Best Bond No 9 Colognes in 2022 (and One to Avoid)

These head-turning bottles had always caught my attention in-store, but the price was a little prohibitive in truly finding the best Bond No 9 Cologne.

These things run to $200-300 each (!). 

Luckily, a contact of mine at Selfridges was able to help me out with trying a small amount of each of their top sellers.

He’s a legend, and I owe him a cold one. 

So, the first thing to say is that these fragrances are generally unisex, with a couple of notable exceptions. I say notable because one of these exceptions was actually my favorite overall. 

That said, I do prefer my colognes to have a more masculine tilt- and each of the other colognes I tried was perfectly wearable and by no means “feminine”. 

Each of the colognes is stylized around a New York neighborhood, with each fragrance reflecting a particular pocket of the metropolis. 

In New York, every district has a different feeling, ethos, and mindset- and the same is true of the Bond No 9 colognes that represent them. 

If you can’t get on the New York train, Bond No 9 isn’t for you. Their brand is built around that identity. They’re even named after their store location on Bond Street, just in case you needed reminding.

So – let’s get into the review.

The Scent of Peace for Him – Best Bond No 9 Cologne for Men Overall

Namaste. The Scent of Peace for Him is a polished and sophisticated fragrance, versatile enough to take you from the boardroom to drinks and dinner afterward.

The Scent of Peace for Him 

It smells as though you’re delving into a cedar crate, pulling out a pineapple, and giving it a sniff to see if it’s ready to eat. 

This woody masculinity and energizing pineapple is a characterful yet professional blend. It’s perfect for showing the world you’re in control and can handle business, while also having some fun and expressing yourself. 

This pineapple top note has shades of Aventus (the best Creed cologne) if you’re looking for it, but it’s a smokier representation here.

It’s similar, but certainly not the same, pared down by fresher notes that move it closer to the “blue-er” end of the spectrum than Aventus 

As the hours go on, this pineapple note fades, and with it the association with Aventus. By the end of the dry down, you’re left with a purely aquatic blue scent. 

This is an easy-going and appealing fragrance that stands firmly on its own two feet. If you wear Aventus you’ll smell great, but run the risk of smelling like everyone else in the room. With Scent of Peace for Him, you can bring something unexpected, but not out of place, to the table. 

Longevity and projection are comparable with other high-end houses, and you’ll get a full day’s wear without issue. Often fresh and aquatic fragrances can lack potency, but that’s not the case here. 


Note ProfileBond No 9
Top NotesPineapple, Juniper Berries, and Bergamot
Middle NotesCurrant Buds
Base NotesCedar and Vetiver
The Scent of Peace for Him Fragrance Notes

New York Nights – Best Bond No 9 Cologne for Men on Evenings Out

New York Nights smells like banoffee pie that’s been slightly burnt around the edges. It’s a unique and enjoyable fragrance that is gourmand but without being too rich.

New York Nights

It’s just a delicious, creamy blend that is unisex in all the right ways. This is not an expression of brute force masculinity, but something that will make you smell good enough to eat.

New York Nights for the sort of guy who wants to smell good, not aggressive. It’s one of the best colognes to attract ladies, by the way. After a hug, I always get compliments about how delicious I smell. 

There’s a drizzle of rich caramel, and it smells as if there’s coffee brewing nearby. The patchouli grounds the decadence and prevents things from wandering off into sugary-sweet territory.

New York Nights, as the name suggests, isn’t for blazing sunshine. This is a comforting and cozy fragrance best deployed as the night draws in, ideal for crisp winter or fall wandering. 

I get really good longevity from it as well. For the first couple of hours, you’ll carry a strong scent bubble, with at least 8 hours of intimate fragrance. Yum.


Note ProfileBond No 9
Top NotesGardenia, Jasmine and Carnation
Middle NotesPatchouli, Flowers, Sandalwood and Sea Notes
Base NotesCaramel and Coffee
New York Nights Fragrance Notes
P.S If you’re a fan of Tom Ford colognes, New York Nights is just like Black Orchid. It has the same dark chocolatey vibe, but with an added banana note.

New York Oud – Best Bond No 9 for Romantic Moments

New York Oud was a 2011 Valentine’s Day release, and it shows. It’s pure romance, bottled. 

New York Oud

This self-assured and smooth blend balances dense and syrupy Oud woods with a strong rose heart in an androgynous delight.

This luxurious and natural blend is perfect for classy events, and will inevitably collect compliments. It’s for a commanding, wise Gent whose kindness should not be mistaken for weakness. He’s got experience on his side and can handle all situations with calm and authority.

It’s a twist on traditional, incense-laden ouds, presenting a luxurious and wealthy interpretation of the accord. It lingers throughout the lifetime of the fragrance, with a 30% Oud concentration compared to the 20% you’ll find in typical Oud colognes. 

The rose here is concentrated and unsubtle; we’re dealing with a sumptuous bouquet, not a light floral touch. It’s the “essence” of rose, rather than a photorealistic presentation of the flower. 

This is a marriage of two primary accords in the mold of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. They’re the stars around which everything else in this cologne revolves. They’re loud, obnoxious, and desperately in love with each other.

The only other notes of *ahem* note, are in the dry down. Here, vetiver and teakwood lightly enter to color an urban forest for the rose and oud to occupy together.

If you’re looking for a refined oud that will attract a little less attention, maybe Tom Ford Oud Wood is the way to go. 


Note ProfileBond No 9
Top NotesPlum, Saffron and Orange
Middle NotesRose, Agarwood (Oud), Patchouli and Orris Root
Base NotesMusk, White Honey and Vetiver
New York Oud Fragrance Notes

Chez Bond – Best Bond No 9 Cologne for Men in Spring

Chez Bond is a fresh and natural smelling green fragrance, best worn by a mature Gent. This musky, classy blend is perfect for cutting through the cold on spring mornings.

Chez Bond

I can picture a high-class gent, perhaps a member of the aristocracy, overlooking his land and calling in his dog for breakfast. Perhaps a puff of a fine cigar as he strolls around the land he has worked for and takes it all in. 

There’s a brief opening of sweet citrus, which then shifts towards more prominent green notes of grass, vetiver, and tea. The tea and musk are classy touches that help differentiate Chez Bond from generic green scents, and lend it an air of class and elegance. 

Beyond the fading of the initial citrus, Chez Bond is fairly linear and consistent throughout its lifetime.

This is not the sort of fragrance I’d recommend to everyone. It’s a niche cologne that captures smells of soil, grass, and natural freshness.

It smells “good”, rather than “pretty”.

It’s very similar to Creed’s Green Irish Tweed, which has a loyal cult following. However, Chez Bond is a little more office safe and better for casual use. It’s not quite as daring with the earthy soil-like notes, for example.

Still, Chez Bond is an undeniable homage. Which is no bad thing, particularly if you are looking for better batch consistency (yes, “Creed roulette” is a very real thing). 

If you’re a fan of Green Irish Tweed or natural green smells in general, it’s definitely worth giving Chez Bond a spin.


Note ProfileBond No 9
Top NotesSparkling Citrus Tones and Leafy Greens
Middle NotesHerbal Tea Accord and Violet Leaves
Base NotesVetiver, Cedarwood and Sandalwood
Chez Bond Fragrance Notes

Bleecker Street – Best Bond No 9 Cologne for Men in Winter

Bleecker Street is a mature, masculine fragrance best suited for cooler weather. It’s clean and fresh, but difficult to pick apart.

Bleecker Street

This would be a great choice for an inimitable signature scent. It’s a pleasant blend, but mysterious.

There’s a green backbone for sure, but with sweet gourmand elements that are difficult to pick out. I get blueberry and jasmine vibes, but they’re not listed as official notes. 

While not groundbreaking, Bleecker Street is full of mass appeal. The blend is creamy, vibrant, and sweet, with a base of musk and suede holding everything down. When it comes together, it’s a little like a bright golden tobacco leaf. Rich and sweet, but with depth and masculinity.

While the green notes tempt me to classify it as a spring fragrance, I’d be happy wearing Bleecker street during pleasant fall and winter days, too. The musk and oakmoss add enough maturity and heaviness to the green notes to cut through the cold while still feeling vibrant and energetic.

This slightly-sharp, slightly-woody fragrance is an excellent balance between natural masculinity and silky sweetness. As such, I’d recommend it for a well-groomed Gent in their early to mid-twenties rather than anyone looking for a blast of rough, alpha energy.


Note ProfileBond No 9
Top NotesViolet Leaf, Blueberry, Cassis and Thyme
Middle NotesCedar, Cinnamon and Jasmine
Base NotesOakmoss, Suede, Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla and Caramel
Bleecker Street Fragrance Notes

FiDi – Best Bond No 9 Cologne for Men in the Office

FiDi is named after the Financial District, but it’s not as dry as it sounds. This cologne is keener to reflect ambition, energy, and youth than spreadsheets or taxes. 


The New York neighborhood is in transformation, with a young population of trendsetters moving in over the last decade. 

“For me, the excitement is always downtown… I like that feeling of something new—in an old place. It’s the contrast New York offers.”

Bond No. 9 president and founder Laurice Rahmé. 

The blend is similarly modern, and not afraid to buck trends. A traditionally masculine base of cedar and musk is the bedrock for vibrant blueberry and vanilla to twist and shake. It’s similar to the sweetness in Bleecker Street, but without the grassier green notes. 

There’s a hint of spice from nutmeg and heart and a pinch of pepper in the opening. I get a couple of hours of good projection from a few sprays before it settles into a skin set for a further 3-4 hours.

FiDi is interesting enough to keep you engaged throughout but subtle enough to wear in the office, for sure. 


Note ProfileBond No 9
Top NotesBlack Pepper, Bergamot and Mandarin Orange
Middle NotesLotus and Nutmeg
Base NotesMusk, Cedar and Vanilla
FiDi Fragrance Notes

Wall Street – Most Unique Bond No 9 Cologne for Men

WARNING: Wall Street is NOT for everyone. This is a real “love it or hate it” fragrance that’s distinct, audacious, and polarising. 

Wall street

It opens with a bitter orange rind that’s pleasant, before shifting into watery “cucumber” I can’t quite get my head around. It’s got a salty, seaweed quality that feels like it was pulled straight from Davey Jones’ locker.

I find it too vulgar, strong, and aggressive to handle- but I know some people who love it. Go figure. 

It does mellow throughout the dry down, rising from the murky brine and combining with lavender and vetiver. The vetiver here is fresh rather than earthy, and there’s light white musk in the base, but it’s nice and subtle. The leather and pistachio described in the notes are, to my nose, completely absent. 

Wall Street is the cause of so much debate that I just had to bring it up. It has its loyal supporters who have been buying it since 2004, but probably not a fragrance I’d recommend as a blind buy.


Note ProfileBond No 9
Top NotesCucumber, Seaweed, Lemon and Orange
Middle NotesLavender, Pistachio and Leather
Base NotesMusk and Vetiver
Wall Street Fragrance Notes

FAQ – What You Should Know About the Best Bond No 9 Colognes 

7Gents – Fond of Bond

So, that’s our trip down Bond Street finished. There are definitely some top-tier colognes on offer, particularly Scent of Peace for Him and the lady-magnet New York Nights.

Just stay away from Wall Street. That’s good advice generally by the way, not just for Bond colognes.

I’ve included links to the best prices I could find for all the colognes, so check them out!

Until next time,

Joe – 7Gents

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