6 Best Lacoste Colognes for Men – Updated 2023 Test

The man who seeks a scent to fit his personality, and the season, strives for that perfect edge in his day. That’s where the best Lacoste colognes enter the market as there is a cologne to fit you.

From much scent testing and comparing different sillage strengths, there is a cologne for everyday wear or for that specific evening with someone special.

For feeling that extra fresh confidence during the day, I found the Lacoste Blanc Lui EDT spray the most satisfying. I love the minimalist bottle that’s easy to carry around. Lacoste is all about elegance whether that’s for casual or formal days.

Its green crocodile symbol expresses masculinity and gives you the scent edge you seek and with many types of Lacoste colognes to choose from, there is a scent for every man out there.

I found the Blanc impressive as it provides an all-rounder to the day. It suits formal meetings at work while also fits well with good sillage when at a social event. 

The Best Lacoste Colognes for the Modern Gent

So let’s look at the Lacoste colognes and I will go into detail on the personality each one suits. I’ve got you covered on how to choose so keep reading my reviews here. By the end of the guide, you will know which cologne suits you best.

Lacoste Blanc Pour Lui for Men Eau De Toilette Spray – Best Lacoste Cologne Overall

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc EDT by Lacoste is a fragrance for men that was launched in 2010. It has a fruity-fresh scent. If you want a fresh fragrance that almost everyone will find appealing, look no further!

Lacoste blanc pour lui for men

It has great longevity, and a comfortable scent to wear as Blanc never feels intrusive. The fragrance is a unique feeling described as a “fresh shower after sports!” The opening is sweet, and mildly sticky. From the beginning to the end of this fragrance, the grapefruit effect remains consistent.

That freshness you’ll feel comes from the rosemary note. The top notes blend well and the grapefruit note projects itself very well.

Floral notes also become clearer about one hour after opening, the tuberose scent and the ylang-ylang note in particular. The fragrance takes a flowery, fruity, and fresh turn in the middle notes. Then come the base notes that contain a bit of a woody effect, but the fragrance never loses its character. 

Expect a great smell after several hours though while it won’t last all day, it’s a great lightweight option. This is for the man who wants to emphasize his masculinity and confidence. So if you want an additional way to dress up your look, this is your choice.

Even with its alluring content, this is not a feminine fragrance. 

The smell is sporty, masculine, and pleasant. It is sometimes reminiscent of a bit of fabric softener fragrance. It’s a very clean smell that gives freshness and tranquility.

It is ideal for summer, spring, and warm weather.

Best for the man who wants to smell great at meetings or when out on the town.

Top Notes:Grapefruit, Cardamom, Cedar Leaf and Rosemary
Middle Notes:Ylang-ylang, Frankincense and Tuberose
Base Notes:Vetiver, Cedarwood, Suede and Georgywood
Lacoste Blanc Pour Lui Fragrance Notes

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Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette for Men – Best Warm Cologne

What do you imagine your ideal fragrance smells like? If what you have in mind is one that you wear in the morning and the smell stays till evening, then your ideal choice is the Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette for men.

Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette for Men

It is a blast of vigor and incredible everyday sensory adventure that others will also find delightful.

Join in the action and put on the intoxicating Lacoste Essential fragrance. This energetic and masculine fragrance serves the man who is living the best life he can. Energetic top notes of tangerines, bergamot, cassia, and tomato leaves introduce and linger in the scent all day long, while deeper notes of pepper introduce a spicy undertone to the mix. 

This creates a remarkable aroma that distinguishes you from the crowd. This cologne is for the man seeking outdoor adventure who likes to explore and not be introverted. It’s a compact bottle that makes it convenient to carry with you.

Are you planning a camping trip? This is perfect for a trek in the woods or for a mountain hike.

The citrusy notes and fresh scent at the beginning greatly influenced the grapefruit. It takes on a bit of an aquatic touch later and also becomes sweeter but not excessively sweet. For hours, it projects strongly. For warmer days, it is a very sporty scent.

A few minutes into the scent, the middle notes take over after the opening fades away. The longevity of these notes is about 2 to 3 hours. The final and longest stage of evolution of the fragrance on your skin is between 4 hours to over 24 hours.

The beginning is quite bright and energetic, especially at the top notes which later give way for the middle notes. All the green elements of the fragrance then unfold. It becomes exceedingly light and creamy.

Later on, the woody notes contrast against the bergamot. The resulting scent is clean and fresh, with excellent longevity and projection.

This is a summer fragrance, and unique with a fresh-green aura.

Best for the man who loves the outdoors

Top Notes:Bergamot, Tangerine and Blackcurrant Leaves
Middle Notes:Rose and Pepper
Base Notes:Sandalwood and Patchouli
Lacoste Essential Fragrance Notes

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Lacoste L’homme Intense Eau De Toilette – Best Lacoste Spray

Lacoste L’homme Intense Eau De Toilette is one of the best colognes for men designed by House of Lacoste. Its fragrance notes make it unique from the rest of the cologne collection.

Lacoste L’homme Intense Eau De Toilette

The fragrance notes include rhubarb and quince, fortified with top notes of orange and mandarin. The middle notes contain a burst of jasmine, ginger, and vibrant black pepper. Almond drizzle makes up the base notes.

This is a cologne that works for any kind of weather. It can bring a little jazz to your outfit when you wear it on informal occasions. Whether it is a cocktail party, brunch, or a private dinner date, Lacoste L’homme Intense Eau De Toilette is the ideal option for anyone who wants to smell sexy, intense, and bold.

It’s a splendid choice for those in their early 20s and 30s and want to add a scent that reflects maturity. It brings that extra confidence you may need when at a date.

This cologne has very excellent sillage and longevity. It only starts to slowly fade away after about 48 hours. With this cologne, your perfume will not fade away during your day and the whole evening. What you gain here is high quality at a cheap price.

Lacoste package it with a mature, masculine, and intense look. If this is your preference, you can’t go wrong with this cologne.

Best for those cocktail parties and date nights when you want extra confidence

Top Notes:Quice, Rhubarb, Mandarin and Orange
Middle Notes:Black Pepper, Ginger and Jasmine
Base Notes:Almond and Musk
Lacoste L’homme Intense Fragrance Notes

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Lacoste Booster – Best New Release

Even if you have endless energy, everyone can do with a little boost now and then. Lacoste Booster Eau De Toilette for men is the best tool to help provide you with an extra burst of energy for your senses.

Lacoste Booster

This fragrance helps sustain your motivation so you can perform at the desired pace in sports and your daily life.

You get a dose of freshness as soon as this fragrance begins, and you can smell eucalyptus and mint, followed by citrusy freshness. Upon fading, the initial notes will give way to lavender and basil notes with a little spice to add more intrigue to the composition.

Notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and vetiver emerge to provide depth and great longevity to the fragrance.

Lacoste Booster caters for the dynamic man who wants to remain active throughout his life. This aromatic citrus fragrance will fill you with vigor, making it perfect for dynamic men who like to be active at all times, so a good choice if you want a scent for the gym.

This has a lower perfume concentration which reflects in the scent over the day which is not overpowering. If you want a stronger and more potent scent throughout the day, try another choice here.

With grapefruit and mint most prominent, I can liken this composition to a pick-me-up for your senses. This fresh Eau de Toilette is a mirror of masculinity that any woman would find alluring. Enjoy the unfolding fragrance as it reveals its mid notes within a few minutes upon fading of the top notes. 

The longevity of these notes is from two to three hours. The final and longest stage of the evolving fragrance on your body can last between 4 hours and up to a day.

Best for formal events and while at the gym.

Top Notes:Orange, Mint, Eucalyptus
Middle Notes:Nutmeg, Chilli, Basil, Lavender and Galbanum
Base Notes:Vetiver, Cedarwood and Sandalwood
Lacoste Booster Fragrance Notes

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Lacoste Red EDT – Most Unique Fragrance

A fierce aromatic masculine fragrance, Lacoste Red aftershave for men comes with a green and fresh tone.

Lacoste Red Edt

This fragrance is a real gem if you find it, so consider yourself lucky if you pick up this elegant choice.

It’s a masculine scent that is stylish and sensual with green apple and cedarwood in the top notes, along with a longer-lasting mix of cedar leaves, white musk, and jasmine which lingers seductively. Lacoste sized the bottle in the small to medium range.

Though you may consider perfumes set aside for wearing on formal social occasions, they can be as appropriate for many other occasions, such as the workplace. If you want to combine charm with a feeling of elegance, this is your choice.

It suits everyday wear yet also offers that little extra if it’s for an evening event. This makes it a perfect aftershave for the man who refuses to accept a compromise whether looking to wear casual attire or something more formal.

This men’s fragrance by Lacoste is an Eau De Toilette. EDT is a kind of fragrance with a lower perfume oil concentration which makes it a little more delicate compared to other types. It’s a nice lightweight option for your carry bag when traveling by plane.

If you’re looking for a scent that isn’t too overpowering, this is a brilliant choice.

Best for everyday use at work or socially.

Top Notes:Green Apple, Cedarwood
Middle Notes:Pine
Base NotesVetiver, White Musk and Patchouli
Lacoste Red Style in Play Fragrance Notes

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Lacoste Eau De Pour Lui Magnetic – Best For Charm Without Much effort

A 2016 release, the Magnetic model is aimed at men who desire a graceful, elegant, and charming personality without trying too hard.

Lacoste Eau De Pour Lui Magnetic

It comes in a 50 ml and a 100-ml bottle and with an aroma that combines herbs and wood to provide you with a blast of seduction for your important events.

This fragrance is in the woody olfactory class. It contains aromatic notes of sagebrush-herbaceous, geranium, bamboo, black tea, violet, amber, and patchouli. This cologne makes you charming and elegant in a manner that projects effortlessly.

Experiment with your desire to be seductive and wear this incredible masculine fragrance to fortify the attraction.

Let the Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Magnetic Eau de Toilette unveil you as the man who will get whatever he wants from the room he’s just entered. It is a fragrance bursting with masculine seduction and sensuality that will grab the attention of everyone around you.

This is also suitable for everyday wear. 

Enjoy this aromatic scent with herbal notes and a spicy, woody smell. It is a delight to today’s gentleman who wants a fragrance to wear every day.

Best choice for the man who wants to exude charm with little effort.

Top Notes:Bamboo, Juniper and Artemisia
Middle Notes:Violet, Tea and Geranium
Base Notes:Patchouli, Vetiver and Amber
Lacoste Eau de Pour Lui Magnetic Fragrance Notes

About the Brand

The elegance of Lacoste is at the focus of its pursuit for it in the fragrance industry. Since Rene Lacoste, the famous tennis player in 1933, founded the brand with a commitment to sportswear, the fashion icon paved a new direction into perfumes.

Rene sought to add to the idea of feeling like the perfect gentleman and set out to create a line of colognes to reflect his aim to create elegance and relaxation.

The first fragrance from Lacoste hit the market in 1984 with all the promises of exceptionality intact. As the perfumes captured interest, Lacoste created more varieties of fragrances as you’ve read in this guide. Each fragrance suits a particular type of personality and season.

René Lacoste is not only credited for the brand’s name but also its iconic symbol — the green crocodile — which comes from “the crocodile”, a nickname American journalists gave to him when his captain during the Davis Cup pledged to gift him a suitcase made of crocodile leather after winning a match.

The crocodile logo of Lacoste is a symbol of intelligence, confidence, power, and masculinity in raw form.

Trying out Lacoste colognes for the first time? Expect the manly elegance and strive for confidence sought by Rene Lacoste.

F.A.Q- What You Should Know About the Best Lacoste Colognes

Which Lacoste cologne smells the best?

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L. 12.12 Magnetic, while not my overall best choice, is the leader on scent because it’s not overbearing and smells so good you could eat it.

Fresher and fruitier, it brings a little of the strong, sweet gourmet note and a pure spicy scent with full longevity.

How long does Lacoste cologne last?

The longevity of Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Blanc is one thing that makes it a favorite for the best overall Lacoste cologne.

A spray or two will last for many hours and it also projects well for a long time. Lacoste sprays last for about 4 hours with just one spray. 

The amazing protection and longevity of the Blanc EDP make it truly outstanding.

Is Lacoste cologne good?

With an empowering fragrance note rather than an overpowering one, this cologne is a balanced mix of style, confidence, courage, and masculinity. The Lacoste L’homme Intense Eau De Toilette and Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Blanc are my favorites.

The Intense contains aromatic notes that work for all seasons and performs beyond expectations in terms of sillage and longevity. From the man who loves to sit in comfort with a glass of whiskey to the man who wants to feel more confident at work, there is a choice from Lacoste here for you.

The best thing is that you can find a cologne for every season and rather than an overbearing scent, you get a scent with projection and longevity that will delight you and everyone around you.

You know your personality- now pick a Lacoste cologne to suit

You can’t go wrong with a Lacoste cologne chosen from this guide with an assortment of cheap colognes for men to higher priced choices. Not this impressive french fashion house that continues to bring superb colognes after over 87 years in business.

For today’s gentleman, albeit for formal days as an executive director or partying like a social animal, you gain the promise of masculinity and confidence.

The Lacoste Blanc Pour Lui EDT cologne stood out as the best all round choice as it’s sassy enough for the confident man and a good choice for any season. Wear this one at work, at parties, or just on a casual day to gain a lingering fresh scent.

Want to be cool, classy, or a little more stylish, choose one of the above Lacoste colognes that brings you the edge and one you can wear as naturally as your personality.

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