Best Hollister Colognes- How to Find Your Perfect Fragrance From the California Kings

If you’ve ever been to a Hollister store, you’ll know they care about fragrance. 

The scent they pump out in-store is one of their own- SoCal, one of the best Hollister colognes.

Like their apparel, Hollister colognes appeal to a laid-back Californian lifestyle. It’s all about hanging by the beach under clear blue skies in the never-ending summer.

It shows in their tropical, aquatic colognes. They’re all made with the sunshine and surf at the front of the mind. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through the best Hollister colognes for smelling your best on the boardwalk. 

Whether you adore the pineapple of Festival Vibes or the coconut in the OG SoCal, one thing is for sure. All these colognes punch above their weight in terms of price versus quality. 

So- let’s get into it!

7Gents Best Hollister Colognes for 2022

Hollister SoCal- The Original Hollister Cologne

Hollister SoCal is the perfect summer cologne for a beach day. It reminds me of a hot and relaxed afternoon of basking in the sun with friends. It’s laid-back, tropical, and spells fun and freedom. 

Hollister SoCal

Everyone seems to love it- especially girls. This sweet, creamy, woody blend is a hit and collects compliments wherever I go.

It’s the sort of fragrance you’d wear to a beach date to project rugged sexiness and sunshine confidence. SoCal speaks to a masculinity that isn’t aggressive, but still knows how to handle itself.

The scent opens with a blast of coconut and melon. These watery sweet notes are delicious, and let you know this is an easy-going fragrance right from the jump. There’s also a touch of citrus in the top notes that I can’t quite place- but it’s either lemon or lime. 

As SoCal dries down, I get vanilla sweetness mixed with a coniferous pine. The more vibrant green tones help keep things energetic, while vanilla adds a touch of class.

However, the real fun for me is in the base of the fragrance. There’s a deep and earthy scent of dried driftwood, heated by the summer sun.

It’s sexy, woody, and aromatic.

The combination of rugged driftwood with that decadent vanilla accord offers just the right amount of sweetness. It balances the blend in a way that’s both musky and sensual. 

It’s my favorite part of SoCal for sure, and it sticks around. Even though the opening tropical notes dissipate within a couple of hours, you’ll get a full day of creamy woodiness from the persistent base. 

For the price, this is an unreliable offering. I’m sure that if SoCal was produced by a niche house, it would be considered a masterpiece- and quite rightly!

Top Notes:Melon, Coconut, Lemon and Lime
Middle Notes:Pine, Cedar and Vanilla Bean
Base NotesDriftwood and White Musk
SoCal By Hollister- Fragrance Notes

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Jake- Most Popular Hollister Cologne

Compared to fresh and clean SoCal, Jake has more depth and maturity. I could see Jake suiting a wider range of ages, projecting sexy masculinity appropriate for men through their 20s and early 30s. 

This spiced, woody scent is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. It’s fresh and oceanic in the top notes, but still rugged and masculine in the base. 

The opening is a burst of sharp, zingy citrus. It’s energizing and invigorating, and  screams sunshine. But underneath it all, you’ve got the same rugged undertone of beach driftwood you find in SoCal. 

It’s simple but effective. Perfect for casual days out with friends or as a gym scent. 

Jake kicks out scent at the start, but it does fade fast. Within 2 hours the fragrances become a skin scent that lasts for another 2-4. So you’re looking at 5-6 hours overall.

If you’re looking for a performance monster, you might be missing the point. Jake is a subtle pep in the step, as a twist of lime in soda water.

It’s not here to dominate, and for the price, it’s still a winner overall. 

Top Notes:Lemon, Lime and Sea Notes
Middle Notes:Patchouli, Amber
Base NotesBriarwood, White Musk, Tonka Bean
Jake By Hollister- Fragrance Notes

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Wave- Best Hollister Cologne with Citrus

Another fragrance for summer, Wave is an easy-wearing cologne destined for the coast. It’s a fresh, zesty, and vibrant blend for a Gent in his early to mid-twenties.

Hollister Wave

It’s youthful and fun-loving, but not juvenile by any stretch. Think “white t-shirt and shorts” sort of vibe- but the guy is a chiseled surfer.

It’s informal, perfect for everyday wear or casual events, day or night. Not a seductive scent, but sure to collect compliments across the board regardless. 

The start is a fairly unique note of bamboo, followed by a pleasant soapy dry down with shades of neroli. There’s citrus here, but it’s not sharp. 

The whole process is smooth and relaxing. There’s enough complexity to make it a worthwhile fragrance, but we’re keeping things simple here for sure. Wave is all about easy-breezy good times- not trying to reinvent the wheel.

These top notes last throughout the lifetime of the fragrance. It’s linear, rather than evolving. The whole ride is fresh and clean. There’s wood in the base, but Wave doesn’t just degenerate into a generic woody musk-like plenty of other men’s perfumes. 

It maintains its freshness throughout, remaining energetic throughout its 6 hour lifetime. The projection is decent but non-intrusive. This is a subtle, and pleasant fragrance that gets noticed but won’t knock anyone’s head off.

Top Notes:Bamboo Leaf, Grapefruit and Yuzu
Middle Notes:Lavender, Cypress and Neroli
Base NotesSalt, Driftwood, Tonka Bean and Musk
Wave By Hollister- Fragrance Notes

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Festival Vibes- Best Hollister Cologne for Value for Signature Fragrance

Festival Vibes is a sweet and aquatic fragrance, opening up with fresh sea notes and pineapple. It’s super creamy and soft, and wearing it feels like sitting on a cloud.

Hollister Festival Vibes

The clue is in the name. Festival Vibes is about kicking back and relaxing, spending time with friends, and feeling great.

It’s for a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously but wants to let people know he looks after himself. He’s probably the group leader, deciding which bands to see and making sure everyone is having a good time. 

The pineapple feels like a nod to Aventus by Creed. It’s an under-utilized favorite note of mine and I’m glad to see an affordable, quality representation of it here. I love niche notes like these, and it makes Festival Vibes a real option as a signature fragrance.

There’s also a slight caramel note that balances out the woody birch in the base nicely.

Aquatic fragrances aren’t known for their performance, but I was impressed by the lifetime of Festival Vibes. This stuff just lasts and lasts and lasts. You’ll get 9-10 hours, no problem.

This smooth and delightful cologne is incredible for the price. 

Top Notes:Sea Notes, Pineapple and Birch Leaf
Middle Notes:Green Notes, Ginger, Bay Leaf and Woody Notes
Base NotesTonka Bean, Amber and Oakmoss
Festival Vibes By Hollister- Fragrance Notes

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Coastline- Best Hollister Fragrance for Confidence

This bold and confident cologne is for the type of Gent who walks into a room and plans on grabbing the attention of everyone around him.

Hollister Coastline

Coastline has a distinctive sage note that separates it from the pack and projects a mature brand of masculine confidence. When the earthy sage couples with sweet and fruity mandarin in the top notes, the results are divine. 

It’s for the sort of man who has got his act together, achieved some success- but is still innovative and thinking outside the box. 

This spicy-sweet fragrance is daring and fresh. I sprayed it at 8 pm before I went out and I could still smell base woods notes on myself the next morning. 

The potent age accord is really what drives the train. I think that without it, Coastline could come off as a generic fruity, woody scent. But then again, “if ifs and buts were beer and nuts, life would be a grand old party”.

It’s strikingly similar to the note used in Abercrombie and Fitch’s Fierce- another solid fragrance- but the Hollister offer is lighter and brighter. 

Top Notes:Sweet Mandarin, Cardamom, Sea Notes and Fir
Middle Notes:Rosemary, Jasmine, Sage and Rose
Base NotesOakmoss, Vetiver, Musk, Rosewood and Sandalwood
Coastline By Hollister- Fragrance Notes

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FAQ- What You Should Know About the Best Hollister Colognes

Wait- isn’t Hollister a Surf Brand?

Hollister is tied to a culture of beach life and surfing. They don’t focus on surfing itself, but more on the social scene and community built around it.

You can 100% wear their products if you don’t do watersports without feeling like an imposter. 

So What Now?

I was so impressed by the quality of Hollister fragrance, considering their budget-mid price point.

As far as entry-level summer fragrances go, you won’t find better.

I’ve included links to the best prices I could find for my favorites- and I think they’re a great place to start. There are 39 Hollister fragrances in total, so plenty to explore once you’ve tried a few of the classics.

Grab a bottle today and start enjoying that sweet sunshine lifestyle.

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