The BroBasket – Best Men’s Gift Ever?

For those looking for a tequila gift set, whiskey sampler, or bro gifts, here is our review of the popular alcohol themed mens gift basket company – The BroBasket.

So I recently stumbled across The BroBasket and immediately thought “This is a great resource!”

Need a truly great gift to give a boss? An employee? Need gifts for a corporate event? Family? Father, son, cousin, brother-in-law? A Birthday Gift? Wedding gift? Then a visit to The BroBasket is in order.

While most of the gift baskets have an alcohol theme (who doesn’t like a good drink, right?), they also have a whole slew of non-alcohol options.

Here’s what make’s The BroBasket so great:


1. The brobasket selections and presentation have been done right.

In other words, if you’re looking for the “wow” factor- it has it. Whether you’re sending a gift to a family member or a co-worker, it’s nice to have the assurance knowing that they’re going to love it. That is as long as they’re a guy and like either scotch, beer, vodka, or wine.

The gift baskets come in a multitude of containers, depending on which gift you choose.  Including their stylish signature boxes,  a reusable BroBasket black tinwood, BroBasket tub, BroBasket metal pail, and even a BroBasket stamped rosewood crate. (All of which will be neat to hold on to).

2. The corporate gift packages are a fresh, new option for co-workers, employees, meetings, or events.

The right gift package in any corporate setting is important. And more times than not, it becomes a missed opportunity to create an experience.

I would challenge any financial planner, c-suite executive, sales professional, or manager to spend 5 minutes on and then spend 5 minutes brainstorming how they can use this resource.

Let me throw out a couple scenarios.

A few weeks ago you played golf with a potential client and during the round he drank his favorite go-to- Johnny Walker Black. His birthday is next week or perhaps you just learned he achieved a promotion or some other major success.

So you send him a whiskey sampler or a Golfer’s Delight Gift Package filled with golf balls, a BroBasket golf towel, golf tees and tee holder, granola snacks, Kind fruit and nut bars, beef jerky, 3 cigars and a spanish cedar lined leather cigar case, cutter, lighter, 2 whisky glasses, and…….  Johnnie Walker Black!

The Bro Basket gifts for golfers delight
Golfers Delight Gift Set For Men

Seriously, how can you beat that?!

Or say there is no big occasion but you want to say thank you to a consistently high performing sales executive, who you well know is one of those craft beer kind of guys. Yes, you are keeping him happy by compensating him handsomely, but you’re thinking you would like to add a personal touch. A way to just let him know that you really appreciate the long hours he’s been putting in.

You send him a beer gift basket, like this Craft Beer Sampler Kit that contains not only 3 cans of Firestone delicious Blonde Ale and 3 cans of Firestone Union Jack IPA, but also a slew of snacks, a BroBasket Pint Glass, coasters, koozies, and a reusable crate!

The Bro Basket Beer Beef Jerky Gift set for men
Beer & Beef Jerky Gift Basket

With gift sets for men geared for fitness guys, barbecue lovers, football enthusiast, or even food junkies, The BroBasket has something for everyone and for every occasion. Here are a few of our favorites:

The BroBasket Fitness brobox gift set for men
The Fitness BroBox
The BroBasket wine gift sets for men
California Wine Corporate Crate
The United Nations of Vodka Bro Basket gift sets for men
The United Nations of Vodka Bro Baskets

3. You can personalize and customize your gift basket ridiculously easily.

I think with as many options as they have available, it would be really hard to not be able to find the right gift basket for whomever you’re buying for. But should that be the case, creating a customized basket is quick and easy. (And quite fun, might I add).

The highly customized brobasket gift sets start at $39.95 and from there you choose everything from which container, liquor, goodies and glassware to themes and engravings. There are 29 different configurations categories to choose from which makes the possibilities endless.

Which leads me to the personalization capabilities. Want a co-worker’s name engraved on a bottle of whiskey or vodka? Want your boss’s name and company logo on the glassware? 

All this is possible.

4. You can shop by need.

This of course means you don’t have to spend an hour searching for the right gift. BroBasket has done a terrific job building a website that allows those who need to buy a gift for any male, to shop easily based on who they’re shopping for. No searching and scrolling through their countless boxes to find the right one. A few of the ways you can shop by are:

  • Shop by Holiday

  • Shop by Recipient

  • Shop by Occasion

  • Shop by Brand

  • Shop by Spirit (Whiskey, Scotch, Tequila, Vodka, Gin & Rum)

  • Shop by Wine

  • Shop by Corporate Gifts

And that’s just a sampling. There are many other avenues to browse by.

The BroBasket gift sets for men by occasion