The 11 Best Aftershaves For Men Tested and Compared

Some aftershaves are a must-try in your pursuit of that personal skin magic. Is it a struggle to find that fantastic scent to buy this year? Here, I will ease your shopping with a list of the best aftershaves for men to help you decide which suits you. 

There is an amazing variety of aftershave products to choose from and many popular aftershaves are worth their salt. However, which is the best aftershave for you?

The two best from my trials on this list are based on my dry skin needs. They are the Men’s “LE MALE” Aftershave Balm from Jean Paul Gaultier and Shea Moisture Aftershave Elixir. If you have oily skin, I suggest an alternative – the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Aftershave Splash. Unlike a balm or gel, it won’t make your skin too moisturized.  

I tested the LE MALE (being initially pulled in by its creator, Gaultier) and the SheaMoisture as it stated how it nourishes very dehydrated skin, exactly what I needed. I suffer from dryness which can be a hazard before shaving so I shave carefully, or it’s nick time. For this reason, I found the SheaMoisture to win at soothing and softening my skin for the day.

Every man needs a great aftershave to follow up a clean shave. It can boost your confidence, make your steps springy, and this way you can pull off any look of the day. It’s my pleasure to help you choose from the best aftershaves for men in my list of varied fragrances and moisturizers for all skin types.

This article brings you a range of good classic scents and some ingenious fragrances. I will also provide an indication of what to expect from the aftershave, its ingredients, and the pros and cons. 

So keep reading to know your best aftershave choice within minutes.

1. HERMÈS Terre d’Hermès Men’s Aftershave Balm

If you want the best aftershave beyond preventing cuts and nicks, try out this HERMÈS aftershave balm. Consider it to be a cousin of the Terre d’Hermes fragrance but as an aftershave. It offers an alternative way of wearing the refreshing signature fragrance so that the earthy, woody scent stays intense all day long.

HERMÈS Terre d’Hermès Men’s Aftershave Balm, the best aftershave for men

The balm hydrates your skin quickly by absorbing fast. This is an enormous advantage if you need to soothe razor burn. Its nongreasy texture and light application makes it a suitable aftershave balm for all skin types. Small daily amounts to your face will do the job well and so the bottle lasts a long time.

Introducing a blast of rejuvenation to the skin after shaving, HERMÈS perfumed this hydrating balm with Sichuan peppers, orange, green bergamot, grapefruit, and vetiver so that you feel connected to nature even if you’re working all day and is great for casual Fridays.

2. Blu Atlas Aftershave

Blu Atlas avoids intense burn on your skin by distinguishing from plain old rubbing alcohol aftershave. This aftershave contains 100% organic ingredients to control irritation and swelling while also keeping your skin hydrated.

Blu Atlas Aftershave

It leaves a citrus and pleasant woody scent with notes of patchouli and clary sage. To nourish your skin after a shave, just rub Blu Atlas onto your skin and feel the freedom from harmful chemicals smoothing your skin. Blu Atlas is a top choice for those of you in daily routines and for the traveler as you get lasting protection and all-day moisture from natural ingredients.

By choosing an aftershave containing natural ingredients, you help to transform your skin through daily healing, cleansing, and protection.

The rose flower water helps to deal with razor burn and the aloe extract provides your skin with long-lasting hydration. The menthol peppermint extract will also leave your skin feeling like it’s absorbing generous amounts of fresh air. 

Blu Atlas belongs on the list of the best aftershaves for men. Ensure you get some today – it won’t disappoint you.

3. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Aftershave Splash for Men

If an aftershave splash is more of your thing, this Ralph Lauren piece is one to add to your collection. Packaged in a simple glass bottle with the famous Ralph Lauren Polo trademark, this is a very lightweight formula compared to your regular aftershave lotions and balms.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Aftershave Splash for Men

It’s ideal for men seeking a formula that’s cooling and refreshing, with a modest fragrance concentration. This choice also applies well if you have oily skin. This aftershave uses allantoin, which is extracted from comfrey plants, to soothe, and hydrate dry itchy skin

When you’re in a hurry, add this to your toiletry bag, it will serve as an overall body spray.

4. Post Shave Cooling Gel from Jack Black

This Jack Black selection exploits the antiseptic properties of witch hazel instead of drying alcohol to give you the most comfortable aftershave feeling.

Post Shave Cooling Gel by Jack Black

Among the ingredients is aloe to make the skin cool and soothe any irritation. The gel also contains antioxidant-rich organic plants such as sage and rosemary to curb bacteria.

But besides what the formula contains, this gel is ideal for sensitive skin as it contains no colorants, synthetic fragrance, and parabens. This formula won’t leave you with any burning or stinging, only an indulgent perfumed soothe that leaves your skin clean with no irritation or redness.

5. Taconic Shave Aftershave Splash

This aftershave may be mild, but the Taconic Aftershave Splash is still very nice and effective. These splashes are more pleasurable during the summer period when you like to start the day with something lighter. It comes in various scents such as Bay Run, Eucalyptus Mint, Urban Wood, and Lavender Lime.

Taconic Aftershave Splash

What you get with the Taconic Splash is a cooler and alcohol-free post-shave layer packed with essential oils. It leaves a slightly oily layer on the face so would best suit dryer skin types. If the feel of applying balm suits you but you prefer a splash, this approaches that silkiness you get with balms. You’ll smell the mint for many hours after applying it. It also rests a eucalyptus scent on your facial skin which is pleasant over long periods at work.

Even without shaving, I can use this as a stand-alone facial moisturizer to improve my skin. The recipe includes ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, and ginseng extracts which combine to keep your skin calm and refreshed so that it stays nice and smooth whether or not you’ve shaved.

6. NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm is an excellent multipurpose choice for any man who is new to the world of aftershave balms. It comes at an affordable price and instantly soothes the skin. The balm is useful for the alleviation of irritation problems such as dryness and redness thanks to ingredients like chamomile and vitamin E. 

NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

It contains just a mild fragrance and no drying alcohol. With regular usage, it will reduce skin sensitivity as it also contains chamomile and witch hazel. It acts quickly to soak into the skin, leaving a delightful smell and no oily residue.

The lower price tag shouldn’t fool you into thinking the balm compromises on quality as it’s a favorite on Amazon. 

7. Stubble Cream Body Moisturizer from Fur Skincare

This impressive choice suits many other purposes aside from being an aftershave.

Stubble Cream Body Moisturizer from Fur Skincare

Fur Skincare brings you this multipurpose formula that is one of the market-favorite after-shave creams. When applied to the skin, it provides smoothing benefits like a moisturizer and when used after shaving, it helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

It contains coconut oil which helps to soften your hair and soothe itchiness if you’re still hoping to keep some stubble. This makes it ideal for those with thick or coarse facial hair. The moisturizer is also a powerful combination of antibacterial tea tree oil with soothing chamomile to help get rid of irritation and bumps.

Besides that, the formula is fast-absorbing so that you don’t have to wait around for its effects to begin. I also love the sleek white packaging that will find a place in any bathroom decor.

8. SheaMoisture Aftershave Elixir

Do you often experience dryness and bumps after shaving? This expert formulated elixir from SheaMoisture can hydrate and soothe even the most dehydrated skin. The powerful combination of witch hazel and tea tree cleanses and removes bacteria that lead to bumps, while Shea butter keeps the skin soft and hydrated.

SheaMoisture Aftershave Elixir

It contains the right balance of ingredients for clean and soft skin, without reducing your natural oils. This makes SheaMoisture Aftershave ideal for sensitive, dry skin. And in place of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil, this formula contains 100% organic ingredients to give you the best aftershave for your skin that is free of redness.

9. Musgo Real Aftershave Balm from Claus Porto

If you seek a luxury aftershave, definitely add this fast-absorbing aftershave to your grooming kit.

Musgo Real Aftershave Balm

Accentuating the moisturizing benefits of Shea butter, jojoba oil, and almond oil, it keeps the skin hydrated with no greasy residue left behind.

Instead, it creates a protective layer of nourishment on the skin and promotes daylong hydration. The balm has an exotic woody fragrance with Tonka, vanilla, patchouli, and vetiver for warmth. You will find this best-smelling aftershave irresistible.

10. Men’s “LE MALE” Aftershave Balm from Jean Paul Gaultier

Lavender and mint is a dynamic combination any day, but bring in some vanilla and it explodes, delivering an aroma that is as refreshing as it’s warm and fresh. That’s exactly what Jean-Paul Gaultier was going for with this brilliantly made aftershave balm.

Men’s “LE MALE” Aftershave Balm from Jean Paul Gaultier

Ideal for those with dry skin, this product provides a soft and cleaner feeling that your skin desires after shaving. And in case you’re clumsy when shaving (it happens to every one of us), there won’t be any stinging on your skin because it has no alcohol content. 

Instead, you will get instant relief on your skin and a mild fragrance. It’s a watered-down scent that is more suited to your day at the office where it’s best to lack an overpowering scent.  If you prefer a stronger scent, this is quite light so it won’t satisfy your needs.

11. Bevel Aftershave Restoring Balm

Bevel Aftershave Restoring Balm delivers on its promise to improve skin condition issues.

Bevel Aftershave Restoring Balm

It’s a lotion-like balm that uses ingredients like shea butter, witch hazel, and tea tree oil to soothe irritated skin, as well as lactic acid and salicylic acid to exfoliate your skin effectively. You may experience some skin irritation at first because of the latter as most products for acne treatment contain salicylic acid as the major ingredient. It’s not recommended for sensitive skin as it’s drying in the colder months.

The good news – it soon wears off when your skin gets accustomed to it and your skin will eventually become more beautiful than when you started. 

It is no doubt one of the best aftershave lotions for men.

Spash, Lotion or Balm. Which type of Aftershave Suits You?

With so many aftershave brands, your post-shave needs will come into play when choosing the best aftershave for your grooming kit.

Splashes: Your dad and his dad most probably used an aftershave splash. We can compare aftershave splashes to a toner. Their consistency is more liquid than balms and lotions and is often formulated with ingredients that have caustic, disinfecting powers such as witch hazel.

Splashes are fresh and mildly scented, however, they usually contain alcohol (which can cause skin irritation and tighten pores), so be careful about using these products if your skin is dry and sensitive. 

Splashes work the best for people with oily skin since they don’t increase greasiness (unlike balms and lotions) and tone the skin instead. Basically, go for a splash if you like that tingling sensation.

Lotions: If aftershave splashes are too thin for your liking and aftershave balms are too thick, an aftershave lotion will give you that balance. Not too watery like a splash and not too thick like a balm, aftershave lotions offer a creamy consistency and contain hydrating ingredients that work well for people with dryer skin.

Many aftershave lotions are formulated with alcohol. Though there are several options that contain no alcohol and synthetic fragrances, which means they should be perfect for sensitive skin. On that note, the alcohol content is lower than splashes, which makes them an ideal option for people who have combination skin types.

Balms: Aftershave balms are great for the man who likes a semi-solid consistency after shaving. Many balms with alcohol-free formulas are available on the market, so for anyone who is clumsy at shaving and is prone to cuts and nicks, the most comfortable option is a balm-type formula as it is less likely to sting.

Most aftershave balms come with heavy fragrances, and therefore you won’t require cologne. And since they are thicker in consistency, balms are the most suitable for dry skin (and for cold periods of the year), because they contain ingredients that hydrate and nourish the skin, restoring balance while relieving burns and bumps.

Frequently Asked Questions on Choosing The Best Aftershaves

Now you have a good picture of how to approach your aftershave choice, give it a splash or a squeeze, and try one of my suggested brands.

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