to help present your style in the best possible way, not give you a completely new personality.

Plus, as far as designer house fragrances go, H24 isn’t super expensive. That makes it a suitable choice for daily office wear and establishing a signature work aroma. 

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How Much Does H24 Cost?

H24 by Hermès costs between $70 and $90, depending on what size bottle you buy and which retailer you go through.

Keep in mind that you can make significant savings by buying a larger bottle. Extra cost, cheaper perfume.

Check out the pricing table below for a cost breakdown (prices courtesy of

SizePriceCost per Oz
1.6 Oz$76$47.50
3.3 Oz$86$26.06
Hermès H24 Price Across Sizes

Is H24 Worth It?

Hermès H24 definitely represents good value for money in terms of other designer fragrances out there.

At under $90 for a 3.3oz bottle, I’d have no reservations about using H24 as a casual daily men’s fragrance. It’s a great feeling to be able to reach for a cologne whenever you feel like you need a boost and not have to worry about how many sprays you’re using.

Where to Buy H24

I’ve used Nordstrom for a couple of years, and so far every product has been authentic and shown up when I expected it to. Their returns policy is also second to none, which is handy. 

Beyond that, Amazon is probably the most stocked place to buy colognes online. You can search for reviews for each vendor so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Plus, delivery with Amazon Prime is crazy quick. It’s great or impulse buys that you need in time for the weekend.

h24 bottle

H24 Eau de Toilette – Hermès

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Terre D’Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver – H24 Fragrance Alternatives

An obvious place to start is the rest of the Hermès collection. Terre D’Hermès Intense Vetiver delivers on its promise. It’s an uplifting frag packed full of woodsy, vivacious, and vibrant vetiver

It’s another great pick for the office. In terms of woodsy notes, Vetiver is one of the underrated, mainstream masculines. It’s an accord that lets you dial in on lumberjack energy while keeping things clean and fresh. Because it’s not as deep as other woods, so you can get away with it a little easier in my experience.

It’s also a little cheaper than Hermès H24, if budget is a consideration for you. 

Terre D’Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver

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Top Notes:Bergamot, Grapefruit and Lemon
Middle Notes:Sichuan Pepper and Geranium
Base Notes:Vetiver, Olibanum, Patchouli and Amberwood
Terre D’Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver Fragrance Notes

Dior Homme – H24 Fragrance Alternatives

Dior Homme does a great job of representing classic woodsy tones in a way that still feels fresh. A true modern classic.

It’s able to balance masculine power and strength against more tender nuances for a representation that feels gentlemanly rather than macho.

This cosy fragrance is incredibly well balanced, and one of the most popular colognes in the United States. 

dior homme

Dior Homme

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Top Notes:Bergamot, Pink Pepper and Elemi
Middle Notes:Cashmere Wood, Atlas Cedar and Patchouli
Base Notes:Iso E Super, Haitian Vetiver and White Musk
Dior Homme Fragrance Notes

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