7 Incredible Barber Shops Across The US

There seems to be a barber shop on ever corner in America. Here are 7 incredible must-visit barber shops.


Austin, Texas

boardroom austin

About: Bruce and Heather Schultz launched Boardroom Salons for Men in 2004 when there were no mens luxury salons. Using their savings, retirement accounts and credit cards, the husband-and-wife entreprenuer team put everything into the notion that the demand for an upscale mens grooming experience had been largely untapped. That there was this whole class of men were willing to pay a few extra dollars for a more sophisticated yet relaxed experience. A place where they are treated as owners, can unwind  and receive exceptional service. 

In 2019 it may seem like that a luxury salon for men was a no-brainer.  Like most pioneer concepts it was anything but that.  But with over 35 locations across Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Arizona I would say their entreprenuer instincts were correct.

Ambiance: A relaxed country club setting complete with dark wood paneling, plush leather chairs, chess board, pool table, and complimentary beverages.

Prices: $45 – $65. Boardroom also offers memberships for those in the area.

7Gents Whispers: Bring your son (12 and under) for the Buddy Cut. It may be the kind of experience he talks about 30 years later. 


Los Angeles, CA

Baxter finley la

About: Anyone who knows anything about high end men’s grooming products is probably familiar with Baxter of California. For over 50 years, the popular west coast brand has maintained a cult like following.  And it’s not just their top-notch products that people love, it’s also their relentless attention to detail.  Every square inch of the flagship barber shop itself and every hair cut that takes places inside, being prime examples.

Ambiance: Old school meets modern.  Vintage cast-iron-and-leather chairs from the 1920’s, Persian rugs, exposed wooden beams, and brick walls.

Prices: Haircut- $43+, Shave- $41+, Beard Trim- $20, Gentleman’s Facial (includes face, neck, scalp and hand massage)– $43+. 

7Gents Whispers: Take advantage of the opportunity to buy your favorite Baxter of California hair, skin, and shave products while your there. Can’t wait until your in the area – here’s their link.


Brooklyn, New York

ludlow blunt

About: Serving ladies and gents, this storied barber shop is a must-visit when in New York. Matter of fact, I would even suggest that if you know your going to be in NYC in say two weeks – you hold off getting a hair cut until you get there. Named after turn-of-the-century philanthropist Commodore Ludlow & Cornelius Blunt who both rocked killer mustaches,  the  classy joint is  reminiscent of a bygone era.

Ambiance:  Old world elegance. Period.

Prices: Haircut- $75, Beard Trim- $15, Traditional Hot Towel Shaving- $45

7Gents Whispers: While seated be sure to keep your eyes peeled to who’s in the next chair over. Ludlow Blunts client list has included the likes of David Beckman, Robert De Niro and Lady Gaga to name a few.


Miami, Florida

barber job miami

About: How many U.S. barber shops do you know of, started in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Secondly, how many barber shops do you know have locations in the US, Argentina, and Barcelona, Spain? This is exactly what makes this one of a kind barbershop with a unique geographical footprint, along with its precision craftsmanship, such a rare find. 

Ambiance:  Old school charm of English barber shops. Great pics and vintage memorabilia leave you content with a short wait to browse around.

Prices: Haircut- $32, Beard- $32, Beard & Haircut- $50, Repair Manicure- $25.

7Gents Whispers: Enjoy a complimentary beverage while listening enjoying a playlist of jazz, blues, and classic rock.


New Orleans, LA

aidan gill

About: If you ever in New Orleans, you have to visit Aidan Gill. The list of magazines that have featured this iconic barber shop includes multiple issues of GQ, Playboy, Town & Country, Details, and Inc. And I think the best way to explain why it receives so much notoriety is to put it like this.  If you are ever feeling the need to recapture the feeling of being a man – this is where you go. It’s a step back into time when men felt welcome entering into the comfortable world of a barber shop. Where refined men fighting for every inch of success would sit in the barber chair and allow all the worries of the day to vanish with every ounce of lather and every stroke of the razor blade.

Ambiance:  With the red, white and blue barber pole, antique tower heaters, huge mirrors, a museum of barber based artifacts,  collection of leather bound books – it’s about as nostalgic as it comes.

Prices: Haircut- $40.

7Gents Whispers: When your done, take your gratis Guinness draft to the back porch, light up a good cigar and soak in the feeling of being revitalized and as Aidan Gill says- unapologetically male.


Indianapolis, IN

reds barber shop

About: Most barber shops are started from someone who loves cutting hair and wants to do it for a living. Reds on the other hand is the brainchild of three hospitality professionals who believed if they raised the bar on customer service high enough and brought in the right skilled professionals, in the right environment- it would have to be a success. It’s turned out great for them and all the outstanding men in the Indianapolis metro area looking for exceptional service. And all the travelers who visit the classic shop when passing through.

Ambiance:  1930’s  – 1940’s classic midwest relaxed style complete with tin ceilings, an elevated wooden shoe shine stand, black and white checkered floors, and antique turn-of-the-century barber chairs.

Prices: Classic cuts- $25, Beard- $11, Beard & Haircut- $31.

7Gents Whispers: Take advantage of Red’s shoe shine service. Great way to kill 2 birds with one stone.


Salt Lake City, UT

Garret Michael

About: Definitely the most modern of this list, Garret Michael’s is still dedicated to the classic craft of the barber. 

Ambiance:  Modern man.

Prices: Haircut- $40, Beard Shaping- $40, Gentleman’s Facial- $40, Straight Razor Shave- $40

7Gents Whispers: Check out their Modern Tonsorial Artists on their website to get a little background on their barbers that come from Phoenix, Oregon, and Washington as well as a few home grown Utahns. 

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