Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream Review – 2022 Test

I’ve been a fan of Valentino colognes for a while but had never tried their Born in Roma range. That is, until now.

I’ve booked a flight to Italy for next month (!) and thought I’d better get around to finding a fragrance to take with me. When in Rome, as they say…

And I’ve got to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Born in Roma “Yellow Dream” is not a name that screams elegance and sophistication (yes, I’m a bit juvenile) – but that is exactly what I got.

My only problem is that this is clearly a fragrance for winter or fall, and isn’t going to be the pick for my summer Italy trip.

But that’s okay- this is a perfect fragrance to keep in the bank, ready to deploy to add some warmth and style to the office later in the year. Zero regrets.

born in roma yellow dream open sleeve

Born in Roma – Yellow Dream

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Sweet and warm fragrance perfect for fall/ winter. Gingerbread galore.

Exceptional longevity and performance.

Very reasonably priced, particularly if you buy a larger bottle.


This doesn’t scream masculinity and aggression. If you’re a macho man, there are better options out there.

Too cloying for summer. Projects far too heavily in the heat.

So, without further ado, let’s get into whether Born in Roma Yellow Dream is right for you.

First Impressions

The standard-issue bottle is a thing of beauty. The textured, clear glass reminds me of diamonds and luxury. It’s a tactile design that begs to be handled and comes in 1.7 and 3.4 oz denominations.

born in roma yellow dream full bottle
Full-sized bottle
born in roma yellow dream decant
My 2ml decant

My sample tester was a little more modest but functioned perfectly well. The promo material gave me a sense of the atmosphere Valentino situates Yellow dream in; a ray of light against the mundane.

What Does Born in Roma Yellow Dream Smell Like?

Initially, you’re hit by a wave of Aventus-esque pineapple and mandarin sweetness with a hint of spice. This isn’t a “spicy” scent exactly, but there’s a bit of warmth in the sweetness that reminds me of fresh gingerbread. 

Within twenty minutes the sweetness calms down a little bit and makes room for aromatic vanilla to become prominent. I love this gourmand combination – it really smells good enough to eat.

born in roma yellow dream

In the base, woodsy cedar adds a bit of masculine bite. Despite the sweetness from lingering pineapple, Born in Roma is a masculine cologne first and foremost. 

It is a perfect cologne for fall or winter days if you find fragrances like Spicebomb too overpoweringly spicy. Born in Roma is less prickly, and is closer to “warmth” than “spice” if you catch my drift.

Top Notes:Pineapple and Mandarin Orange
Middle Notes:Ginger and Spices
Base Notes:Vanilla and Cedar
Born In Roma Yellow Dream Fragrance Notes

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How Long Does Born in Roma Yellow Dream Last?

This is where Born in Roma really shines. For me, it lasts a stupid length of time – in a good way!

From 1 -2 sprays I’ll be projecting fragrance all day, and if I get some on my clothes I’ll smell it into tomorrow. 

born in roma yellow dream

For the first 3 – 4 hours projection is really significant, so handle with care if you’re going to be in an intimate environment (public transport or a small office, for example). 

After that initial burst, Yellow Dream mellows out nicely and becomes more of an arms-length projector for hours 4 – 7, before lingering on as a skin scent until you retire for the night. 

When Should You Wear Born in Roma Yellow Dream?

This is a classy fragrance that balances a handful of notes together well. It is not the most complex or provocative cologne on the market and is a fine choice for younger Gents looking for a winter/fall fragrance that isn’t just a muddled bucket of spices. 

born in roma yellow dream back side

That said, it does have a touch of sweetness which means if you’re looking for something super alpha, you might want to go elsewhere. Beyond the moderate cedar in the base, there aren’t many earthy notes in Yellow Dream that are going to scream “masculinity”.

It’s not a juvenile fragrance by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s also a world away from barbershop masculine fragrances that your grandpa might have worn. 

Can You Wear Born in Roma Yellow Dream to Work?

Born in Roma Yellow Dream is a good choice for a winter/fall office scent because even though it alludes to spice and warmth, it isn’t packed full of it. 

Heavier winter spiced colognes like Spicebomb can be a little much to handle in an enclosed office space, but Born in Roma hedges light gingerbread against aromatic vanilla and juicy fruits to keep everything in proper proportions.

Also, it’s reasonably priced (more on that in a moment), which means you can use it as easy-reach daily wear, and cultivate a signature office fragrance without breaking the bank.

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How Much Does Born in Roma Yellow Dream Cost?

Yellow Dream costs between $100 and $140, depending on what size bottle you buy and which retailer you go through.

Keep in mind that you can make significant savings by buying a larger bottle.

Check out the pricing table below for a cost breakdown (prices courtesy of

SizeRRPCost per Oz
1.7 oz$108$63.50
3.4 oz$138$40.59
Born in Roma Yellow Dream Pricing

Is Born in Roma Yellow Dream Worth it?

I’d certainly say that Born in Roma Yellow Dream is worth the money. You’re getting a tasteful, top-tier cold weather fragrance for a very fair price. If you need a signature scent for crisp winter walks to the office or for a coffee date, you’ve found it. 

Where to Buy Born in Roma Yellow Dream

I’ve used Nordstrom for a couple of years, and so far every product has been authentic and shown up when I expected it to. Their returns policy is also second to none, which is handy.

Beyond that, Amazon is probably the most stocked place to buy colognes online. You can search for reviews for each vendor so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Plus, delivery with Amazon Prime is crazy quick. It’s great or impulse buys that you need in time for the weekend.

born in roma yellow dream open sleeve

Born in Roma – Yellow Dream

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Similar Fragrances to Born in Roma Yellow Dream

If you’re looking for fragrances similar to Born In Roma Yellow Dream, check out my two recommendations below:

Versace Eros – Born in Roma Yellow Dream Alternatives

versace eros

Versace Eros

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Yellow reminds me of a warm, icing sugar-inspired version of Versace Eros.

It harnesses that same aromatic vanilla, but this is less about winter warmth and more to do with warming the hearts of ladies. It has to be smelt to be believed, but trust me – girls love this stuff

This fresh and vivid cologne reminds me of mint choc-chip ice cream without the chocolate. Creamy, rich, and sweet to the perfect level. 

It works really well. The interplay of freshness and dessert flavors is just as addictive as it is unusual.

Top Notes:Mint, Green Apple and Lemon
Middle Notes:Tonka Bean, Ambroxan and Geranium
Base Notes:Vanilla, Cedar, Vetiver and Oakmoss
Versace Eros Fragrance Notes

Stronger With You – Born In Roma Yellow Dream Alternatives

Stronger with you promo sleeve front face

Stronger With You

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Stronger than you is a little more gender neutral and lacks the juicy pineapple of Yellow Dream, but it is definitely in the same world of cozy, inoffensive fall/winter wear.

This fragrance is comfort in a bottle. Sweet warming notes of cardamom and vanilla rest on top of a woodsy base of cedar and chestnut. It swerves aggressive notes and instead represents refined, gentlemanly masculinity.

It’s like a perpetual hug from a beautiful girl in your favorite sweater. Okay, maybe not that far – but I think you get the idea. My GF absolutely loves Stronger With You and is always noticeably nicer to me when I’m wearing it.

Top Notes:Cardamom, Pink Pepper, Violet Leaf and Mint
Middle Notes:Pineapple, Cinnamon, Melon, Sage and Lavender
Base Notes:Vanilla, Chestnut, Amberwood, Cedar and Guaiac Wood
Stronger With You Fragrance Notes

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